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It wasn’t a Friday night without layering no less than 14 henleys and/or polos, and then making your way to the pub for whatever drink specials applied that night. And of course, it was all Abercrombie’s fault: while most of us were inclined to wear a maximum of two tops (a tank top underneath a T shirt, or over) at a time, the brand’s penchant for making their clothing paper thin necessitated the wearing of one thousand shirts simultaneously, as if to say, “More is more” and also, “I am so warm all the time, but especially at this very crowded pub.”

One time I went to a bar wearing denim capri pants, and it was on a night I was intentionally trying to seem “laid back.” And ironically I wasn’t, because I felt hideously underdressed compared to everyone wearing formal capris a trend I capitalized on almost immediately. And so did you: lest we forget how defined this decade was by plaid, pastel, and shiny capris nor how we wore them with heels, boots, and flip flops, telling ourselves we were ahead of the curve. (But we weren’t. Not unless we accompanied each with a satin tank.)

It was not a special occasion without the addition of impromptu lingerie masquerading as the greatest outfit the world had ever known. And the reason was this: not only could you claim you weren’t too dressed up if pairing said corset/lingerie shirt with jeans,
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you could dress up the aforementioned top with black trousers and heels for dinner events and then accessorize with oversize pearls because you were sure that’s what they’d do on “Sex and the City.” (Or: other conversations I had while getting ready with my friends.) And listen, we were all half right: slip dresses are back in all their glory for 2016. Even though none of us would’ve thought about them for a second if presented with the chance.

We wanted to be boho. We all wanted to be boho so badly. And how could we not? Between Mischa Barton and Sienna Miller, we were told that baggy, flowy, hippie esque tanks, tubes, and upper pieces were the key to our style successes. We wore them with jeans, shorts, minis, and Uggs. And then, high on the feeling of being red carpet ready, we accessorized with oversize hoops and too many bangles (or one, worn pushed up on your arm like Nicole Richie), knowing that when Usher’s “Yeah” came on, we’d be ready. And of course, we never were. Because when your flares are so long that they’re trudging through beer,
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you can never truly emotionally prepare yourselves for that.