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Thousands of annoyed customers of Panasonic, Yamaha, and Denon DVD Player owners have encountered the infamous H02 / H07 /H03 erors and many others on thier players or maybe the “No disk” error even though a disk is in the drive. Well many people have spent hundreds on repair or bought a new unit. But i am here to tell you that it is okay to open up your dvd player and mess around in side. If your DVD player comes up with one of these errors the first thing you might want to try is to open up your DVD player by removing the screws on the side and the back (depending on the model), then plug the dvd player into power outlet with cover removed. Stick a disk in and press play and give the disk a little push. Most of the time the Spindle motor is dieing out when you get a H02 error. In this case that little push may get your spindle motor to rev back up back into action. And if your as succesful as me then hopefully you have just fixed your H02 error for free without doing much work. I just got a Panasonic HT95 Reciever/DVD player to play all disks again by giving the motor a little “kick start”.

If that doesnt work then follow this very useful guide on how to take apart the disk drive in your Panasonic/Denon/Yamaha dvd player, and apply new oil to that dying spindle motor:And if anyone has ever expierced a problem with a Panasonic/Denon/Yamaha DVD player regarding one of these problems please post your story and make sure you complain to Panasonic. We shouldnt let them get away with this.

I figured this out by reading a message posted by someone on this forum and i wanted to share my story and my expierence with the H02 error:Adam Kolak>> Re: Panasonic H02 / H07 DVD player Error

This is an outstanding explanation. Worked like a charm in 4 minutes. Assuming I’d have to spend $40 for a functional replacement,
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that’s a pretty good payday . On my player, however, you cannot put the cover back on, and the solution is simple. I had to make the tabs at the front of the case (on top, about 1/4 of the way in from the front) rest on top of the case instead of slotting back in to where they go. All five screws go back in,
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but there is less pressure on top of the drive (which seems to stop the white disk from spinning). I was too afraid to try lubing it. Will try that next if needed. Thanks so much!