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You do know that the second place finishers are just the first place losers right?JC is just a little sht school that got very very lucky last year.1 2 when it matters most pathetic little losers.

What’s Paintsville’s state championship record “when it matters”, as you say? That’s right. They don’t have one.

One of our boys that Paintsville recruited was at the boys send off Friday. Guess he’s had some things to think about. He could’ve played in three state championship games. But he and mom listened to the hype.

Paintsville school thinks they are so much better than J C but they are not. Years ago before J C there was Oil Springs, Meade and Flat Gap and those Tigers thought they were better than those schools way back then. I ask a girl that went to Paintsville back then about her thinking she was better that the kids that went to the other schools, she said yes they all thought they were a little above the other schools I always told her back then they were snobbish and stuck up, she said they didn’t act like that, but now she agrees they did act that way. Paintsville is a really jealous school. If they lost at everything they played they would have an excuse for losing
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