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“Locally, travelers may benefit by gaining a safer, more secure way to book online travel.

ARTICLES BY DATEAll Aboard Florida station needs a better location

May 10, 2014

Regarding the May 4 story “Rail firm on track to change landscape”: The city of Fort Lauderdale would certainly be happy with any downtown improvements, but from a practical standpoint, I have to question the business model based on the demographics of passengers that will be using this Miami to Orlando train service. Why, with the FEC right of way passing directly in front of the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, would this not be the more logical location? One only has to factor in access to flights, cruise ships, cabs and car rentals to realize it’s a perfect fit. On the other hand, if you want to grab a six pack, Happy Meal and a Broward bus, then the downtown location is the wiser business choice.

UAL Inc., the parent company of United Airlines, knows about head to head competition, pricing, promotional wars and the value of winning the allegiance of the business traveler. In acquiring Hertz from RCA, as UAL agreed to do this week, the company is going to have to put the skills it learned in the rough and tumble of the deregulated airline industry into another cutthroat business: car rental. In fact,
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although UAL officials view the Hertz Corp. as a natural extension of their businesses, which include the Westin hotel chain as well as the nations largest airline, the $4 billion car rental industry will present a host of problems of its own. One is the proliferation of smaller, regional rental companies that are luring customers particularly the non business renters who generally pay more away from the market leaders, Hertz and Avis Inc. At the same time, National Car Rental and Budget Rent a Car, Nos. Some will arrive on buses, others on planes and trains, all eager to be in the nation’s capital Monday when Obama is sworn in for a new term. Among them will be Kevin Mitchell, of Fort Lauderdale, who’s organized two buses with more than 100 people to travel to Washington for the festivities. The rental car company also informed the state that about 605 additional workers in Fort Lauderdale were affected by the company’s previously announced plans to move its headquarters to Tulsa, Okla. car rental market, Republic Industries turned its attention overseas on Monday by bidding to purchase British based EuroDollar Rent A Car. Republic said it is willing to spend $150 million, in cash or notes, to buy the publicly held company from investors. At the close of business, Republic spokesman Jim Donahue said Republic had agreements to purchase 14.5 million shares, roughly 30 percent of the company. Some will arrive on buses, others on planes and trains, all eager to be in the nation’s capital Monday when Obama is sworn in for a new term.
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