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Healy was named after Capt. Coast Guard became what it is today. Healy was in the revenue cutter service, which preceded the current federal presence in Alaska. He was the son of a slave and worked with Alaska natives, even bringing caribou from Russia to Alaska.

“We take great pride in being on a ship named after such a historic figure, someone who did amazing things for the country,” said Capt. Jason Hamilton. “The crew we have on this ship is the best in the Coast Guard and I think, the best in the world. And that crew enables that access and enables us to work with world class scientists.”

While the ship can support other missions, such as search and rescue, law enforcement and environmental protection, this trip is all about the pursuit of science: From the 420 foot vessel, the research team will primarily be conducting a series of specific missions, each focusing on the biology,
ugg boots nz Coast Guard cutter Healy prepares for departure from Seward
chemistry geology and physics of the Arctic Ocean and its ecosystems. is an Arctic nation because of Alaska,” Woityra said. “So we’re exploring, taking scientists up there and getting data that’s helping us learn all sorts of things.

“This is one of the least explored and least understood ecosystems on the planet,” he said.

For the first mission, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Alaska Anchorage will assess the biological diversity of the Chukchi Sea, very near to where Shell had been exploring for oil.

“It’s from sea ice down to sea floor,” Woityra said. “We’ll have a baseline of that information, so years from now, we’ll know what it looked like before the ice went away.”

Up next will be supporting researchers deploying acoustic bottom moorings. Those will collect data on how climate change and decreased ice coverage is affecting the Arctic Ocean.

The final mission will be to use sonar mapping and bottom dredging for data collection on the Extended Continental Shelf, in order to support the United States’ claim for natural resources found on and beneath the ocean floor. As with the former missions, this will allow the collection of data that’s necessary to understand what’s going on in the Arctic right now,
ugg boots nz Coast Guard cutter Healy prepares for departure from Seward
as well as help support the extension of United States borders.