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it is snowing outside. Yay!. that is unless I have to shovel later. :/

If his wife is around the same age as he is. she only has what. another 8 10 years This topic may prove traumatizing to some, so I will get back to cleaning.

I still haven finished YET! When do Fusion tickets go on sale I was thinking of attending again this year.

No, this is not time for me to wax poetic on that hide song. rather I shall impart to you all the details of my friend eye surgery. Before I get into that I will talk about the night before. I had decided to grace Orf eyes with the god loving/hating Mako that night.

I arrived on Tuesday night with both Endroll (the deadman final concert dvd) and Y tu mama Tambien (WE LOVE YOU SO GAEL!). All was remedied via text messages and phone calls. I degress, Orf and I ordered some food (which of course was good) and watched The Devil Wears Prada. I must say that the guy who plays Andy boyfriend is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL. in that “I a guy from SOHO who is kinda italian looking with a little bit of a 5 o shadow going on, curly as sin hair with amazing blue/green/grey eyes and to top it off; cupid bow lips.” My brain was unable to NOT focus on much else when he was on screen. You see, I had viewed this in theaters. Um it was a good movie. but I was told more than once by several people. it deviates from the book alot towards the end. I haven read it yet. but I may over the summer. maybe.
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