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‘Time Capsule’ Workshop In Bristol

January 7, 2013

The American Clock Watch Museum will offer its workshop on creating a family time capsule on Jan. 11. Museum staff will give a lesson on how to preserve photos and other materials for long term storage, and then each family will construct and decorate its own time time capsule. The cost for materials and museum admission is $15 for each family. Museum members get a discount. Pre registration is required by Jan. 9 through 860 583 6070. The museum is at 100 Maple St.

ARTICLES BY DATEEnfield High School time capsule mystery continues to unravel

By Jennifer Coe, ReminderNews and Reminder News, July 15, 2014

On Tuesday, July 1, a very surprising find was discovered on the grounds of Enfield High School. The construction crew working on the renovation and expansion of the school turned over a large concrete block that was later identified as a possible time capsule. On the concrete block, dates appear to be inscribed. Initially, it was thought to bear the dates of “1843 to 1943” and “do not open until 2043. ” Enfield Mayor Scott Kaupin posted photos of the find to his personal Facebook account, and hundreds of residents chimed in with their opinions on what to do with the item.

A local woman gathering items for a time capsule is asking residents to write letters or poems or donate photos or invitations to an event that took place this year. The time capsule will be kept at town hall for opening in 2050. Items must be received by Dec. 19. Residents interested in donating items can drop them off at New Hartford Memorial Library or the Bakerville Library or mail them to Alice Riley, 187 E. Construction workers at Enfield High School cutting down trees and preparing the site for renovations Tuesday unearthed the concrete block. Speculation quickly spread through town that a time capsule dating to the 1800s had been found. The evidence: Writing etched in the concrete seems to say “1843 1943” and “Do not open until 2043. M. Jodi Rell offered a jocular list ofpresents that should be buried in the state’s time capsule. Others have tried Christmas poems in the past, while Rell has traditionally offered a list of presents that are delivered, tongue in cheek, to some of the state’s top officials. Avery Middle School has unearthed a surprise: a time capsule put together by sixth graders in 1976. Except for a crack in the lid of the white plastic bucket, the capsule seems to have weathered 29 years underground quite well, and is still protected by the brown garbage bag that it was wrapped in and buried in on June 14, 1976. “We haven’t peeked yet,” said library media specialist Betsy Kenneson. Brown offered a playful warning. “If any of you have any deep, dark secrets in there, they are about to come out,” he said.
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