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ugg boot outlet Toronto makes short list for new Amazon headquarters

debenhams uggs Toronto makes short list for new Amazon headquarters

Toronto is the only Canadian city still in the running to host Amazon multibillion dollar second headquarters.

The e commerce giant released Thursday its short list of 20 candidates for the facility out of 238 cities that applied last year which is expected to house up to 50,000 employees.

Bids poured in from Canadian cities from coast to coast as both major urban centres like Montreal and Halifax vied with smaller dark horse competitors such as Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

In the end, however, Toronto was the only Canadian city to make the short list, where it stands alongside American metropolises such as Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

from 238 to 20 was very tough, Amazon said in a tweet announcing the short list. the proposals showed tremendous enthusiasm and creativity. Mayor John Tory celebrated the news that the city and surrounding municipalities were in contention.

year, I said I would put the Toronto Region up against any city in North America as the place for ambitious, forward looking companies looking for a home, he said in a statement touting Toronto talent, quality of life and vibrancy. glad that Amazon agrees that Toronto is worth considering.

The company wish list included proximity to a metropolitan area with more than a million people; ability to attract top technical talent, a location 45 minutes from an international airport, direct access to mass transit, and the capacity to expand the headquarters to more than 740,000 square metres over the next decade.

Toronto also touted diversity as one of its strengths alongside its lower business costs relative to similarly sized American competitors, expanding infrastructure and low crime rates. President Donald Trump and his administrations anti immigration policies.

build doors, not walls, reads the cover letter from the group co ordinating the bid from Toronto and several surrounding municipalities. doors open to highly skilled economic immigrants and international students who can easily become permanent residents and citizens. University Murtaza Haider says there are some major issues the city should consider before inviting the commerce giant into the GTA, especially the strain it would place on the city resources and the effect it would have on the housing market. Watch below.

Ontario Economic Development Minister Steven Del Duca said Toronto placement on the Amazon short list is news for the entire province.

think it a very clear indication that it a jurisdiction that attracting top talent and top talent (is) being trained in this area. if economic incentives were back on the table to land Amazon, Del Duca said the province will continue to push its skilled work force as the top selling point.

focus of our efforts has been talking about the kind of talent that we have at the table, he said. know that from the very beginning we stressed that that the focus of what makes Ontario and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area particularly appealing for organizations and companies like Amazon. I believe that what we continue to stress. Amazon would save $1.5B a year in salaries if new HQ in GTA: Wynne adviser

Amazon HQ2 would alter potential Canadian city candidates

Mayor Tory makes case for Toronto as new Amazon HQ

The effort to bring the new headquarters to Canada was spearheaded by none other than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who penned a letter to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as the bids were flooding in.

The letter, which did not single out any particular city, outlined commercial, cultural and social reasons why Amazon should call Canada home to the new offices, dubbed HQ2.

cities are progressive, confident, and natural homes for forward thinking global leaders, Trudeau wrote in his letter. are consistently ranked as the best places to live, work and play in the world. business advantages include costs among the lowest in the G7, universal health care that lowers the cost to employers, stable banking systems, and a deep pool of highly educated prospective workers from both at home and abroad, according to Trudeau.

The letter also touched on increased government investment in skills development, culturally diverse, walkable cities and streamlined immigration processes.
ugg boot outlet Toronto makes short list for new Amazon headquarters

short uggs uk Toronto Island Park will reopen July 31

black ugg boots on sale Toronto Island Park will reopen July 31

Crews are working on the ferry docks on Toronto Island ahead of Monday planned reopening of sections of the park to the public.

Mayor John Tory said Wednesday they making sure the boats can properly and safely allow passengers to get on and off.

of the work is being done on the docks in order to allow the ferry boats to properly and safely have people come on and off those boats to get to the island and that work is being done as we speak, Tory told CityNews.

talked to the contractor yesterday and they well advanced on their work. The ground is still very saturated and there beach erosion.

optimistic that the July 31 date will be met and that lots of people will be able to go to significant portions of the islands at that time, but we going to take it one day at a time, he explained.

Despite the progress, parts of the island will be closed for the rest of the summer including Olympic Island and Gibraltar Point.

On Thursday morning, the day after Tory spoke to CityNews, it was announced that Toronto Island Park, including Centre Island, Centreville Theme Park, Ward Island and Hanlan Point, will reopen to the public on July 31. City of Toronto recreation programs will also resume on Monday, the city said in a statement.

beaches on the island will be open with lifeguards on duty, however, portions of some beaches will be in a reduced state. Signs will clearly indicate areas that are closed to the public. Olympic Island remains closed to the public due to high water levels.

