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Organic honey business owner charged after drug, gun raids

By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun July 24, 2013

Really Raw Honey is known for its straight from the hive product, a creamy white treat sold online and in hundreds of stores like Whole Foods. But the buzz about the Highlandtown based company this week involved handguns, rifles, ammunition and cocaine Baltimore police say were seized in raids on the firm’s warehouse and its owner’s North Baltimore home. Owner Frantz Walker was charged with armed drug trafficking and held at Central Booking on $1 million bail until he posted bond Wednesday morning.

Assault rifles seized in drug raid north of Patterson Park

By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun May 23, 2013

Baltimore police seized three assault rifles and more than 7,000 rounds of ammunition in a drug raid on an East Baltimore house just north of Patterson Park. Francisco G. Milos, 29, reportedly told officers he had the weapons because he was “preparing for the war,” according to charging documents. When one of the arresting officers, Sgt. Lennardo Bailey, asked him who was going to be part of the war, Milos did not reply, police say. The search warrant was executed on the home in the 100 block of N. Kenwood Ave. McIntyre and The Baltimore Sun May 15, 2013

This would have been unthinkable when I came to The Baltimore Sun twenty seven years ago. ” Mr. Rector will write on politics, policy, crime, and related matters; Mr. Gold will explore aspects of pop culture, sports, and the media. Mr. Rector’s introductory post describes the Pepper Hill raid of 1955, in which Baltimore police raided the Pepper Hill Club (on North Gay Street; I am not making this up)Welcome to Gay Matters

By Kevin Rector May 15, 2013

Welcome to Gay Matters, a new home for gay news and commentary at The Baltimore Sun. As website real estate, this blog is something new and perhaps long overdue. But we’ve been doing this work covering news relevant to the gay community for a very long time. I took a look back all the way back to microfilm and found the evidence. In 1955, for example, there were 162 men and women arrested on charges of disorderly conduct at the Pepper Hill Club on North Gay Street in “the largest night club raid ever made in Baltimore,” after male patrons among the club’s largely gay clientele were seen kissing each other.500 pounds of marijuana, 10 kilos of cocaine recovered in DEA raids

By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun April 25, 2013

Federal agents found 500 pounds of marijuana and more than 10 kilograms of cocaine, along with an AK 47 and body armor, during raids on homes in Baltimore County and northeastern Baltimore as part of a cross country drug investigation. At least two men have been charged through a federal complaint in connection with the raids Harold and Joseph Ibreham Byrd. Now police, intent on cracking down on illegal bikes, were prepared to move in. Armed with a search and seizure warrant, Rasheed and a team of officers gathered up 16 bikes. Some had been reported stolen. As the officers combed the West Belvedere Avenue repair shop, a crowd gathered outside the barbed wire topped fence. “I’m sure everyone’s [angry]How Republicans raided the welfare state and left it flat broke

I would like to add some points to former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich’s column “How the welfare state has grown” (April 7). Mr. Ehrlich fails to mention the fact that every president since Lyndon Johnson, beginning in 1964, has raided the Social Security Trust Fund and transferred the money to the government’s general fund to pay for the country’s wars and for the campaign promises they made to their constituents in order to get re elected.
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