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Even though the Warren County Community College Foundation must comply with the state Open Public Records Act Judge Amy O’Connor made that ruling in response to a civil suit brought by Somerset County resident Blanca Carroll the foundation is pleading ignorance as a defense. According to Carroll’s attorney, Walter Luers, the foundation argued that it shouldn have to release the minutes of meetings requested by the plaintiff because foundation members didn know they were covered by the law. Nice try, but foundation members should have been well versed in open meetings and open records law. The foundation is a nonprofit fund raising arm of the college. Like all public agencies, it entitled to exclude the public from discussions only by invoking specific allowances under the Sunshine Law; minutes of public meetings must be available to the public.

It time to retire the groundhog. Punxsutawney Phil never said he wanted the job anyway, and now he the fall guy for the meteorological misery of the entire Northeast this week, having predicted an early spring. He earned a February timeshare in Boca Raton.

There’s no doubt that high school was different in the 1920s and 1930s. No iPads or social media. Smaller classes. No Uggs or skinny pants. Heck, probably no school buses, either. So it was a monumental occasion when the Nazareth High School Class of 1931 held its 82nd reunion a week ago at Moravian Hall Square in Nazareth. Four from what had been a class of 54 attended Edward Christman, Verna Kemmerer, Evelyn Rader and Madeline Wesby. Kemmerer and Wesby are 100; Christman and Rader turn 100 later this year. Three of the four reside at Moravian Hall Square. Wesby, who doesn’t, drove from her home in Stroudsburg for the reunion. They reminisced about good times and sang the alma mater, which, coincidentally, was written by one of their bygone classmates. Their celebration was a testament to their loyalty and staying power. And, we’re told, plans are already in the works for next year’s get together.

The latest news from the Easton Farmers Market offered an antidote for the mid winter blahs the regular Saturday morning market in Centre Square will be expanded to include a Wednesday market. Wednesdays, starting June 5. The market sponsor, Weyerbacher Brewing Co., plans to offer free beer samples at the Wednesday and Saturday markets. Thanks to the people who have contributed to the resurgence of the market, particularly manager Megan McBride and the sponsors.

The on again, off again idea to create a South Warren Regional Police Department is warming up. Officials from Pohatcong and Lopatcong townships resumed meetings of the regional police commission in December, as state officials signaled their willingness to make funds available to study and work through the problems of municipal service mergers. The state Senate has introduced a bill that would require designated towns to share services or risk the loss of property tax relief funds. The mayors of the townships, James Kern III and Douglas Steinhardt, say they receptive to studying a joint police force. The high school senior initially landed at the Children Home of Easton and has since moved to a foster home provided by Amy and John McWilliams in Williams Township. Terry is flourishing under the tutelage of Wilson High basketball coach Bob Frankenfield, becoming a multi threat combo guard and helping the team to a 20 1 record. But it Terry academic turnaround that has Frankenfield and others most excited he’s doing well in college prep courses and is attracting attention from Division III college basketball scouts.
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