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January 06, 2008By Tanika White Tanika White,[Sun reporter]Remember when college grads had to wear white shoes and pantyhose under their gowns? These days, colleges seem to have developed a sense of fashion. At the University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s winter convocation, graduates donned all black under their gowns, which is a great idea especially given the footwear choices that provides. turned graduation into an opportunity to look amazing, in a mini dress, wrap sweater and tall boots.Age: 22Residence: Ellicott CityJob: Just graduated in December with a psychology degree from UMBCSelf described style: “I just wear what I like.”The look: Black wrap sweater, covering a black minidress with lace detail. Black tights and black suede Isaac Mizrahi boots.Where it came from: Sweater from Mom’s closet. Dress from Urban Outfitters. Tights, she can’t remember. Boots from Target.Today is an all black anomaly: “I don’t usually wear all black, really. All black was mostly today because my gown was black and they told us to wear black under it. If I do wear black, I try to throw some color under it because it is kind of a dark color and I have fair skin.”Her everyday look varies: “I usually wear a nice pair of jeans. I pretty much always have on heels because I’m ridiculously short. It all depends on my moods. Sometimes I’m a jeans and T shirts girl, and then sometimes I’m more dressy.”But “funky” is always in the mix: “I’m a big rock music fan, and all my friends are musicians. So, I guess funkier pieces tend to draw my eye. But whatever it is, it always has to look good on me before I’ll buy it.”Ugg boots? Yes. Sweats? No: “I have Ugg boots, but if I ever wear them, I like the look of a short skirt with them. I can’t leave the house in sweat pants. I wish I could; it would make things so much easier. . I don’t ever really make plans, so if I’m out and someone calls me and says, Come here,’ I’d rather be dressed nice and be prepared, rather than be in sweat pants.”.
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