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Downey, most commonly referred to as D town is home to the snobbiest, racist, conservative people on the face of the planet. It’s where the phrase “where the high class meets the ghetto ass” is literal. Downey is surrounded by some of the trashiest ghettoest cities in Los Angeles, ie.: South Gate, Bell Gardens, Paramount and Pico Rivera. Downey is in itself two cities, north and south. North Downey is considered to be north of Firestone Boulevard and South Downey is to the south of Firestone. North Downey is where the middle(NW Downey) and upper middle(NE Downey) class families live. South Downey is the ghettoest part of the city, but it starts to become really ghetto once you pass Stewart Grey. Then you’re knee high in . The teens of Downey are sent to 2 high schools, Warren and Downey. Both Warren and Downey are similar in a way that they are divided. Whites with whites and white washed Mexicans, Hispanics with Hispanics, blacks with blacks(which comprise about .8% of the Downey population) and Asians strictly with Asians. Teens in Downey are very fond of the drug Marijuana. Cocaine has recently gained popularity amongst the teens, but Marijuana is more commonly used. Girls that reside in Downey are bitchy, snobby, superficial, and sometimes even promiscuous. The guys are also snobby but in a subtle way. The typical Downey guy is driving down the street in his parent’s BMW smoking a blunt driving his hot ass DowneyHS cheerleader girlfriend while she simultaneously sniffs cocaine from a straw and talks to her BFF Brittany on her touchscreen iPhone. Warren and Downey are brought together by the annual Downey/Warren game. This is where you will see the city as a whole. They then all go to in n out or Petes and stare each other down, but in the end do nothing. Another feature Downey has to offer is it’s racist senior citizens. They are mostly the grandparents of the Downey teens and are bitter with the fact that this once predominately white city has had a demographic shift. They mostly reside in the north part of the city. They drive around the city at 15 mph in their $60,000 Cadillac NorthStars without a care in the world, until they see a hispanic walking down the street, they’ll reduce their speed to 5mph and stare him down until he is out of sight. People in the surrounding cities view Downey as a safe, nice, quiet city, but to the residents,
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it’s the ghetto est city in the world. Downey’s culture consists of white washed kids, white bigot teens, many mexicans, smart Asians, talking, coked up teens,uGgs, the senior citizen population, Hollister, wandering potheads, European cars, huge houses and last but not least Krikorian. All in all, this is the city I call home. Even with it’s slutty cheerleaders, superficial , ugg wearing in the summer skanks, chick fights, wanna be gangsters, police, tagging, and the wack ass beaner infested on the weekends Stonewood Mall, it’s still the place I call home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bell Gardens girl: Hola, my name is Maria, what’s yours?

I live right next to Downey adult school. We bought a home here late 2009. We were trying yo buy a home in Cerritos or Los alamitos but home prices were out of reach at the moment. Being 30 years old not bad. I had visited Downey back late 90s and early 2000s because a friend lived just north of stone wood mall. I remember it being nice but dark. My friends dad’s back the new LS400 was vandalized couple of times. They were Asian so many it was a hate thing. Fast forward to 2009 we were tired of looking at homes in ‘better’ areas like Cerritos so we started looking else where and we started looking in Downey and we were surprised to see the change. The city renovated itself. So we bought a townhome here and so far so good. I lived all over LA from expensive white neighborhood to some ghetto places like 23rd + Crenshaw,
black friday ugg boots do you and on which side North or South school
Elysian park’ and koreatown. But downey has been one of the quieter areas. I’m sure I will find trouble if I look for it. Now the future of Downey seem uncertain. It can become the next South Gate or Cerritos.