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ugg Article Submission As A Tool To Extend Your Reach

uggs snow boots Article Submission As A Tool To Extend Your Reach

Okay we now know about content, keywords, tags, categories, bots, back links, hot links, a bit about the psychology and have an inkling to what viral technology and systems are. Like all the tools and possibilities discussed on here, keep in mind that Article Submission is only ONE possibility, and may not be for you. Lately, article submission sites are getting very picky with what articles they will take and not take. For some really good reasons, and some let us say some “not so good” reasons. And you should NEVER submit your literary work to them as you loose first publication rights immediately not to mention the possibility of it getting ripped off. Articles that you write, almost about any subject under the sun with a plus for you, which we will get into. And this is not the Pulitzer Prize stuff either. Do not be upset or take to heart any article submission site that thinks they now are “real” publishers or think they can determine what is a good piece of literary writing and what is not. This is legitimate and why article submission sites are so successful. It is indeed why I use article submission sites. However, article submission sites serve a purpose in the game of symbiotic internet relationships. (The tired, the poor, the downtrodden, the bored they too make up the internet and they too surf!). They work hard at the business of article submissions, as they should, because they make a great deal of money from it (I will explain how as well). That people, translates into MILLIONS of page views a day! Powerful influence. That is a lesson for blogging as well. You must offer something in return for someone spending the minutes reading your blog. Otherwise no one will read it. ONLY because the human condition is full of surprises. Only because it reflects who we are and what our society is like. Nor Hair (remember him from our previous articles in this series?) wants to get more free publicity for his site. So he sits down and writes a 750 word article on how to prevent hair loss. Mr. Hair does NOT, I repeat does NOT sell any of his products in the body of the article. This is a big NO NO,
ugg Article Submission As A Tool To Extend Your Reach
and most article submission sites will refuse to publish an article promoting a product within the body of the article. In other words Self Promotion is NOT allowed within the body of the article. (And this is a very good thing!) Mr. Hair writes about the effects of hair loss on ones self esteem. He actually spell checks it too! He then goes to an article submission site and becomes a member. All this is for FREE. (Do not ever pay any service or for any program that will submit articles for you! That is just pure malarkey and simply put, if you do, you are a sucker! Remember Article Submissions are Viral, and being so they should be Viral for you as well.)When he is asked to input his article, he has to adhere to certain guidelines in HTML and text format. He must put in keywords (remember those folks?) and an article summary. He also chooses a category for his article which in this case would be “Hair Care” or “Body Care” or something along those lines. All cool. Then at the bottom is a resource box. (You can see the resource box and an example at the bottom of the article here.)Usually you are limited by the amount of URL you can put into the box. I use the maximum which is three. Mr. Hair has two. His website and his blog and he inputs them into the box. Voila, he previews and then submits his article on hair loss. In a few hours he gets an email that it was accepted. So far so good. Now what happens?The article goes up on the site. Now don ask me if anyone will read it. Obviously sites with millions of page views a day, someone is reading something. But the plus for Mr. Hair is not from the normative person coming to read his article, even if they do click on his link on the bottom. Nope the big plus comes when a Webmaster or Ezine owner comes to the site, and picks up the article (a fairly easy process), and puts it on their web site for content. And all the time that article sits on other web sites, it is indexed by the Search Engines, with YOUR URL IN IT! And all the time it sits at the article submission site, people are reading it and picking it up for content for their sites. And that is the name of the game!What does the Article Submission site get from this? Simple. They have Google Adwords up and people DO click on those adverts. They have affiliates and people DO click on the affiliates and buy. Do you know why? Cause like I wrote in the article on Viral Systems, the people on the site are loyal members. They are getting something for nothing so they return the favor. (We will discuss stats as well in another much later article). All sides win in this symbiotic relationship. Again some real examples:I wrote a series of 13 articles on RSS technology and put them up here a while back. Lo and Behold one day I discover that there are two web sites wholly devoted to mine and a few other articles on RSS. How did I find this out? I Googled my name and discovered they had picked up these articles and placed them on their site. It may not be for you, it may take too much time. BUT it is a way, and for free, to increase your hits to your blog. Search Indexing is the name of the game. And Article Submissions is one way to achieve to it. Gross. Gross very popular blog, Cobwebs Of The Mind contains daily updated posts and articles on technology and writing. He also owns Amor Enterprises which maintains Virgin Earth Article Submissions which is designed to accept articles about any country or place in the world.

