what are ugg boots Uggs unveils boot line for brides

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Uggs unveils new wedding boot line for brides; Australian footwear company breaks into bridal Uggs unveils boot line for brides

The 27 year old lab technologist plans to wear a pair of flats covered in pretty jewels. There was only one scenario she could envision wearing bridal Uggs: with pajamas.

“It’s a sporty natural look but that day, she’s the lady,” Longpre’s mom, Debbie, chimed in. “We want her to feel elegant. That’s the look we are going for.”

The wedding Uggs are currently only available for purchase online but may be stocked in stores soon, retailers said.

The shiny Uggs, which are covered in white and pink sequins, cost $190 and the jeweled boots go for $225.

The shearling covered flip flops sell for $80 and all three products have baby blue soles, in keeping with the tradition that all brides should wear something that color as they tie the knot.

Wedding party dons Uggs from the Australian footwear company’s cozy “I Do” collection. (Ugg Australia)

ugg australia sheepskin care kit Uggs unveils boot line for brides
to me, look like high end room slippers,” said Nao Gamo, 29, from New Haven, who is getting married at The Yale Club in midtown in September.

“I’m wearing heels to my wedding sparkly high heels.”

Some brides have already opted for Ugg themed winter weddings with the bride and bridesmaids wearing the sheepskin lined boots beneath their long flowing gowns to stay warm.

But bridal store staffers said they could not imagine most beautiful brides ruining their tasteful white gowns by throwing a pair of clunky boots on their feet.

“We’ve never been asked for anything like this by a customer,” said Danielle Byrd, a customer service rep at David’s Bridal.

“Maybe if the bride is going from the limo to the church, or the church to the reception, or if her feet are hurting from her heels but,
ugg australia sheepskin care kit Uggs unveils boot line for brides
I can’t see anyone walking down the aisle in them.”