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United States Army Special Forces are both units and a military specialty designation in the United States Army. For many countries, “special forces” is a generic term. For the United States, it refers to specific units, and thus the more general term is special operations force in the Army Special Operations Command of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The Army Special Operations Command and Special Forces Headquarters are at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In some cases, USSOCOM has operational control, but Special Forces (and other special operations forces) are usually attached to geographically Unified Combatant Commands.

Special Forces have a core set of seven missions, and may carry out other related duties.

, while less often used operationally today, remains the conceptual core around which Special Forces skills are built. government organizations, such as the Central Intelligence Agency, may be the specialists in these secondary areas[2]Personnel selection and training

Those selected for Army Special Forces Training come from a number of different places: conventional army units, civilians(newly enlisted go through a program called the “X Ray” program), other branches of service, and from Special Forces Detachments (Those enlisted in Special Forces must re complete the training to become Special Forces Officers).

All those attempting to become Special Forces must go through something called “selection.” Once a man has been “selected” for Special Forces Training, he is permanently reassigned to Special Forces Training Command for the duration of training. Special Forces training is called the “Q Course” and consists of 6 Phases.

Phase I

Special Forces Assessment and Selection.

Special Forces Group (Airborne)

A Group is the usual Special Operations Element to a Unified Combatant Command.

Groups control three Special Forces battalions, a headquarters company, and a support company. The headquarters company that provides routine administrative and logistical support to the group

headquarters. It depends on the group support company for unit level maintenance of its organic

wheeled vehicles, power generation equipment, and signal equipment. If located outside the UCC headquarters, they create a Special Forces Operating Base (SFOB).[3]

Group Support Company

Within the Support Company are several specialized sections:

The service detachment performs unit level supply,

services, and maintenance functions for the group and its attached elements. It installs, operates, and maintains secure SFOB radio communications with the FOBs and deployed SF teams; this may mean that it provides technical support, but not message handling, for the SCIF. Within the group/SFOB, it provides communications center services, telephone communications, electronic maintenance, and photographic support.
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