uggs shoes uk Dozens of Providence voters asked to clarify addresses

(WPRI) Many Providence voters will be getting letters from the city Board of Canvassers asking them to clarify their home addresses.

The addresses where they are currently registered don appear to be their homes.

The Providence Board of Canvassers said Thursday, they would be sending the letters out to about two dozen voters, some of whom registered their addresses as public parking lots or commercial buildings.

Eyewitness News obtained a list last month of 125 Rhode Island voters who were not registered at home addresses. Six of the voters were registered at Providence police headquarters. The Board of Canvassers said Thursday that four of those voters had updated their information to reflect their true home addresses, but the remaining two had not yet done so.

don know who the two individuals are, Board of Canvassers Chairperson Claudia Haugen said. don believe they work for the city. said it was possible that the two voters were not doing anything illegal.

law provides that if anyone is homeless, has no place to live at any given time, they can use a public building, whether it be the Public Safety Complex or Providence City Hall, Hauge said.
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