WordPress expert finally reveals the “insider” secrets to turn a butt ugly blog into a beautiful niche website,
ugg Article Submission As A Tool To Extend Your Reach
automatically add great content and magically attract thousands of visitors from Search Engines with little effort.

ugg shop online Article Health and Fitness

ugg mini boots Article Health and Fitness

Although it is safe to say that few people would like to be diagnosed with a disease, it is also possible to suggest that the way many individuals react to their diagnosis depends in part on their prognosis. However, some illnesses are less understood than others, which leads to difficulties in establishing a feasible prognosis. This in turn leads to a lower level of perceived well being among that patient group.

One of those illnesses is Alopecia areata. Here we explain the diversity of symptoms, and follow the research history of a team whose efforts are said to be at the forefront in investigating the causes and treatments of alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that affects individuals at different stage of their lives. It manifests itself in the form of hair loss. Some individuals only have one occurrence with small round patches on their head or chin. Other individuals have recurring episodes of patches or complete hair loss on the head and body.

The length of time that a person has a bald patch varies greatly, and whilst some individuals can have it for a few months with full re growth, other individuals have a complete lack of re growth after a year.

The treatments to date are considered to have a fairly low success rate, as many patients tend to have their hair re grow naturally after a few months. In addition to that, it has been noted that treatments on the market may not be a long term solution, as it is not established that hair growth will remain after a patient stops to use the treatment.

In 2008 a team of scientists published a landmark study within this field of research. The study suggested a feasible process in the development of alopecia areata. Essentially it was argued that immune cells were attacking hair follicles as a result of hair follicles emitting danger signals to immune cells. They followed this finding up with animal studies and were able to establish which set of T cells played a key part in attacking the follicles.

Whilst that alone was striking, it was quickly out of the spotlight when the researchers demonstrated that all of their findings pointed to specific immune pathways that would be responsible in enabling the T cells to attack the hair follicles. In addition to that, they argued that currently regulated treatments for bone marrow disease were likely to be efficacious in the treatment of alopecia areata.

The most recent study that has been published in Nature Medicine was the first study from that team where they tested the so called JAK inhibitor treatment on mice and humans with alopecia. The researchers administered the treatment to three patients who had more than 30 percent hair loss, and were considered to have moderate to severe alopecia areata. The key findings were promising as all of the human patients had fully restored hair growth at five month follow up. In addition to that, it was also reported that the T cells believed to be responsible for the attacks on the follicles were absent in the participants’ scalps. Based on this, the researchers concluded that the results are promising but that more large scale studies would be needed to confirm the findings.

Given that we know that most patients have a complete re growth after a year without substantial assistance from mediations we are inclined to think that these reports may not be the success story they have been hailed to be. Ironically, time will tell if the findings are substantial enough to illuminate the prognoses given today.
ugg shop online Article Health and Fitness

ugg boots sale uk genuine Article directory submit and find free articles on A1articles

how to wash ugg boots Article directory submit and find free articles on A1articles

Irvine Dermatology Facility at Cutting Edge of Skin Care

By Charles Sexton in Beauty

Dr. Charles R. is very enthusiastic about the recent opening of his state of the art dermatology facility in the newly constructed Spectrum Medical Plaza near Irvine Regional Hospital.

“I am having a fantastic time seeing my patients in a.

Creating a Successful Online Video Hosting Strategy

By Contrast Design in Business

As a business with an online presence, you’ve no doubt heard of the power of online video when it comes to promoting your products or services. You’ve also no doubt thought about utilizing this power and have done some research into the subject. You may e.

Renewable Vitality For Kids Instructing Little ones About Renewable Energy

By Spencer Boone in Environment

As a substitute of doing work from household on their pcs millions of men and women across the earth endure big discomforts and waste billions of bucks commuting to an office to function for a very few hrs ahead of returning in the very same inefficient a.

24th June 2011By Jan in Environment

Organic Farming is a method used in farming without the use of any chemicals or synthetics. intent of organic farming is to produce crops which have the highest biological process values with least alter on nature. Crop rotation, green manure, use of natu.

Buyer’s guide to find cheap used cars

By gomesjoseph36 in Automotive

If cash constraint is bothering you for your car purchase then purchasing used cars would be the right idea which will solve both your conveyance problem and at the same time you will be able to avail them at a much cheaper rate. Here are a few tips to co.

The Best Divorce Lawyers in Wilmington NC

By Owen Steele in Legal

This is component two of a two aspect sequence on the Rhode Island divorce practice which includes divorce system. Element a single, pertians to the preliminary stages of a divorce from locating a Rhode Island Lawyer to filing for divorce. Make sure you s.

