ugg bots Dillard’s provides discount for those who serve

Dillard’s Inc., based in Little Rock, Ark., will be extending a 20 percent discount to members of the armed forces, reservists, National Guard personnel, police officers, firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, federal agents of law enforcement agencies such as the ATF and DEA and their immediate families,
ugg boots usa prices Dillard's provides discount for those who serve
said Julie Bull director of investor relations at Dillard’s Inc.

“Particularly, these people put themselves in harm’s way for our customers and our associates many times during the year, and we choose to honor that,” Bull said.

To receive the discount, qualifying personnel must save receipts from purchases made Wednesday and Thursday. Those receipts must be presented to an employee in customer service with a military, police or firefighter’s identification in order for the company to refund the discounted portion of the purchase using whatever payment form was used to complete the purchase, the company said.

Family members making purchases on behalf of military or police must present a form of identification that verifies a family connection, the company said.

Dillard’s has two locations in Amarillo at Westgate Mall at Interstate 40 between South Coulter Street and South Soncy Road.

Dillard’s plans to hold two additional projects. One will be a Coat Day and Coat Drive in conjunction with Fire Slice Pizzeria, Kwik Kar Amarillo and Village Cleaners to benefit the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project and Family Support Services, the company said.
ugg boots usa prices Dillard's provides discount for those who serve