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It was with help from a passerby who was walking his dog and heard the cries of the child sometime after midnight on the October evening that police found the abandoned infant, wrapped in a towel and not breathing. The little girl’s body was hidden under brush and additionally concealed by a transformer like object in Turner Park.

“The man had his dog on a leash,” said an Anchorage Police Dept. investigator shortly after the discovery of the baby’s body. “The dog did go over and investigate that area where the blanket was. So he pulled the dog away and removed the blanket, and then found the body.”

Fast forward four and a half years, and Ard who is from Virginia and came to Alaska specifically for her stationing at JBER awaited her sentence from Anchorage Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby. She’d pleaded guilty in 2017 in exchange for the Murder 2 charge being lessened to a charge of manslaughter.

“This is a sad case, a tragic situation. There’s a baby that isn’t four and a half years old right now,” said the Office of Special Prosecutions’ Jenna Gruenstein. Gruenstein, in court Wednesday, recommended 20 years with five years suspended.
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