According to The Toronto Star, residents of the islands received an email on Tuesday from a Toronto Public Health official warning them that mosquitoes collected from traps on the Toronto Island tested positive for West Nile virus this week.

Dr. Christine Navarro, associate medical officer of health for Toronto Public Health, said the risk of catching West Nile in Toronto is low.

risk for acquiring West Nile virus in Toronto is low. Since 2002, Toronto Pubic Health has been testing mosquito batches for West Nile virus and shares this information with the public, she said in a statement.

positive for WNV have been have been found in various parts of the City for many years through our mosquito surveillance program, including on Toronto Island this year. to prevent becoming infected with West Nile virus include wearing long pants, loose fitting shirts with long sleeves, socks and a hat. It advised to wear clothing that is light coloured as mosquitoes are generally attracted to dark colours.
short uggs uk Toronto Island Park will reopen July 31

ugg boot clearance Toronto is ready for a snowy winter season

ugg trainers sale Toronto is ready for a snowy winter season

City officials unveiled Toronto $90 million ice and snow game plan on an optimistic note Wednesday.

Councillor Jaye Robinson, Chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee said Toronto is well prepared for themonths ahead predicted to be a Canadian winter, cold and snowy. are ready to deal withwhatever winter throws at us, she said during a press conference at the Public Works Yard.

Staff will also be monitoring underground infrastructure as watermain breaks tend to increase during the winter months. Since about half of Toronto watermains are aging cast iron pipes, the city is spending $142 million to improve them. Approximately 172 kms of watermains are replaced with durable PVC pipes each year.

In addition,
ugg boot clearance Toronto is ready for a snowy winter season
Robinson announced automation initiatives adopted by the city, namely on the Yonge Bay York ramp that is being reconstructed and replaced with the Simcoe ramp. When the ramp opens in 2018, it will feature the first ever automated de icing system, embedded into the infrastructure itself.

system) allows staff to simply hit a button from a remote location to fully de ice this ramp she said.

Along with plans and preparations came a reminder to be a good citizen and shovel your driveways and laneways in areas that the city plows can reach. And don be THAT neighbour make sure to shovel snow onto your own property. Pushing snow onto the road is both illegal and dangerous, not to mention un Canadian!
ugg boot clearance Toronto is ready for a snowy winter season

bailey button ugg boots sale Toronto Foundation announces resignation of President CEO

ugg australia uk Toronto Foundation announces resignation of President CEO

TORONTO, March 31, 2016 /CNW/ The board of directors of Toronto Foundation announces today the resignation of Rahul K. Bhardwaj as President CEO effective June 17, 2016. Mr. Bhardwaj has accepted the position of President CEO of the Institute of Corporate Directors, beginning July 4, 2016.

“Rahul leaves large shoes to fill,” says John Barford, Chair, Board of Directors of Toronto Foundation. “We will miss him but wish him well in his new role.”

A search committee has been formed and has engaged executive recruitment firm Odgers Berndtson. In the meantime, Mr. Bhardwaj will remain as President CEO until June 17 to ensure a smooth transition.

Bhardwaj joined the Foundation in 2007 and under his nine year leadership the Foundation has grown immensely in scope and reputation. Most notably:

The Foundation’s assets under administration have more than doubled, now standing at over $400 million

Toronto’s Vital Signs, our annual consolidated snapshot of the quality of life in our city,
bailey button ugg boots sale Toronto Foundation announces resignation of President CEO
has now been replicated in more than 75 communities around the world

And $77 million has been granted to charitable organizations in Toronto and across Canada.

“I am so proud of all that we have accomplished over the past nine years together,” says Bhardwaj. “We have an incredible board in place and a stellar executive team and staff in the office. My successor will be joining a top team and an important city building institution in Toronto.”

In his role as the President CEO of the Toronto Foundation, Rahul has been working to engage philanthropy to improve the quality of life in Toronto. Formerly a corporate lawyer with a leading Canadian law firm, he was also Vice President of the Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid. Rahul was Chair of the 2012 Ontario Summer Games, the first multi sport games to be held in Toronto, and was Co Chair of TO2015 IGNITE, a program of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. He is the past Chair of Community Foundations of Canada and is a current member of the Board of the Rideau Hall Foundation as well as Metrolinx. He has served as a Director on many cultural and civic boards in Toronto and beyond. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and Toronto Life recognized him as one of “The Most Influential” people in Toronto. He was recently named to the Leader Council at the Leadership Institute of the Ivey Business School, the Quadrangle Society at Massey College and The Ultimate List of Social CEOs on Twitter.

