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Its awful, this never happened when i was young, but this is a sign of the times and the lack of parenting, and the worst part of women’s ugg classic short black boots on sale it is, the teachers try to contact the parents numerous times and never get a response, youngstown UGG Boots On Sale 70% Off will never have a shortage of hoodlums thats for sure2gingerspice(115 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months agoGood job Ms. Morando and La Marco! You took a negative situation and are turning it into something positive. You are and will continue to UGG Boots On Sale be BLESSED!Thank you for your hard work and love for giving to these children a positive start!3seminole(476 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months agoDanikytn, you are dead on. This behavior is a direct result of bad parenting. Look around at how adults act around here. It all about “me” and how they look, not how they are. Kids do not get any direction. When I was an elementary aged kid neighbors would correct you for acting like a punk. Can do that now because the inept parents will take you to court for “abusing” their little angels that never do anything wrong. There is no retribution or punishment for the criminal things kids do today. We would have been jerked up by our collars and corrected. Not any more. And it isn just Ytown, it Boardman, and it isn just the kids moving UGGS On Sale in from Ytown and Warren. Look around at how many elementary kids that have cell phones. For what? It the culture of “I all that” and the parents perpetuate it. No rules or guidelines, just heap things on them so they “fit in”. This just adds to the social ineptness of kids today. Try having a conversation with one, it absolutely stunning. And I mean, the kids, The parents are gone as well!4danikytn(248 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months agoreminds me of an article in the poland town crier last xmas, elementary students there were asked what they wanted for xmas, i found it ironic and a bit sad to read “iphone, ugg boots, cellphone, laptop”, my kids dont even know what a “label” is, i dont live beyond my means and i dont teach my kids that “things” are whats important, its sad.5seminole(476 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months agoAgain, Danikytn, you are absolutely right! Kids are taught that they should have label clothes, electronics, whatever, even if they are receiving them from someone via donations, etc. Like I said, it all about “me” and how they look, not what they are about. Check the cars in town and see where they actually live. It stunning. It all about how you look in your car rather than where you live because 99% of the people see you in your car, not at your house. It a sad testimony on society.107 Vindicator Square. Youngstown, OH 44503.
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