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office ugg boots State of Minnesota approves Lake Calhoun name change to Bde Maka Ska

ugg site State of Minnesota approves Lake Calhoun name change to Bde Maka Ska

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources today announced the State of Minnesota has approved changing the name of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis to Bde Maka Ska. The DNR’s decision follows a Hennepin County Board resolution requesting the change.

“The DNR respects the role of elected county boards in determining name changes for geographic features,” DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr said. “In this instance, I am confident the Hennepin County Board carefully considered community values and citizen perspectives in determining that this was the right action to take. DNR’s role is to ensure the county followed the proper process.”

The DNR’s decision means the lake name change will become official in Minnesota when the DNR’s approval is officially recorded by Hennepin Countyand published in the State Register. Hennepin County commissioners voted to seek the name change Nov. 28.

The DNR is the state agency that approves or denies name changes for geographic features, after Minnesota counties consider name change resolutions,
office ugg boots State of Minnesota approves Lake Calhoun name change to Bde Maka Ska
gather public input and vote on proposed changes.

In considering county requests to name a geographic feature or change a feature’s name, the DNR’s role is to consider 1) whether the county followed a proper public process prior to taking its action, and 2) whether the county approved name complies with naming conventions. For example, names must avoid confusion with similarly named features,
office ugg boots State of Minnesota approves Lake Calhoun name change to Bde Maka Ska
and names may not commemorate a living person.

ugg tall leather boots State may spotlight Humboldt County

bailey button ugg boots uk State may spotlight Humboldt County

Editor note: This is the initial installment of in Humboldt, an ongoing monthly series profiling health challenges in Humboldt County and what being done to overcome them.

By Will Houston and Hunter CresswellThe state next month may recognize Humboldt County as having a nursing shortage. Several local health officials told the Times Standard it at least a start, but more will be required to solve the long running shortage and its consequences.

there is a shortage in our area. It been going on for a long time, Humboldt Del Norte Medical Society president elect and local physician Stephanie Dittmer said Friday. just been exacerbated by the closing of the nursing program at [Humboldt State University]. it long waits for emergency room beds or fines from the state for patient care violations, the signs of the nursing shortage at local institutions are sometimes readily apparent, officials said. Local hospitals and nursing homes are relying heavily on temporary traveling nurses to fill the staffing gaps in the meantime.

leads to such a turnover of care that you have to re train the nursing staff on a regular basis, Dittmer said about traveling nurse staffing. just jeopardizes patient care over the long term. while the potential designation of the county as a registered nursing shortage area by the state could open up funding to train local health care providers, reinstating a local nursing bachelor degree program would have the greatest effect in building the ranks of local nurses, officials said.

will be a single most impactful measure our community can take is to restart a nursing training program, Dittmer said.

Efforts have already been underway for a year by Humboldt State University, College of the Redwoods and other community leaders to create a nursing bachelor program, with officials now eyeing fall 2019 for the inaugural semester.

Local nursing as it stands

The number of registered nurses in the county is on the rise, according to the most recent data provided by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

In 2006, the number of active registered nurses in the county was about 1,340. By 2016 it increased slightly to 1,406, with numbers fluctuating in the years between.

But 2018 will be the first year the county will be considered for a nursing shortage area designation by the California Healthcare Workforce Policy Commission, which is set to occur at the commission Feb. 27 28 meeting, according to the state. The designation is based on a formula that takes into account the number of days that beds at local hospitals and skilled nursing homes are used as well as active nurses in the county.

This year, the numbers aligned so that the county can now be considered for the designation, having fallen just short last year, according to state data.

Institutions that train primary heath care providers in counties with the designation are given extra consideration as a part of a state program that provides financial support for health care training programs.

designation that recognizes the shortage of local nursing staff and helps give us some tools to encourage more people to go into the field and to get more training opportunities is important not only for the nursing homes, but also the hospitals, the clinics, the hospices, to everybody, said Rockport Healthcare Services CEO and geriatrician Michael Wasserman, whose company manages four of the five operating nursing homes in the county.

the entire health care continuum that is hurting by not having enough trained staff in the area. your own Door Community Health Centers Director of Nursing Janis Polos said that as more local nurses near retirement age, younger nurses are needed to take their place.

After HSU ended its nursing program in 2011, Polos said the region lost its ability to generate nurses who are qualified to fill certain positions that require a higher degree of training than a certified nursing assistant or licensed vocational nursing certification.

Many of these nursing students who trained at local institutions were more likely to remain in the area after their graduation, Polos said. Polos said she was a graduate of the HSU program and taught for it during its final years.

that program went away, the flow of people with that level of training or education went away, she said.

In the meantime, local health care institutions have worked to make up for the loss through programs to train prospective nurses, nurse assistants and nurse practitioners, who each are able to provide different levels of care based on the level of training.

At Open Door, Polos said they have clinical rotations for nursing associate degree students from College of the Redwoods as well as nursing students from Chico State University and UC Davis. She said they also have a residency program for nurse practioners and physician assistants looking to further their training with Open Door and St. Joseph Hospital creating a similar program to attract physicians.

Rockport Healthcare Services conducts certified nursing assistant training at its Fortuna nursing home and the Eureka Adult School, according to Wasserman.

St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospitals chief nursing officer Tammy Bark said the hospitals in Eureka and Fortuna are staffed with excellent nurses and that they are currently recruiting but stopped short of saying there is a nurse shortage at the facilities.

always trying to recruit. We backfill with travelers when needed, she said.

Bark didn detail any recruitment specific programs but said they offer current nurse staff advanced training, a new nurse residency program and fellowships that help nurses train for specialty positions in surgical, labor and delivery, critical care and other departments.

you have a program like that it attracts applicants to your hospital, she said.

Bark said traveling nurses takes burden off staff.

always staff to Title 22 ratios, she said referencing regulations that require for a certain number of nurses for a certain number of patients.

The ratio depends on the department and varies from one nurse per every five patients, up to one nurse per patient, Bark said.
ugg tall leather boots State may spotlight Humboldt County

ugg slippers black State law prevents Tesla from upstate expansion

uk uggs State law prevents Tesla from upstate expansion

New York State is spending millions of your tax dollars installing electric car charging stations, yet state law doesn allow certain electric car makers like Tesla to sell their vehicles upstate.

Currently, if someone living in Rochester wants to speak with a Tesla representative before buying a car, he or she has to go to New York City, Cleveland or Pittsburgh to do it. Tesla is having trouble expanding in New York because it sells direct to consumers and NYS law requires that car sales go through auto dealers.

a system that was setup many years ago to protect consumers because it allowed for service of vehicles, recalls, those kinds of things. In the modern world the question of whether you can still achieve those goals is something we exploring, said New York State Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle, who has introduced legislation that if approved, would allow for the expansion.

The State Legislature began it nearly four years ago when it allowed Tesla to operate a handful of sales locations, all are downstate. The company now wants to build 15 new stores, including 5 upstate and one in Rochester, but it getting push back.

trying to operate on a different set of rules and this came up a couple of years ago, and so legislation was negotiated so that they could do four stores but part of those negotiations were, said Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb. it, and here they are back trying for more stores. Rochester Automobile Dealers Association said if Tesla wants to expand upstate, it should partner with dealerships and allow the dealers to sell Tesla cars to consumers.

easy to go out there and sell a car, said Brad McAreavy, President of the Association. difficult is to be there through the whole ownership cycle of the car. Through the service, the collision,
ugg slippers black State law prevents Tesla from upstate expansion
be there through the trade in, be there to arrange all the different things that go with the vehicle. We seen car companies come and go and we know the problem with them leaving is there still customers out there.

Tesla doesn want partners though. It sells its own cars, usually in small showrooms. Prices are non negotiable and its push to expand upstate goes hand in hand with the release of its most affordable car yet, the Model 3, which is $35,000.

location that we like to build in Rochester would include sales, service and delivery of all our electric vehicles, said Will Nicholas, a Senior Manager at Tesla.

As for why Tesla doesn work with dealers, economics are such that traditional dealerships are motivated to gain revenue and stay in business. The majority of their revenue is from service of an internal combustion engine and since we don build that technology. there an inherent conflict of interest, Nicholas added.

But McAreavy points out that automobile dealers in New York have, so far, sold 85% of the electric vehicles currently on the roads.

a good vehicle, I mean I think it a great vehicle. We would love to help them be successful but the reality of it is, their vehicle is not dramatically different than other electric cars in the market, he said. When asked what he says to those who think dealers just don want the competition from Tesla, McAreavy said, our car dealers compete every day. They compete with themselves. I would argue Tesla doesn want the competition. said the reason he wrote the bill that would allow Tesla to expand is because the world is changing.

my mind, it meets the goals of the environmental community, it meets the goals of the consumer and particularly in an environment where it gotten much easier for consumers to buy directly,
ugg slippers black State law prevents Tesla from upstate expansion
he told News10NBC.

ugg australia gloves State education head releases four

ugg sandals uk sale State education head releases four

They include expanding students access to effective teachers and leaders, expanding families access to good schools, expanding educators access to resources and best practices and expanding public access to information and data.In the release, Huffman said undergirding each of the priorities is the commitment to structure an effective state agency that serves as a support system to school districts, rather than a regulator, while allowing for policies that remove bureaucracy and foster innovation. In every priority, the department will focus on improvement in rural schools and reducing racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps.we do in this department should be focused on making sure Tennessee kids learn more every day, and Tennessee educators are supported in the important work that they do, Huffman said. goals we set out in Race to the Top are our department goals, and we will work diligently to become the fastest improving state in the nation.on 10/6/11 at 8:22How to Choose The Best Evening Shoes Online Ugg Lo Pro Classic Tall Boots BluereshaderTitle:The History of Modern PhotographyArticle:Its amazing how photography has evolved from simple pinhole camera to the most advanced digital single reflex cameras. Beginning with the humble pinhole camera, which was developed in 1600s and then in 1850. From successful recording of positive image on a metal plate, photographic industry has evolved into a giant digital age. In earlier days photographic equipment were very hefty and heavy. For example,during the Civil War, photographic equipment involved two horse wagons coupled with lightproof buggy. The biggest limitation in earlier days was lighting. As such early photographic industry was limited to light sources available. On the invention of flash effect (using powdered magnesium in a vacuum tube) serious portrait photography was a reality. Similarly, metal plate positive imagery was replaced by flexible films using celluloid, which enable to print hundreds of photos, utilizing a single film roll. Robert Eastman, is the first creator and an entrepreneur to develop and sell these new film cameras in mass scale. He is the founder of Kodak Eastman Inc.The new Kodak camera had a double lens shutter box including a roll of film in it. To get your prints, you shipped the entire camera back to New York, where the film was secured, prints made,
ugg australia gloves State education head releases four
and the camera re loaded before it was shipped back to the photographer. The whole process of developing photos and the prints to be received took nearly three weeks which means lot of waiting time.2. Introduction of Photo ProcessingDuring the 1930s, with the introduction of Kodachrome color processing, colors in photography was available to many. Through the 1940s and 1950s, most photograph processing took place at photography labs in major cities, while the turnaround time for processing photographs was cut to about four days. In the late 1940s, the next phase of the photographic revolution was catalyzed by Edwin Land a Chemist. His extensive research resulted in the development of Polaroid Process. The Polaroid camera was an instant success. This made it possible to take a picture, remove a print from the camera, peel off the protective layer, and see it slowly fade into view.Even with the popularity of the Polaroid camera, only the Japanese company, Fuji, that made the first breakthrough by introducing “disposable” camera in mid ’80s. The disposable camera made by Fuji, was an immediate challenger to the Kodak Polaroid model. you bought a camera, loaded the film, taken photos, handed the film to studio, and got your negatives and pictures back. Usually the photo studios was located at a corner drug store, and the time taken to process the pictures was within 24 hours.The popularity of film cameras was beginning to decrease in early 1988, when Fuji introduced the first generation digital camera, called DS 1P utilizing CMOS sensors. The difference between this camera and the traditional film camera was it can instantly display photographs taken, which allowed the user to review or delete or print them at once.Since then wide range of digital cameras have flooded the market as such the art of taking a photos has become reality to many. If you are interested,
ugg australia gloves State education head releases four
there are many online photography courses to be selected. reshade specializes in online picture processing programs and provides a free online image resizer tool. it also has an image resizer application .

australian ugg State AG announces lawsuit against East Flatbush car wash

childrens ugg slippers State AG announces lawsuit against East Flatbush car wash

The state attorney general is alleging a car wash in East Flatbush stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in wages from workers.

Eric Schneiderman has filed a lawsuit seeking $1.6 million from Tropical Breeze Car Wash in East Flatbush.

He says the company exploited vulnerable workers over a six year period, allegedly doing things like confiscating time cards so workers couldn’t punch in on time or record overtime.

Schneiderman says the company also ripped off the state by underreporting the number of workers employed to avoid paying unemployment insurance and workers compensation.

The AG is seeking damages, restitution and penalties of $1.6 million on behalf of 150 workers.

“My office will not stand for any efforts by unscrupulous employers to exploit the fears of immigrant workers, and I want to make two things crystal clear. One, our office will never ask anyone who comes to us for help about their immigration status. Two, we are here to enforce the law to protect all workers regardless of status,” Schneiderman said.
australian ugg State AG announces lawsuit against East Flatbush car wash

ugg ladies starved Shoppers Flock To High

ugg slippers size 8 starved Shoppers Flock To High

Linda Koldenhoven of Altamonte Springs admits she indulged this holiday, spending more on luxury gifts, including a Gucci wallet for her teenage son and $360 Christian Dior sunglasses for her daughter.

The well heeled mother of three and owner of The Christensen Group agency in Sanford even received her own holiday treat: a $9,000 full length, chocolate colored mink coat a gift from her husband.

Luxury retailers, from Neiman Marcus to Louis Vuitton, are expected to drive the nation’s retail sales growth this holiday, fueled by cash happy customers willing to spend more than in years past. And it’s not just big name stores: Auto dealerships and jewelry stores are reaping rewards.

“I haven’t seen this kind of activity in years,” said Eli Portnoy, a luxury market expert and president of Los Angeles based The Portnoy Group. “People are feeling the need to buy premium brands like never before.”

Portnoy credits the country’s middle income shoppers for spurring the trend. Consumers, who a few years ago were buried by the weak economy, are throwing money at Coach bags, Tiffany Co. jewelry and other luxury brands with midlevel price points.

Take Neiman Marcus, the high end Dallas based department store chain that’s having one of its best holiday seasons in years. In November, same store sales climbed a respectable 8.4 percent, beating most other chains.

“Growth from our fine luxury brands apparel, the designer pieces has been amazing. Through the roof, actually,” said Bunny Johnson, vice president and general manager at the Neiman Marcus in Orlando.

Watches are selling well, especially the diamond encrusted Franck Muller pieces that can run upward of $100,000. But trendy, more affordable luxury pieces are difficult to keep in stock.

On Friday, the store at Mall at Millenia received a shipment of 45 pairs of Ugg shearling boots that retail for $150.

“We realize that nobody needs anything we sell,” Johnson said, “It’s pure fun, luxury things they’d like to have.”

Still, those boots are nothing compared with what some of Orlando’s elite shoppers have been snatching up.

Sales at La Belle Furs Outerwear in downtown Orlando are up 20 percent this month compared with December last year, said owner Art LaBelleman, whose family has run the furrier for 85 years.

He attributes some of that growth to fashion trends fur, real or faux, is in style. Even so, customers are definitely splurging, he said. Cashmere shawls and ponchos trimmed in fur are selling exceptionally well, despite their price tags of $500 to $2,000.

At Parker Boat Co., in Orlando, December sales are up a whopping 30 percent, said Nick Hanna, general sales manager. Just since the start of the month, the store has sold a $500,000 39 foot power boat, and two yachts for more than $800,000 each.

“There’s just been a wave of people in the store who aren’t holding back,” Hanna said.

For the first time in at least three years, the company is delivering a boat complete with a big red bow on Christmas Eve to a customer who bought it as a surprise gift for his family. The price: $25,000.

Those hood sized bows come free of charge at the Mercedes Benz of South Orlando dealership, which is on pace to post a record month. The dealer sold 50 cars in the first two weeks of December.

“We don’t have the volume that we’re used to, but the people who are coming in are buying,” said Edward Jablon, general manager. “Several customers paid in full and are picking up their cars on Christmas Eve.”

The bows are a pittance compared with the price of the cars, which range from $29,000 to $190,000.

These retailers and others in Central Florida credit the summer’s hurricanes for the uptick. In times of tragedy, consumers tend to want to splurge on something nice, said Mark Blinderman, owner of Jewelers of Maitland.

“I think people feel like they deserve a treat after everything they’ve been through, with the hurricanes and all,” he said, adding that his yellow diamond pieces in the $35,000 to $80,000 range are moving well.

It’s unclear how the boom in luxury sales will affect the market overall. Some experts predicted early in the season that consumers’ desire to buy nice things could hurt Wal Mart, the retail behemoth known for its low prices.
ugg ladies starved Shoppers Flock To High

mens ugg boot slippers Startup Space Available to Downtown Bellevue Entrepreneurs

uggs men Startup Space Available to Downtown Bellevue Entrepreneurs

The City of Bellevue is offering interim startup space for budding entrepreneurs in downtown Bellevue.

The space is located in the north building of the city owned Lincoln Center office complex, at 555 116th Avenue NE, just a 5 minute walk from Whole Foods Market.

The city’s gesture follows suit with its Economic Development Plan, which aims to cultivate Bellevue’s next generation of technology entrepreneurs, according to a press statement.

Up to 11,600 square feet of vacant space is available within the building. The city can negotiate below market lease rates if the use has a clear public benefit and advances the city’s economic development plan.

Lease agreements will expire at the end of 2016 as the building will be demolished to make way for construction of Sound Transit’s East Link light rail.
mens ugg boot slippers Startup Space Available to Downtown Bellevue Entrepreneurs

real uggs cheap stars with Brady in upcoming Uggs commercial

ugg online outlet stars with Brady in upcoming Uggs commercial

FITCHBURG Last week, Anthony Knowles took a one day break from his job fighting fires to sell shoes with Tom Brady.

Knowles, a Fitchburg native who has worked in the Fire Department for four years, last week shot a commercial for Ugg boots with the New England Patriots quarterback.

Knowles, a former Marine, has never done any modeling or acting, and said he was surprised to be chosen for the ad. He heard about the opportunity through a friend who is a model, and passed along an email casting firefighters for a commercial.

Knowles knew nothing about the commercial but sent some photos and an email to the casting director.

He was asked to audition, but at the first round of auditions, he “blew it,” Knowles said.

“I didn’t even think I had a chance,” he said, “and then they called and said I got a second call.”

The second round of auditions went more smoothly for Knowles because he was working with another firefighter instead of an actor playing a firefighter. A few days later, he was told he “somehow” got the main part in the commercial alongside Brady.

“I had no idea what the commercial was about until the day before we shot it,” he said. “I didn’t know what I was going to do, where it was going to be,
real uggs cheap stars with Brady in upcoming Uggs commercial
who it was for.”

After he signed a nondisclosure agreement, Knowles was told the ad would be for Ugg boots. He couldn’t give details about the commercial, but did say there were two other firefighters, and one actor playing a firefighter, filming with him.

Brady, he said, was “just a normal guy.”

“At first, I got a little star struck,” he said. “But we spent six hours together, so we ended up buddy buddy by the end.

“We talked about regular guy stuff,” Knowles added. “The Super Bowl, this year’s draft, upcoming rookies. He asked me what I did before I was a firefighter, and I told him about my deployment with the Marine Corps.”

