uggs handbags Dress code collides with culture as Native American student with mohawk sent to principal

ST. GEORGE, Utah A 2nd grade boy’s new haircut landed him in the principal’s office this week. The school said his mohawk violates dress code standards; his parents argued it’s part of their family’s Native American culture.

Teyawwna Sanden says she was shocked to get a phone call from Arrowhead Elementary School saying her son Kobe’s mohawk wasn’t allowed.

The Washington County School District’s dress code policy states: “Students have the responsibility to avoid grooming that causes a distraction or disruption, interrupting school decorum and adversely affecting the educational process.”

Harrah said that’s what happened when Kobe showed up to class.

“We had the students that weren’t used to it,” Harrah said. “They had called that out. So the teacher brought the student to my attention.”

Sanden and her husband decided to challenge the decision. They appealed to the superintendent of primary education, saying the mohawk represented a significant part of their heritage, the superintendent, in turn, asked for letters from tribal leaders supporting the claim. Harrah said it wasn’t meant to question their heritage, but a way to follow through with policy.

“It’s just a procedure that we use,” Harrah said.”As there could be several different cultures that have different beliefs, so we just need to have some documentation.”

But Sanden says it was a confusing request.

“I’m sure they didn’t intend it to be, but if felt like a form of discrimination,” Sanden said. “We didn’t want to take it there. We provided the papers, but we didn’t feel like it was right to let it go.”

With the documentation, Kobe was allowed to return to class. But Sanden said her frustration goes deeper. She said the policy as it stands is too vague, leaving it open to interpretation. Harrah said the way the policy stands allows administrators to make exceptions.

“It was a positive experience I think for all of us, I felt like, and the student went back to class,
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and it was over,” said Harrah.

Still, Sanden says she intends to take her concerns to the school board and seek a policy change.

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of all the things a school can do to a young person and worse Is isolation of any kind. it may seem inane to adults but that young child will remember this day his whole life. Now why is a school that has a Indian based name even question a native American heritage and hairstyle for one/ secondly who in their right mind would ask tribal leaders to write letter to say that hairstyle is part of their culture./ isn this discrimination? haven the native American suffered enough? it saddens me that a country whos whole history is stood upon a genocide of the Indians who were here before any Anglo Saxon. why does our American culture now worry about everyone else feeling except for the individual who is being accused of disrupting others lives? last but not least why did the reporter not ask these questions to the administration of this school board and their regents?

had the students that weren’t used to it. They had called that out. So the teacher brought the student to my attention.”

What if there is a student with a deformity like missing an arm? What if there is a student with Down Syndrome? Students may not be used to that. Seriously, educators think before you act. You the ones that are supposed to set an example. While most educators are doing just that, there are some (as in the case here), who are totally clueless and are a detriment to the education of our students.

This is ridiculous. How a person does their hair does not distract from the educational process. Children tend to quickly accept things they might not understand. I believe this policy is based on discrimination against cultural groups. People that are EMO might dye their hair purple. Does not mean it is a distraction to the education process.

Maybe the leaders of this school need to understand that children come in every shape, size, color, and hair style. I find this action to be discriminatory against students rights to being individuals.
ugg australia classic short leather boots Dress code collides with culture as Native American student with mohawk sent to principal