black classic short ugg boots Another ‘Battlestar’ actor visits the ‘Dollhouse’

Michael Hogan, who played Col. Saul Tigh on “Battlestar Galactica,” will have a guest role on the second episode of “Dollhouse’s” second season.

Speaking of “Battlestar,” the show won the Program of the Year Award at Saturday’s Television Critics Awards. So say we all, am I right? Other winners are listed here.

Hogan, a Canadian actor, recently got a work visa that allows him to work here in the United States. Let this be the first of multiple and frequent roles for this fine actor on American TV. If you have ever read this column before, you know what a tremendous fan I am of his work on “Battlestar. ”

Read on for a bit more info on his role.

Hogan will play a customer of the Dollhouse who has used the services of the “dolls” in the past.

As you may know, Hogan is not the first “Battlestar” actor on “Dollhouse.” Tahmoh Penikett, “Battlestar’s” Helo, plays FBI agent Paul Ballard on the Fox show, which returns Sept. 25. And Jamie Bamber, “Battlestar’s” Apollo, guests on the first episode of “Dollhouse’s” second season.

I spoke recently to Enver Gjokaj, a “Dollhouse” cast member, and he said that he’s heavily featured in episode 2 of “Dollhouse’s” new season, an outing that was written by Tim Minear. I don’t know if Hogan and Gjokaj have scenes together, but all I can say is here’s hoping.

For my previous stories on “Dollhouse,” including a recent set visit, look here.

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ugg Another 'Battlestar' actor visits the 'Dollhouse'
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