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Yup, the Uggs might be fashionable but they are not practical for a Minnesota winter. When I lived in Minneapolis, I always got my boots at Schuler Shoes. I liked the Toe Warmers, they didn’t look too orthopedic and they were warm and had good treads (really important if you don’t want to wipe out and break something after a bout of snow on top of freezing rain) and although they were around $120, a single pair kept my feet dry and cozy for at least three or four winters before wearing out.

I get that your wife wants the Uggs, which is fine, they are fun and I guess some people (not me) think they’re cute, but you both need to be clear that she will need something else altogether to make it through the winter comfortably and safely.

Get her what she asked for. My husband always has great ideas of things he thinks I should like but he doesn’t have the same taste as me and he inevitably chooses things that he thinks I will love, but I don’t. Your wife may not have function in mind at all when asking for a boot. Maybe the look of the boot or even the brand is what she wants. She didn’t say “boots.” She said “Uggs.” Don’t think you know better than she does what she wants/needs. What if you asked for something specific and she got you something different, thinking it would be better? And it’s not what you wanted?

I had Uggs a long time ago in high school. There was a weird time period right before they were cool with St. Cloud State sorority girls and nobody knew what they were yet. Stores like AlJohns and Cal Surf imported them from Australia but nobody bought them. Thus, you could find them for $19 on the clearance rack at Marshalls. Aside from their ugliness, they are actually pretty good but not great for when it is SUPER cold or when it gets slushy and wet. Anyway, after too long in Minnesota I don’t think boots are that important anymore unless you are actually tromping through deep snow, so Uggs are as good as anything.
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