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I study Town and Regional Planning, and came on exchange to Sheffield in my third year. I studied three courses or modules in Sheffield, including TRP331, TRP33 and TRP234. I found the course work to be really interesting, and it was a lot different to in Australia. TRP331 was my favourite module, as it was based on planning in the UK and our lecturer was excellent. I found the course work relatively less assessment based, but this means that assessments are generally weighted higher, so an assignment with usually be 50 80%, and I had an 100% exam. As easy as it is to forget you have much work to do, it is important to stay on top of things and do things early, so that you give yourself more time for the fun things! I found enrolment was really easy, and I also changed a subject while I was here (that I had already had approved by UQ), but it was so easy to change and didn cause any troubles.

While I was in Sheffield, I forged some really good friendships. I found that most of my English classmates were friendly and welcoming. I lived in self catered accommodation in Endcliffe Village in a building with other international students all staying for one semester. I roomed with all international students, so it was great to get to know other people from other countries and I even stayed with some on my travels over Christmas. One of the best things about England is that it is so close to everywhere, and so you can squeeze in quite a bit of travelling. I was fortunate enough to get to Wales,
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Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands in my 5 to 6 months in Sheffield. I had the most amazing time and even got some glimpses of snow which was a definite highlight.

Sheffield is filled with students, so there is rarely a boring moment. Whatever interests you, there is something to suit. The student union is one of the best, they organise great events, give it a go is a really great student union run program, so I would advise being involved in some of their events and trips. The lifestyle in England is in some ways similar to Australia, but the weather is very different so be prepared!

In terms of expenses, Sheffield is quite cheap for most things. The majority of spending for me came from buying food, and obviously from travel. Train travel in the UK is expensive, but you can buy a student railcard that gets discounts and if you book in advance the trains are a lot cheaper. For anyone coming to Sheffield and hoping to travel, get familiar with East Midlands Trains, Megabus,
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and the Skyscanner website. My advice is save up as much as possible so you are not worried about money while here.