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The severe quake, centred 15 km north east of Culverden on South Island, which struck just after midnight was felt throughout the country and was followed by powerful aftershocks, including a 6.3 quake which hit at 1.30pm.The first wave of the tsunami arrived at Kaikoura just before 2am local time on Monday, according to the NZ Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management.So intense was the initial tremor that it left fractures metres wide and deep along the country’s major highway, and completely flattened a farmhouse not far from the epicentre.Incredibly a 100 year old woman was pulled alive from the rubble of the farmhouse after rescue workers searched for hours for her, her son and her daughter in law. The woman’s son died when the building collapsed.Prime Minister John Key confirmed the deaths of two people and said he had ordered a military helicopter to the Kaikoura region which has been cut off.There have been reports of looters ransacking houses that were evacuated when the powerful quake, while some supermarkets were also forced to ration their supplies as locals stocked up on bread, milk, water and meat.The Civil Defence has warned ‘destructive waves’ will continue and people on the country’s east coast have been ordered to move to high ground. Although, those alerts have now been downgraded to ‘coastal warnings’.Scroll down for videoThe largest waves, between three to five metres high, were expected between Marlborough Peninsula near Wellington and Banks Peninsula, just south of Christchurch, according to Civil Defence.Waves were also predicted to hit Chatham Island.New Zealand lies on the Ring of Fire, a zone of areas prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, that circles the Pacific rim.Police are investigating a spate of burglaries that took place in the wake of a deadly earthquake.A number of residents in Canterbury, on the country’s South Island, evacuated their homes when the tremors hit.When they eventually returned hours later they discovered thieves had ransacked them and stolen their belongings.’We were evacuated last night at about 2.30am and locked the place up and then came home at about 6.30am this morning and realised my work truck was gone,’ Matt Mill said.’We’re just gutted, we work hard for what we’ve got and come home to this. [It’s] pretty disappointing.’You’d think you’d just be able to walk out and leave your house open and everyone’s getting to safety but no, it’s just people out there that opportunity knocks and away they go, so hopefully it comes back and bites them one day.’In the early hours of Monday, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake centred north of Christchurch jolted the country and triggered a tsunami.Christchurch has not fully recovered from an earthquake in 2011 that killed 185 people.The city’s suburban rail network has been shut while engineers inspect the tracks, bridges and tunnels for any damage.’We know this is scary. We are with you, New Zealand. Please look after each,’ NZ Government’s GeoNet posted on Twitter.In several cities guests were forced to evacuate hotels when the quake hit, including Nelson, about 200 kilometres from the quake centre where the touring Pakistan cricket team are staying.’Some of the boys were in prayer, some were watching the India England Test on TV when we felt the windows shake,’ team manager Wasim Bari told ESPNcricinfo.
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