The Best Divorce Lawyers in Wilmington NC

By Owen Steele in SEO

Trust is one among the foremost powerful SEO metrics to look engines. Once you have got the precise correlation of ingredients your website is treated with VIP status. The trust variable is like greasing the wheels and will bring stability to many di.
ugg boots sale uk genuine Article directory submit and find free articles on A1articles

cheap uggs boots uk Art from the Heart brings love and joy to Genesis patients

ugg size chart Art from the Heart brings love and joy to Genesis patients

Students at Davenport elementary schools create inspirational artwork that is framed by volunteers. Then high school and college students who are volunteeers deliver the gifts to patients.

Nancy Adams, Genesis Health System education outreach facilitator, and Allyson Miller, volunteer services coordinator, were inspired to create the program after attending an employee training session that promoted the “Moments of Wow” program presented by the Disney Institute

Ms. Adams and Ms. Miller approached Davenport schools with the idea, and soon after, students in grades one through six began creating art to be framed. “These young students don’t know who is receiving their artwork, but they know they are helping make someone’s day better,
cheap uggs boots uk Art from the Heart brings love and joy to Genesis patients
” Ms. Adams said.

“The artwork lets our patients know that someone cares about them,” she said. “Or it reminds them to keep fighting.”

Ms. Adams remembers a stroke patient struggling in the rehab program who received an inspirational message to not give up. “It helped him remember to not quit, and to try and get better every day,” she said.

The program launched in October in the oncology and rehabilitation departments at Genesis’ West Campus. Now the program has expanded to the East Campus. Funding from the Genesis Foundation covers the cost of supplies.

“The program is intended to promote a random act of kindness and to learn to pay it forward among our young students,” Ms. Adams said.

“We are the ones who get to hear the stories of joy,” she said. “I hope the program never ends. Of course, we need more volunteers to make it grow, but we are truly making a difference not only to our patients,
cheap uggs boots uk Art from the Heart brings love and joy to Genesis patients
but to our young children learning to give kindness through a Moment of Wow.”

classic tall ugg boots uk Arrest in death of Garvin Shallenberger

baby girls uggs Arrest in death of Garvin Shallenberger

A Palm Springs man has been charged with murder and grand theft in the death of Garvin F. Shallenberger, a noted attorney and Laguna Beach resident, who was found dead in his Palm Desert vacation home Sept. 30. Shallenberger was 85.

The cause of death is pending the results of an autopsy, said Ingrid Wyatt, a spokeswoman for the Riverside County District Attorney’s office. by a friend, according to a press release issued by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept.

Michael Salvador Anunciation, 46, was booked into the Indio jail on $2 million bail on Oct. 11 and arraigned Friday, Oct. 13, on one count of premeditated murder of Shallenberger, and of theft. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, Wyatt said.

“It appeared to be a random encounter,” Wyatt said. “Mr. Shallenberger was murdered by the suspect, who then stole items from the home.”

Police allege that Anunciation took Shallenberger’s laptop computer; two cordless phones; an answering machine; a cellphone; and a fanny pack with a wallet, ID cards and credit cards after the murder.

The investigation is ongoing, Wyatt added.

Shallenberger had a long and distinguished legal career. He was admitted to the State Bar in June 1949 and served as president of the State Bar of California Board of Governors from 1977 78.

In 1978, he received the Franklin G. West Award from the Orange County Bar Assn. The award is that bar association’s highest honor and is presented to “outstanding attorneys and judges whose lifetime achievements have advanced justice and the law,” according to the association’s website.
classic tall ugg boots uk Arrest in death of Garvin Shallenberger

boys ugg style boots Army specialist sentenced for death of infant child

kensington ugg boots sale Army specialist sentenced for death of infant child

It was with help from a passerby who was walking his dog and heard the cries of the child sometime after midnight on the October evening that police found the abandoned infant, wrapped in a towel and not breathing. The little girl’s body was hidden under brush and additionally concealed by a transformer like object in Turner Park.

“The man had his dog on a leash,” said an Anchorage Police Dept. investigator shortly after the discovery of the baby’s body. “The dog did go over and investigate that area where the blanket was. So he pulled the dog away and removed the blanket, and then found the body.”

Fast forward four and a half years, and Ard who is from Virginia and came to Alaska specifically for her stationing at JBER awaited her sentence from Anchorage Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby. She’d pleaded guilty in 2017 in exchange for the Murder 2 charge being lessened to a charge of manslaughter.

“This is a sad case, a tragic situation. There’s a baby that isn’t four and a half years old right now,” said the Office of Special Prosecutions’ Jenna Gruenstein. Gruenstein, in court Wednesday, recommended 20 years with five years suspended.
boys ugg style boots Army specialist sentenced for death of infant child

can you wash ugg boots Army announces change of command at Fort Sill in Oklahoma

black bailey button uggs Army announces change of command at Fort Sill in Oklahoma

LAWTON Maj. Gen. John G. Rossi will assume command at Fort Sill, replacing Maj. Gen. James M. “Mark” McDonald, the Army announced Friday.

A date for the change of command has not been set. McDonald took command of the post in May 2012. He will move on to command the United States Army Security Assistance Command based in Huntsville, Ala. military should evolve amid budget cuts, troop downsizing and other challenges.

Fort Sill is about 85 miles southwest of Oklahoma City and primarily serves as the Army’s field artillery school and training center. It is the largest military installation in Oklahoma and one of a handful of Army posts nationwide where basic combat training is conducted. The post is home to about 10,
can you wash ugg boots Army announces change of command at Fort Sill in Oklahoma
000 military personnel and 5,800 civilian workers.

McDonald, who entered the service in 1980, assumed command of Fort Sill after serving as the commanding general of the Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox, Ky. This was his fifth tour at Fort Sill.
can you wash ugg boots Army announces change of command at Fort Sill in Oklahoma

ugg boots retailers Arms Reach Bistro gets creative with prices

fake uggs for sale Arms Reach Bistro gets creative with prices

I would not think you were talking about one of the North Shore’s consistently best restaurants, a gem of a venue that delivers carefully prepared dishes using top quality seasonal ingredients, brought to the table by thoughtful, properly trained staff, in a contemporary, elegantly appointed room.I was surprised, then, to encounter exactly these promotional offerings when I popped into Deep Cove’s Arms Reach Bistro one recent Sunday morning with my wife DJ. I was fully prepared to drop a few bucks on what I was sure would be a great meal, priced accordingly. Instead, I enjoyed a positively delicious Smoked Trout Rillette Eggs Benedict with hashbrowns and two bubbly and refreshing glasses of sparkling wine with orange juice for around $20, tax included.It’s an interesting strategy for the restaurant and a risky one, from a certain perspective. You see, when you price your wares in a fiercely competitive way, diners are sometimes inclined to challenge why these sort of deals are not available all the time. A $20 brunch is a significant contrast to a $100 dinner, but I suspect the approach is directly related to the time of year. January can be a barren wasteland for even the most beloved restaurants, and being situated at the extreme end of North Vancouver’s most westerly shore requires that diners invest in a long ish trip through the dreary wet of the season to dine there.Looking at Arms Reach Bistro’s full tables, however, and the short queue for a seat even on a soaking and grey Sunday, I’d say the strategy seems to be working.In my case, the modest prices for the proper brunch items (there are only four) inspired me to explore the rest of the available a la carte menu with greater zeal; a $13 Snake River Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, such as the one I ultimately chose,
ugg boots retailers Arms Reach Bistro gets creative with prices
seems a lot more affordable when followed by a $7 main rather than a $25 one.DJ refrained from ordering an appy in anticipation of her traditional eggs benedict and sipped her mimosa as I tucked into my carpaccio, a truly extraordinary rendition of a longtime favourite of mine, realized here with melt in the mouth succulent slices of raw, beautifully marbled wagyu beef topped with a complex and pungent rosemary garlic aioli, salty capers, shaved Grana Padano parmesan cheese, and a stack of olive oil basted crostini. The portion was generous and the preparation flawless (including the temperature of the meat, which suggested the dish was not, as is so often the case with carpaccio elsewhere, made well in advance and stuck into the fridge until service).When our mains arrived I remarked to DJ that it was interesting that neither of us had been asked how we would like our eggs poached. I find this question frankly superfluous as, in my admittedly strong opinion, there is only one way that eggs should be served on a Benedict dish: gently oozing in the middle but fully cooked around. Underdone poached eggs are repugnant while overdone poached eggs, in which the yolk is fully cooked like their hard boiled cousins, are disappointing and contribute nothing to the enhancement of the dish. The kitchen team at Arms Reach clearly knows what it’s doing and the yolks of our eggs gently cascaded down the plate, covering the toasted English muffins that supported them in a vibrant orange sheen.The smoked trout rillettes that topped my English muffin were luscious and subtle, with a delicate balance of fresh fish flavour and subdued smokiness, characteristic saltiness and rich fatty roundness. Rillettes (always plural) are preparations of meat (most commonly pork, but also frequently fowl) in which the protein is coarsely chopped, seasoned, and then slowly cooked in its own fat, ensuring a tender and moist texture on the palate. It is considerably less common to see fish rillettes, but the trout worked a treat. I noticed it also features on a sandwich on the lunch menu,
ugg boots retailers Arms Reach Bistro gets creative with prices
which I will be sure to try on my next visit.

ugg caspia armor officers to 3 more bases

www.ugg armor officers to 3 more bases

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WASHINGTON (AP) As more female soldiers move into frontline combat jobs, the Army top leaders have decided to integrate female officers into infantry and armor brigades at three more military bases around the country.