Established in 1981, the Toronto Foundation is one of 191 Community Foundations in Canada. We are a leading independent charitable foundation that connects philanthropy to community needs and opportunities. Our individual and family Fundholders support causes they care about in Toronto and across Canada, through grants to any registered charity. We currently have more than 500 active Funds, including endowments and assets under administration of more than $400 million. A growing number of Torontonians support the Vital Toronto Fund, our community endowment that helps mobilize people and resources to tackle community challenges in innovative and inspiring ways.
bailey button ugg boots sale Toronto Foundation announces resignation of President CEO

ugg boots wholesale Toronto FC is done with the small talk as MLS Cup final looms

ugg boots for sale Toronto FC is done with the small talk as MLS Cup final looms

It appears Toronto FC striker Jozy Altidore will do his talking on the field Saturday in the MLS Cup final. international certainly had little to say Thursday at a news conference.

Asked how his sore ankle was, Altidore replied: I play. It good. another reporter pressed him for details, Altidore said: doesn matter. followed. question, offered the moderator.

Another reporter asked Altidore what it felt like to watch Seattle celebrate last year win at BMO Field and whether that feeling had lingered. The answer to the first half of the question seemed pretty obvious but it elicited one of his longer responses.

was not great, so it good that we have a chance to hopefully reverse that feeling on Saturday, Altidore said.

Altidore does not like talking about himself at the best of times. Putting him on a podium in front of a gaggle of media was like sending a tailor to a nudist colony. Who thought that was a good idea?

Perhaps it was no coincidence that captain Michael Bradley and coach Greg Vanney, who shared the podium with Altidore, repeatedly referred to the championship rematch with Seattle as being instead of Saturday.

The Cup final comes 34 days and four games after Toronto kicked off its post season run Nov. 5. In the same time period in May, Toronto played nine games.

One senses Toronto is talked out. It has waited a year to get back to the final, laying waste to the opposition during a record breaking regular season. The playoffs have been more of a grind but Toronto, one kick from winning the championship in 2016, is back where it wants to be.

Redemption is just around the corner. Like Altidore, TFC is done with the small talk.

Still, Bradley says he is not fuelled by revenge.

Seattle again. I think we excited it Seattle, again, he said. for me, the way I look at things, this is about our group of guys, our club, this city,
ugg boots wholesale Toronto FC is done with the small talk as MLS Cup final looms
the road that we have all taken to get here, what it meant after the disappointment and heartbreak of last year, to have to live each and every day this year knowing that in the back of our minds this was all we wanted to give ourselves another crack.

my mind this is about us, this is about stepping on the field Saturday and going for it. weather continues to be a topic of conversation, although not one that is sending anyone to the phone yelling me rewrite. going to be cold, Bradley said with a slight smile. Toronto, right. It Toronto in December. Nobody thought any different. said the team has not spent much time thinking about it because it one of those things that gets filed away under things we have no control over. there were audible gasps from a few Toronto players as they emerged for their morning practice in a bone chilling wind. my God, was one player response. Another looked like he wanted to turn right around and go back inside.

The players made the most of it, with guffaws of laughter accompanying some form of relay race that was part of their warmup. Altidore threw his body around at will, looking no worse for wear despite the rolled ankle suffered in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference final against Columbus.

Environment Canada calls for a high of zero and of snow. With underground heating, the snow should not be a problem, but the cold takes its toll after a while.

Temperature on the field at game time for last year championship game at BMO Field was 2, the second coldest temperature reading for an MLS Cup final, according to the league. The temperature at the 2013 final in Kansas City hovered around 6 at kickoff, making it the coldest match since 2003 when the league first started recording game time temperatures.

the end you just hope that the game isn affected by the temperature, said Bradley. think we all felt like at the end last year it was bitter, it was bitter and dry and it made for a difficult night in a lot of ways. the forecast holds and Saturday is closer to zero, and snow melting on a heated field keeps the field slick, think conditions actually set up for a good game, Bradley said.
ugg boots wholesale Toronto FC is done with the small talk as MLS Cup final looms

ugg in australia torment and the slow road to hope

dark brown ugg boots torment and the slow road to hope

told my wife and close friends and sought help. As a medical faculty member, I had excellent insurance, providing coverage for talk therapy and a prescription antidepressant. I had the contacts to find the right psychiatrist for me. I had the money to pay for what the insurance did not cover. Because my angry outbursts affected my workplace, the Department of Medicine paid for an anger management course and an excellent book, “When Anger Hurts.” I was otherwise healthy so did not have to deal with other conditions that can complicate the treatment of depression. And I had a wife, two daughters, and close friends who quickly encircled me with a protective and patient healing love.

