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VAR is the subject of intense debate, while Liverpool fans compare their 2014 and 2018 front threes and Man Utd readers reflect on an FA Cup win in Your Says of the Day.

VAR far from perfect

It won’t be perfect but for all the drawbacks, there’s a massive upside. Would have loved VAR when Rooney dived to get a penalty and ended our unbeaten run. It had to end sometime but to be cheated out of it in that way still rankles 13 years later (admittedly, us Gooners don’t have much else to cling to these days).

I don’t want the flow of the game to be hindered by VAR. It kills the atmosphere in the stadium. The point of football is to enjoy it and get the stadium going the spectacle. If incorrect decisions are made now and then, so be it life goes on.

I think incorrect decisions add to the fanfare in any case. VAR is sterilizing the whole emotion in the sport. Next thing FIFA will end up proposing commercial breaks while VAR decisions are being made and then suddenly it’s all ruined.

Very interesting debate; my question is; When fans see the video replays that the ref sees, how can there still be disagreement over what the right call should have been?

Could the refs be using their ‘final word’ rights to show VAR the middle finger? For me, once we decide to use VAR, then the the match ref should wait to be told what the correct call is. An offside is an offside whether the match ref reviews the video or not.

Just let the managers have one var request each per game on big decisions. Big decisions can only be penalties, disallowed goals or sendings off.

That would just let the ref get on with the game without having the extra thought of should this go to var or not.

Why is offside not computerised now as well?! They have all types of software tracking every players movements for stats and analysis why is this not adapted for offside decisions? Surely couldnt be that hard.

Apparently Wenger now wants these two CBs. In the event Manure want to dispense of their services, then they must be deemed not good enough. What does this make us? Maybe this is a concession that we are no longer a top tier team, and Manure rejects are upgrades for the Arsenal team. Why can’t our scouts now find the next Kos, Kolo Toure etc? I am really pinning my hope on a major overhaul in the summer. Wenger must be feeling the heat now,
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as he has been saying he intends to see out his contract. The point is this is not totally up to him. With Kroenke’s son pitching a tent for the next three months, who knows what is cooking behind the scene. Hopefully it means Wenger out. I said all along that we collect rejects its all we can get and then we overpay them so we cant get rid of them.

That trio also battered teams into submission, people forget that whether it was Suarez, Sturridge or Sterling they were all match winners also and were equally unpredictable in the way they played and at times unplayable. In fact it’s a shame and travesty that we didn’t win the epl when we should have and that would’ve defo put a different slant on the debate

As stated, additionally, I bet if some watch a rerun of that season vs this, they would have different thoughts. It’s really difficult to think anything but the current.

That being said let’s at least wait till end of season before talking a judgement. Unfortunately we all know that injuries have taken there toll with Sturridge but Suarez is still going strong and it would be awesome to think that Firmino can continue to become a prolific goal scorer as well as contributor season after season Time will tell:

I like the idea of Luiz in midfield, he can lack discipline, but he can play so if fit yes he is in my side if not Drinkwater. Rudigers pace rather than Cahill, Moratta up front. The problem is you can only have either Willian or Fabregas. I would tend to go with Willan in a 3 4 3 as we are at home. If you play Fabregas Barca will run off him and he does not have the pace tp respond, maybe sub for last 20 minutes.

I don’t think Fabregas and Kante will be deployed. but even if they are deployed. i suspect Conte will tell our wing backs to stay. which will give Christen to join the midfield at a times. we may deploy 5 4 1 when they have the ball. and 3 5 1 1 when we have the ball. very simple. if Conte picks Fabregas i think he knows what he is doing. and he is paid millions to coach this team.

If Cesc plays we would almost certainly play 5 in midfield, Luiz has been injured for a while and I doubt he will be fit enough for the bench.

Tough call for Conte Ampadu in midfield would be a massive call so presumably it would have to be Drinkwater. Having said that taking Pedro off at ht suggests he may start which would suggest 4 in midfield. Not long until we know for sure.

Massive game, massive test against a team unbeaten in La Liga just hope we put in a performance.

I am quite optimistic about this game. I read today that Conte and his team have been watching Barca for over a month now to identify defensive weaknesses so hopefully he will get his tactics right

I think that Hazard is looking forward to this game, and the second leg, and based on Fridays performance for me,
ugg classic short leather boots United will walk the league next season
Willian has to start

Cannot play Fabregas with Kante on their own as Kante will get overrun due to the deficiencies in Fabregas defensive capabilities but if we fill the midfield do we detract from our own attacking capabilities.?

Currently I think that Giroud looks fitter than Morata so would be inclined to start with Giroud but knowing that Morata will feature so he can give his all for the first 60 70 minutes. If we do go with Giroud then we also should mix up our game and play to his strengths as well but not just lumping into the box