uggs snow boots Article Submission As A Tool To Extend Your Reach

Okay we now know about content, keywords, tags, categories, bots, back links, hot links, a bit about the psychology and have an inkling to what viral technology and systems are. Like all the tools and possibilities discussed on here, keep in mind that Article Submission is only ONE possibility, and may not be for you. Lately, article submission sites are getting very picky with what articles they will take and not take. For some really good reasons, and some let us say some “not so good” reasons. And you should NEVER submit your literary work to them as you loose first publication rights immediately not to mention the possibility of it getting ripped off. Articles that you write, almost about any subject under the sun with a plus for you, which we will get into. And this is not the Pulitzer Prize stuff either. Do not be upset or take to heart any article submission site that thinks they now are “real” publishers or think they can determine what is a good piece of literary writing and what is not. This is legitimate and why article submission sites are so successful. It is indeed why I use article submission sites. However, article submission sites serve a purpose in the game of symbiotic internet relationships. (The tired, the poor, the downtrodden, the bored they too make up the internet and they too surf!). They work hard at the business of article submissions, as they should, because they make a great deal of money from it (I will explain how as well). That people, translates into MILLIONS of page views a day! Powerful influence. That is a lesson for blogging as well. You must offer something in return for someone spending the minutes reading your blog. Otherwise no one will read it. ONLY because the human condition is full of surprises. Only because it reflects who we are and what our society is like. Nor Hair (remember him from our previous articles in this series?) wants to get more free publicity for his site. So he sits down and writes a 750 word article on how to prevent hair loss. Mr. Hair does NOT, I repeat does NOT sell any of his products in the body of the article. This is a big NO NO,
ugg Article Submission As A Tool To Extend Your Reach
and most article submission sites will refuse to publish an article promoting a product within the body of the article. In other words Self Promotion is NOT allowed within the body of the article. (And this is a very good thing!) Mr. Hair writes about the effects of hair loss on ones self esteem. He actually spell checks it too! He then goes to an article submission site and becomes a member. All this is for FREE. (Do not ever pay any service or for any program that will submit articles for you! That is just pure malarkey and simply put, if you do, you are a sucker! Remember Article Submissions are Viral, and being so they should be Viral for you as well.)When he is asked to input his article, he has to adhere to certain guidelines in HTML and text format. He must put in keywords (remember those folks?) and an article summary. He also chooses a category for his article which in this case would be “Hair Care” or “Body Care” or something along those lines. All cool. Then at the bottom is a resource box. (You can see the resource box and an example at the bottom of the article here.)Usually you are limited by the amount of URL you can put into the box. I use the maximum which is three. Mr. Hair has two. His website and his blog and he inputs them into the box. Voila, he previews and then submits his article on hair loss. In a few hours he gets an email that it was accepted. So far so good. Now what happens?The article goes up on the site. Now don ask me if anyone will read it. Obviously sites with millions of page views a day, someone is reading something. But the plus for Mr. Hair is not from the normative person coming to read his article, even if they do click on his link on the bottom. Nope the big plus comes when a Webmaster or Ezine owner comes to the site, and picks up the article (a fairly easy process), and puts it on their web site for content. And all the time that article sits on other web sites, it is indexed by the Search Engines, with YOUR URL IN IT! And all the time it sits at the article submission site, people are reading it and picking it up for content for their sites. And that is the name of the game!What does the Article Submission site get from this? Simple. They have Google Adwords up and people DO click on those adverts. They have affiliates and people DO click on the affiliates and buy. Do you know why? Cause like I wrote in the article on Viral Systems, the people on the site are loyal members. They are getting something for nothing so they return the favor. (We will discuss stats as well in another much later article). All sides win in this symbiotic relationship. Again some real examples:I wrote a series of 13 articles on RSS technology and put them up here a while back. Lo and Behold one day I discover that there are two web sites wholly devoted to mine and a few other articles on RSS. How did I find this out? I Googled my name and discovered they had picked up these articles and placed them on their site. It may not be for you, it may take too much time. BUT it is a way, and for free, to increase your hits to your blog. Search Indexing is the name of the game. And Article Submissions is one way to achieve to it. Gross. Gross very popular blog, Cobwebs Of The Mind contains daily updated posts and articles on technology and writing. He also owns Amor Enterprises which maintains Virgin Earth Article Submissions which is designed to accept articles about any country or place in the world.

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ugg Article Submission As A Tool To Extend Your Reach
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