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Newcastle shop stocked fake designer goodsTHEY look like the ideal Christmas gifts for that difficult to please loved one.12:00, 22 NOV 2011Updated18:47, 26 FEB 2013This entire haul was were in a city centre shop after customers complained to Newcastle’s trading standards department about the quality of their purchases.

Officers then raided the ‘For Her’ shop in Monument Mall and seized around 250 counterfeit items, filling 20 large bags.

Investigators said the goods accounted for around 60% of the shop’s stock. The owner of the shop has been interviewed and an investigation is under way.

The apparent ‘designer’ labels included Ugg Boots, Boss perfume and Vivienne Westwood accessories.

After becoming aware of the complaints,
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undercover trading standards officers did some test purchases and the garments were sent to the head offices of the companies involved. The companies then confirmed that the goods were not genuine.

David Ellerington, manager of Newcastle’s trading standards department, said: “We became aware of the allegations after two members of the public said they were not happy with the quality of the items they had purchased.”

Mr Ellerington confirmed an investigation is under way and the council hopes to gather enough evidence to prosecute the owner.

Coun Stephen Lambert, deputy cabinet member for community safety and regulation, said: “Without pre judging the outcome of any related criminal investigation by the city council’s officers,
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there is clear evidence that the trade in counterfeit goods is hugely damaging to the economy.

“Any kind of trade in illegal goods damages the trade of legitimate traders who are trying to earn an honest living and they do not need that business being undermined by any criminal activity.