what are uggs made of Nicole Kidman’s family are 1 of the world’s largest landowners

At eight on the list of individual and family landowners are the farms and ranches of the Kidmans in Australia, to whom the actress Nicole Kidman is related, the survey said.

Theirs is the largest private, non monarchical, non state landholding on earth.

Kidman Holdings was founded by Sir Sidney Kidman in the 19th century.

He reputedly started the family firm after running away from home at the age of 13, with his sole possession a one eyed horse. He died in 1935.

Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu but grew up in Australia.

Previously published research has found her ancestors Bridget and James Callachar arrived in Sydney on board the Agnes Ewing in January 1842.

They moved to Port Macquarie to work as agricultural labourers and had a son, Miss Kidmans great great grandfather.

A spokesman for the actress, whose father is a biochemist and mother a nursing instructor, declined to comment on the connection to Kidman Holdings.

Topping the list, according to the

research published in New Statesman magazine, is the Queen, who

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