Since he filmed the commercial, Knowles has endured some teasing from his fellow firefighters about his “new best friend,” as well as lots of questions from his parents.
real uggs cheap stars with Brady in upcoming Uggs commercial

m and m direct ugg boots Starr Companies Announces Maurice R

uggs bailey button Starr Companies Announces Maurice R

NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) Starr Companies announced today that Maurice R. Greenberg, chairman and chief executive officer, received the Crain Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding accomplishments in the insurance and risk management sector. Insurance Awards on March 8, 2018.”I am honored to accept this award,” stated Mr. Greenberg. “I have witnessed many changes in the insurance industry and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute positively to the evolution of this great industry. Thank you to Crain for this recognition.””Hank Greenberg is the insurance industry. He’s an incredible leader and innovator. There is no one more deserving of the Crain Lifetime Achievement Award than Mr. Greenberg, and we are incredibly honored to present him with this award,” says Adam Potter, CEO, Business Insurance.The Crain Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the risk management and insurance sector over the course of their careers. The award is named in honor of the Crain family, which foundedBusiness Insurance. Crain, the founder of Crain Communications Inc., conceived the idea for the publication and his son, Rance Crain, was the publication’s first editorStarr Companies (or Starr) is the worldwide marketing name for the operating insurance and travel assistance companies and subsidiaries of Starr International Company, Inc. and for the investment business of C. V. Starr Co., Inc. and its subsidiaries. Starr is a leading insurance and investment organization with a presence on five continents; through its operating insurance companies, Starr provides property, casualty, and accident and health insurance products as well as a range of specialty coverages including aviation, marine, energy and excess casualty insurance. Best rating of “A” (Excellent). Starr’s Lloyd’s syndicate has a Standard Poor’s rating of “A+” (Strong).
m and m direct ugg boots Starr Companies Announces Maurice R

uggs mini star Holly Marie Combs dismisses CW reboot plan

ugg and jimmy choo boots star Holly Marie Combs dismisses CW reboot plan

Whatever Charmed fans think of CW’s plans for a reboot, one of the original stars is not happy.

Holly Marie Combs, who played Piper Halliwell on the WB series (1998 2006), tweeted displeasure Friday with CW’s decision to order a Charmed pilot set in the present day with a new cast.

The original, which focused on three sisters who used their witchcraft powers to fight evil, also featured Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell, Shannen Doherty as Prue Halliwell and Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews.

After initially wishing the new project well, Combs, one of the stars of Pretty Little Liars, took issue with various aspects of the reboot, including its pedigree.

“Until you ask us to rewrite it like (executive producer) Brad Kern did weekly, don’t even think of capitalizing on our hard work,” she tweeted. Until you ask us to rewrite it like Brad Kern did weekly don’t even think of capitalizing on our hard work. FYI you will not fool them by owning a title/stamp. So bye.

Combs then threw shade at the CW’s description of the series as a “fierce, funny, feminist reboot of the original series,” assuming the feminist reference implied that was missing from the original.

“Guess we forgot to do that the first go around. Hmph,” she tweeted.

Guess we forgot to do that the first go around. Hmph.

“Reboots or remakes, as we used to call them, usually have storylines so similar to the original that they are legally required to use the same title and buy the rights to that title,” she tweeted. “If it’s not similar than it’s just another show.”

And another thing. Reboots or remakes, as we used to call them, usually have storylines so similar to the original that they are legally required to use the same title and buy the rights to that title. If it’s not similar than it’s just another show. A new show with a new title.

Her most recent tweet dismissed a new Charmed in light of the brave, real life feminism and activism displayed by castmates McGowan and Milano.

McGowan, who has accused disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein of rape, has a new E! documentary series, Citizen Rose (Tuesday), that focuses on her activism against violence and on behalf of women.

Milano, a leading voice in the Me Too movement opposing sexual harassment and assault, is launching an initiative Tuesday to support immigrants.
uggs mini star Holly Marie Combs dismisses CW reboot plan

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