By the end of the anger management course and final chapter of the accompanying book, I realized that leaving my job as an academic physician was a key part of my recovery. Although it is easy to write about this decision now, three years ago I could not conceive of it. For me, my work and all it encompassed, research, patient care, and teaching, defined me as a human being. A rather narrow view of self, but it was my reality. Without the crisis of hitting rock bottom, I do not think I would have had the courage to leave.
ugg in australia torment and the slow road to hope

baby girl ugg boots Torey Krug sidelined with broken jaw as gap opens in Bruins defense

ugg coupon Torey Krug sidelined with broken jaw as gap opens in Bruins defense

With the Bruins set to open the regular season on Oct. 5, that means Krug, who finished last season on the shelf after suffering a knee injury on April 6 just before the playoffs, will now start this season in civvies as well.

It a tough break for Krug, who been excited to start the season healthy after he had shoulder surgery in the summer of 2016 which contributed to a slow start last year. But though he was pointless in his first nine games, he bounced back to record a career high in points with 8 43 51 totals.

Now, after it looked like the B had their six pack of defensemen pretty much all set, the Krug injury opens up a chance for someone else, perhaps one of the many young lefties knocking at the door. As it stands now, the B have just one left handed defenseman with extensive NHL experience, captain Zdeno Chara.

The competition is on. Coach Bruce Cassidy said they play the best six guys, regardless of tool box or whether they left or right shots. And Cassidy didn rule out GM Don Sweeney looking externally if an in house candidate doesn step forward, though Krug injury doesn appear to be long term.

There are several candidates to fill Krug shoes, including Robbie O who started the season with Boston last year, as well as 2015 draft picks Jakub Zboril (first round) and Jeremy Lauzon (second round), both of whom have some offensive upside but are first year pros.

The player who would most replicate what Krug brings in both size and skill set is Matt Grzelcyk. The 23 year old Charlestown native and Boston University product is a second year pro. He posted 6 26 32 totals in 70 games with Providence and was recalled to Boston for two games.

While there may have been a day when the 5 foot 9, 176 pound Grzelcyk couldn crack an NHL roster, the speed obsessed league is more welcoming to an undersized player like him.

they want to play a more up tempo game. Hockey has changed in general and has allowed for more smaller guys to play in the NHL. I just got to use my speed and skill to my advantage, said Grzelcyk, who has been encouraged by Cassidy to do what he does best. just gives me another boost of confidence and allowed me to go out there not worried about making a mistake. If I do, I just put it behind, keep being aggressive and keep trying to push the offense. That what I going to keep trying to do. Bruins signed right shot defenseman Paul Postma in the offseason with the belief that he be called upon to perform off side duty at some point.

opens a gap up for someone, for sure. I going to do what I can to better my odds at getting in that lineup full time. Obviously, you hate to see a guy like Torey go down. He a big part of this back end. No one on this roster is Torey, no one plays like him. He a special player. But I think we all going to do our best to step up and fill that gap, said Postma. I played the left side in he past and did well. When I signed I talked to Mr. Sweeney about it and he said summer, just work on playing that left side, which I did. I feel fairly comfortable playing that left side and if I had to play there I think I be fine. there a golden chance for someone, O more of a stay at home defenseman who believes he can contribute more offensively than some might think, is maintaining focus on his own game.

trying not think much about it, to be honest. I just trying to control me, control what I can control, said the Yale product. been my motto last year through this year and as far back as I can remember, just keeping things in perspective and putting my best foot forward and, whatever happens, happens.
baby girl ugg boots Torey Krug sidelined with broken jaw as gap opens in Bruins defense

best place to buy uggs Topshop Black Friday UK 2016

uggs with bows Topshop Black Friday UK 2016

But thanks to all the excitement, loads of fashion brands are now getting in on the Black Friday action, keen to make the most of everyone need to drop a load of cash on November 25.

One of the brands we be watching with a keen eye? Topshop.

If you in need of a new winter coat, an outfit for your Christmas work party,
best place to buy uggs Topshop Black Friday UK 2016
or any other trend led pieces, this week is the wise time to go on a Topshop spree.

They haven officially announced their Black Friday deals yet, but here what you can expect.

