ugg bicester Argyle CAO Appointed Interim Airport Manager

Mike Fields resigned as airport manager effective November 30.

Muise says he met with board of the Yarmouth International Airport Corporation committee, seeking direction on some proposals that he presented.

“There is a real focus on maintaining a solid or a strong airport for the region, albeit as a 301 airport which means that there would not be regular passenger service. The requirements to run the airport would be significantly reduced from what it was in the past.”

He says the board is quite supportive of that vision.

In August the corporation voluntarily changed the airport’s certification from 302 to 301 in order to ensure continued air service from the airport.

Muise says repairs and capital upgrades were estimated at a minimum of $6 million to regain 302 status.

He says despite what some may think, the airport is a busy facility, used by private aircraft, EHS LifeFlight, charter flights, military assets for training, search and rescue.
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