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When you say suede do you like the UGG boot. I started with just one pair, now I have a few more. I like the crocheted ones they make also. Just a passing thought. =^.^=The “Girl With the Tattoo Dragon,” was an excellent read. You know the kind of read where, you just need to get back to the book because you need to know what is happening to the characters. Now I jumped into book two because her story continues. As for the movie, we will see, I heard mixed reviews and I don like a movie to ruin my idea of the visuals in my mind about the characters. So thanks for the note, have a relaxing Easter. =^.^=howdy, just read your entry and put you on my buddy list. I read alot and I have read, “The Orchard Keeper,” and most of his books. I read, “The Road,” a number of years back, and I hope to see the movie sometime. So anyhoo, happy reading, I am currently reading, “The Girl With the Tattoo Dragon.” =^.^=imatwin :

Hello! I just popped by and read a few entries in your diary, and one thing that caught my eye was. spring is approaching!! I must say, I am completely jealous. I live in the lovely Canada, and winter doesn look like it will be finished for about, two more months.

I realize this is more than a bit random, but Steve McCrea is retiring at the end of this year.

I thought it would be nice to collect letters (or drawings, photographs, collages, favorite drink recipe you get the idea) from former ALPHA students.

My goal is to have this ready by May 21st.

If you could please take the time to write (or color, or draw, or paste, etc) something that would be great. It doesn t have to be long, or intense, or all encompassing but I know he really appreciated this when I did it for my graduating class in 2000. It would mean a lot to him, and I know that he and the program meant a lot for me.

I will probably make a book (or if I get none book shaped objects a decorated box) for everything. If you go the letter writing route,
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please send a sealed letter to Steve inside of an envelop addressed to me: