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I presume you are thinking that Las Vegas is located in something like the Sahara Desert, but it is not. We have four seasons here, although our winters are somewhat more mild than let’s say, somewhere in the northeast.

I’ve seen kids wear uggs in the sweltering heat of summer. But yes, we wear Uggs here. I’ve seen little ones wearing rain boots, but I’ve never seen adults wearing them. Well, OK, maybe one or two homeless people. And yes, we get rain, snow and cold here in this desert.

Women wear capri’s to work, short skirts, long flouncy skirts to work, usually without stockings in the summer. I’ve even seen some of those longish shorts being worn with nice sandals to the office. It depends on each company’s dress code.

For me personally, a ski jacket is ideal for winter,
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but then again, I’ve grown wimpish in my old age and usually pull out the jacket at 70 degrees.

It depends upon your personal preference as far as wearing a heavier jacket in winter. We do get a snow here once in a while, but not every year. And yes, with the wind howling and winter, the temp can go down into the 20’s. It’s actually December but January sounds funnier.

Ski Jackets might be comfortable on a few nights in winter, but usually that’s overkill. I almost never get to wear mine anymore. But you could wear it skiing. You can go snow skiing and water skiing in the same day here. Snow is just 30 40 minutes up the mountain, and a 3 hour drive gets you to Bryan Head Ski Resort in Utah which is where most Las Vegans go.

No rain boots unless you like being laughed at. I suppose on those three or four days we actually get a downpour they might come in handy for about an hour.

Ugg boots are seen around town, but really. Ugh!!!

I have more sweatshirts and sweaters than we have cold days to wear them, but it’s too cold in winter for short sleeves, and at least half the winter days you will need some kind of jacket. It has only dropped below freezing in the daytime once that I recall, and that was in 1991. But it will get below freezing just before dawn a few times each year. I don’t think it dropped below freezing at all this past winter. I have a really comfortable warm winter jacket that bought after a trip back east in early Spring. I only wore twice this year,
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and I like to be warm. Just didn’t need it. I wore a medium warm jacket that has been more than enough. 46 years ago I came here with an east coast wool overcoat. It hung in my closet for several years until I got rid of it.

You’ll probably find that in summer the office is too cold thanks to A/C, and in winter you’ll complain that they have the heat up to high.