ugg shop westfield Apartment fire proves time is of the essence

State College, Centre County Multiple Centre County residents are safe after their apartment building caught fire Wednesday morning and they said timing was their saving grace.

Martina Drew, a tenant in the complex said around 9 o Wednesday morning she came home to flashing lights and emergency vehicles.

Officials said it unclear what sparked the flames but they were able to contain it within 20 minutes, preventing it from spreading and sparing Drew home.

“I don Honestly I at loss for words for what would happen if I did lose everything,” Drew said.

Fire crews said when responding to any fire, time is of the essence and for this case they made it to the scene in 3 minutes.

And it important for the public to know their role in that, especially for drivers who hear sirens or see flashing lights on the road; because you never know when yielding could save a home or save a life.

“Every time you see someone rushing by, an emergency response personnel, you kinda think thankful for what I have now and I hope that who they are responding to is okay,” Drew said.

The person living in the unit where the fire started was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

But fire officials said things could been much worse had they not had timing on their side and three crews on deck.

“I mean it just comes down to minutes, seconds with how fast they can respond and if you have the staff to be able to do that and to respond quickly it definitely assuring to have that. So I thankful for that for sure,” Drew said.
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