The decision comes a year after the first women began enlisting in the ground combat units, and it will send female officers to Fort Carson in Colorado, Fort Campbell in Kentucky, and Fort Bliss in Texas. The increase from two bases now to five means that there will be women in infantry and armor units at 45 percent of the Army installations that have combat brigades. Until now, the integrated units were only at Fort Hood in Texas and Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

The expansion has been in the works for months, as Army commanders tracked how many female enlisted soldiers and officers chose the newly opened infantry and armor jobs. The numbers so far have revealed an unexpected trend: more entry level female recruits are choosing the infantry, while female officers coming out of ROTC, West Point and the Army Officer Candidate School are choosing armor units.

Army Col. Army Forces Command, told The Associated Press that under the new plan,
ugg caspia armor officers to 3 more bases
female soldiers would be included in one or two brigades at each base. But the uneven numbers of women choosing the combat jobs could result in female armor officers commanding units that have no women in them.

Over the next year, as more women enlist and graduate as officers, brigades at more bases will be integrated, according to an Army plan described to the AP. Those would include infantry and armor units at Fort Riley in Kansas, Fort Stewart in Georgia, Fort Drum in New York, Fort Polk in Louisiana and Joint Base Lewis McCord in Washington. According to the Army plan, women infantry and armor soldiers will be assigned to brigades at all bases in the continental United States by fall 2019.

Lawhorn said the expansion decision was based on feedback from commanders and officers in the units that have already been integrated.

“The goal of the deliberate phased integration is to set conditions for the successful integration of the junior women soldiers arriving from initial entry training,” Lawhorn said, adding that the officers will begin arriving at the three bases this spring and summer.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter in December 2015 ordered the military services to open all combat jobs to women. Since then the Army has been cautiously moving forward to integrate the previously male only infantry and armor units,
ugg caspia armor officers to 3 more bases
developing officers first so that younger enlisted women would have mentors when they moved into the combat jobs.

ugg jobs uk Armed robber demands money and cigarettes from Tigard gas statio

men ugg slippers Armed robber demands money and cigarettes from Tigard gas statio

TIGARD, OR (KPTV) An employee was standing in the outdoor kiosk when the suspect walked up and displayed a handgun. The suspect got away, after also taking the victim phone.The suspect was wearing a brown fedora hat, had a full beard and a belly, according to police. The suspect is around 5 feet 10 inches tall and 190 pounds. The victim recalled seeing a bandage on his left cheek.Officers and a K 9 team searched the area, but the suspect was not found. Surveillance images of the suspect were released Thursday.The evacuation area around a massive fire in northeast Portland was expanded late Monday due to unhealthy smoke.12 year old boy kills himself after being bullied, family says12 year old boy kills himself after being bullied,
ugg jobs uk Armed robber demands money and cigarettes from Tigard gas statio
family saysUpdated: Tuesday, March 13 2018 5:33 AM EDT2018 03 13 09:33:10 GMTAndrew Leach (Photo: Cheryl Hudson, GoFundMe)Andrew Leach (Photo: Cheryl Hudson, GoFundMe)The family of a 12 year old Mississippi boy said he committed suicide due to relentless bullying.The family of a 12 year old Mississippi boy said he committed suicide due to relentless bullying.Man swept away by giant wave after asking for permission to marry girlfriendMan swept away by giant wave after asking for permission to marry girlfriendUpdated: Tuesday, March 13 2018 8:22 AM EDT2018 03 13 12:22:09 GMTJonathan Brussow (right) and Athena Williams (Source: Family Photo via WXMI, CNN)A young Michigan man who was swept away by a massive wave in the Bahamas had plans to marry his girlfriend.A young Michigan man who was swept away by a massive wave in the Bahamas had plans to marry his girlfriend.Teacher accused of feeding puppy to turtle in front of studentsTeacher accused of feeding puppy to turtle in front of studentsUpdated: Tuesday, March 13 2018 8:33 PM EDT2018 03 14 00:33:11 GMT
ugg jobs uk Armed robber demands money and cigarettes from Tigard gas statio

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