On their blog, Topshop announced that they be offering free delivery on all orders from November 24 to November 28.

This save you the faff of actually wading through the crowds in store on Black Friday,
best place to buy uggs Topshop Black Friday UK 2016
plus you won end up spending more than you intended just so you can save money on delivery (because it be free regardless). Hooray!

can you wash ugg boots ToPo Athletic split foot trainers are more science than gimmick

where are ugg boots made ToPo Athletic split foot trainers are more science than gimmick

The man who tried to convince runners everywhere to liberate their toes in trainers that look silly is offering a new kind of digital separation. This time Tony Post, former boss of rubber sole and barefoot running firm, Vibram, is trading in five fingers for two toes.

His new range of ToPo Athletic trainers are less like gloves for feet and more like hooves, separating the big toe from the little ones with a rather unsightly slot. What does Post have against toe unity and what inspired his obsession?

Post first showed off an alternative approach to footwear when he ran the 1990 New York marathon wearing pair of leather dress shoes made by Rockport, where he was vice president. By then split toe shoes were already a thing. In Japan, tabi socks and, later, jika tabi shoes have been supported by everyone from Ninjas to builders for centuries.

Onitsuka, the Japanese trainer company now owned by running giants, Asics, made a modern tabi inspired running shoe back in the 50s. They were worn by Shigeki Tanaka when the runner won the Boston Marathon in 1951, but then fell out of favour.

Nike, chief trainer pioneers, developed the cloven Air Rifts in the late 1990s but even its marketing might failed to elevate the shoes out of a niche. Vibram faced similar scepticism with its FiveFingers range but their modest success under Post helped create a minor boom in running barefoot or in minimal trainers.

The comfiest running shoe can be bad for your feet, it turns out. In 2001, Nike sent guys to watch the Stanford University team train and were dismayed to see them doing so without shoes. “I believe when my runners train barefoot they run faster and suffer fewer injuries,” the coach said, as Christopher McDougall recounts in his book Born to Run. “We’ve shielded our feet from their natural position by providing more and more support.”

There’s scientific evidence to suggest the coach’s hunch was right. Richard Felton is an ultra marathon runner, fitness coach and footwear manager at Profeet, a custom sports shoe fitter based in London.

He says split shoes offer more than a design gimmick: “The big toe is the most important mechanism in the foot. You want your big toe to move but retain stability from the rest of your toes.

“On landing, say, the big toe effectively curls upwards, pushing the ball of your foot into the ground and giving a stable pivot point from heel to forefoot. Barefoot shoes can improve strength and flexibility. It’s like having dumbbells for the feet.”

Whether or not the ToPos take off, shoe purists are welcoming the possible demise of the often ridiculed five toed shoe and even Post now admits they had been tough to sell.

“Let’s face it: nobody wanted to buy those shoes,” he said. “We had to break in the market.”

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can you wash ugg boots ToPo Athletic split foot trainers are more science than gimmick

ugg mens Topless model appears in The Sun for first time in almost a week

schuh ugg slippers Topless model appears in The Sun for first time in almost a week

Campaigners across the UK were dealt a blow by The Sun’s provocative Page 3 today, which featured a topless woman winking under the headline “clarifications and corrections”.

It had been widely believed the hotly contested segment had finally come to an end after 44 years in the newspaper’s print edition.

But under the text “Clarifications and Corrections”, Thursday’s edition of the paper states: “Further to recent reports in all other media outlets, we would like to clarify that this is Page 3 and this is a picture of Nicole, 22, from Bournemouth.

Writing on social media they said: “So it seems the fight might be back on. Thanks to The Sun for all the publicity they’ve given the campaign.”

A special hello to all of our lovely new followers.

After reports the paper had decided to quietly drop the feature, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan and Liberal Democrat women’s and equalities minister Jo Swinson were among those to commended the apparent change.

Despite claims earlier this week in The Times newspaper, owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns The Sun, that the feature had been dropped,
ugg mens Topless model appears in The Sun for first time in almost a week
the tabloid’s head of public relations Dylan Sharpe had refused to confirm the move, saying “is all just speculation, it is all wild speculation”.

On Wednesday night, Mr Sharpe mocked media outlets for publishing stories about the significance of the absence of topless women in the editions without confirmation directly from The Sun itself.

Ms Marsh had staunchly defended Page 3 and the rights of women to work as glamour models, arguing on Twitter: “Telling girls they shouldn’t do page 3 is NOT being a feminist; women should do WHATEVER they want!!”

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ugg mens Topless model appears in The Sun for first time in almost a week
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