ugg sandals sale uk Ugg boots not stolen from Wyckoff salon after all

5 went to an unidentified Wyckoff salon to receive a pedicure. When she came back to retrieve her $200 designer boots, she discovered that they had been stolen. Yes, stolen! The teen was forced to walk barefoot in the snow.

Though the boots went missing and a police report was filed, they weren’t stolen knowingly, at least according to a letter to the editor posted on Wyckoff Patch.

Jerry Ghinelli wrote that his 13 year old daughter was receiving a pedicure with two friends during the same time, and, thinking the Ugg boots belonged to a friend, snatched them up from the designated shoe area.

“Security cameras reveal three girls leaving [the salon] about the same time with their belongings,” Ghinelli wrote. “One of the three is barefoot also having just had a pedicure. They get in the car of a parent and drive away. Detective [Michael] Musto recognizes my daughter, a classmate of his son, and one of the other Eisenhower students from the security recordings. He calls me and we get to the bottom of this ‘caper.'”
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