ugg wellingtons Are Vera Bradley bags made in China

Would you wear a pair of Dansko clogs?Recently, I was lucky enough to spend a summer day style spotting in Skaneateles. My day started at the Paris Flea, Skaneateles Artisans and Once Again Clothing Consignment (see previous post). Then I went on to explore Skaneateles 300 and Cate Sally. My day wrapped up with visits to two shops I had never been in before. My first stop after a lunch by the lake from Valentine’s Delicatessen (note to self: next time order something smaller or bring a friend to share with, because their turkey wraps are huge) was Country Ewe. Country Ewe sells UGG Australia Footwear who knew? They also sell Dansko clogs which some women swear by but my feet are just too narrow to slop around in those shoes. What do you think about Dansko clogs?

Okay, back to the Ugg boots. If you are searching for a pair of wellies and you like logos running up and down your leg you’ll love this blue and yellow pair for $130.

After checking out the footwear at Country Ewe I walked by 1st National Gifts and my interest was piqued when I saw a bag in the front window. Was it another store carrying Vera Bradley? After my post about loving or loathing VB I had to go in and investigate.

This lunch bag is by Stephanie Dawn and is marketed as made in the USA. Now the research has commenced what is Stephanie Dawn and is it ripping off VB? The helpful gal at 1st National told me that the line is named after Vera Bradley’s granddaughter and the line was started after VB moved their manufacturing to China several years ago. of A.
office uggs Are Vera Bradley bags made in China