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ugg classic short black Dishes On Her Travel and Beauty Essentials the Scoop

childrens ugg slippers Dishes On Her Travel and Beauty Essentials the Scoop

Style’s biggest It girl has, well, still got it.

Alexa Chung has partnered with AG Jeans on a new collection featuring skinny jeans, denim dresses and tops that Chung designed with the needs of her own closet in mind. E! News caught up with the star to get the scoop on her fashion and beauty favorites, and her answers might surprise you. Like the fact that the most valuable thing in Chung’s closet might be this tried and true Uggs.

“Absolutely no friends of mine have asked me for a style tip,” Alexa quipped. “Within my friendship circle it’s a source of amusement that I am someone who is known for dressing well because in the house when they see me we are having dinner or going out literally wearing skinny jeans, a navy blue jumper and Ugg boots.”

The style maven jokingly predicted that Uggs will make a comeback in 2017, and maintained that she would never swap her wardrobe with another celebrity because their closets might be bereft of her favorite fuzzy footwear: “They wouldn’t have all my things that I have collected and they wouldn’t have my Ugg boots,” she said.

Read on for more of Alexa’s style musings, including her travel and beauty essentials!

Why did you decide to get involved with AG jeans?

Because I like them but also because I was considering designing and styling my own line and I just didn’t have the wherewithal to put that together. Then they asked me to do this collaboration, so I went to see them and [found] it would be a mutually beneficial partnership. I would learn so much about something I didn’t know anything about and they seemed really open to my ideas. I had complete creative control. I just sensed that they were really cool and I’ve been right because we have been hanging out the job and outside of work. It’s been really fun, they are so nice.

How involved were you in the design process?

[I was] 100 percent involved. I think I drove them crazy. It wasn’t a case of going in and doing whatever they said. I gave them sketches, gave them mood boards and talked through ideas. Then we made them together.

You just mentioned that you would love to do your own line. Do you have a timeline of when you might start that?

I’d love to start that soon because obviously it takes a while to get it up and running. I think within the next year or so.

How would you describe your line for AG Jeans?

I think this particular collection is a reflection of my personal style. It’s also a fairly restrained thing in terms of denim. I didn’t want to do too much embellishment. I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel on that front. I just wanted to make comfortable easy pieces that were missing from my wardrobe and that I thought would be great things to mix with everything else I have. It’s quite pared down. It was tempting to be more creative but equally I just wanted one pair of amazing skinny jeans.

If there was one outfit you had to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?

Skinny jeans, navy blue jumper and ballet pumps.

Speaking of ballet, I heard you loved to do it. Is that your favorite workout?

Yes, it’s the only one I can stick to. I’m shit at exercise unless I enjoy it. Like I hate jogging, I hate it. It hurts my lungs, and I’m not interested. But ballet is lovely: You wear a nice outfit, chit chat throughout the class.

I’ve given up on the cardio a bit but I love yoga!

Oh I’m really bad at yoga and I get bored. I’m just not a bendy human!

Which three beauty items are always in your purse?

Eyeko eyeliner, Nails Inc. nail varnish and a Topshop red lipstick called Rio Rio.

What are your travel must haves?

Oh my God, do you know what my travel must have is? A bloody new suitcase! Because mine just exploded on the plane. It literally split in half when you know you have been going around the world too much. I mean, I travel every 5 days or something. I used to take on a whole bag of beauty essentials and now I just could get on a plane like this and figure it out at the other end. I think people make too much of a ho ha about cashmere and spray mist.

I know, every celebrity says they use mist on a plane!

It’s like f k off, it’s not like you can’t remedy it at the other end. No one is actually misting their face mid flight are just not. It’s not happening.

What will you be wearing to all the fashion shows next month? Do you have your eye on anything?

I have my eye on this Burberry coat. It’s gray. I’d quite like some Stan Smith Adidas trainers.

What’s your go to survival tip during fashion week?

It is mental! But I think it’s more mental if you’re an editor and you have to go to every show back to back and city after city. It’s so grueling seeing them on the way back on the Eurostar is like “Ugh.” But for me it’s not that bad because I just dip into the odd show. So I don’t really need to survive because it’s just a pleasant experience.
ugg classic short black Dishes On Her Travel and Beauty Essentials the Scoop

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ugg trainers with fur Discussion on Topix

You do know that the second place finishers are just the first place losers right?JC is just a little sht school that got very very lucky last year.1 2 when it matters most pathetic little losers.

What’s Paintsville’s state championship record “when it matters”, as you say? That’s right. They don’t have one.

One of our boys that Paintsville recruited was at the boys send off Friday. Guess he’s had some things to think about. He could’ve played in three state championship games. But he and mom listened to the hype.

Paintsville school thinks they are so much better than J C but they are not. Years ago before J C there was Oil Springs, Meade and Flat Gap and those Tigers thought they were better than those schools way back then. I ask a girl that went to Paintsville back then about her thinking she was better that the kids that went to the other schools, she said yes they all thought they were a little above the other schools I always told her back then they were snobbish and stuck up, she said they didn’t act like that, but now she agrees they did act that way. Paintsville is a really jealous school. If they lost at everything they played they would have an excuse for losing
mini ugg boots uk Discussion on Topix

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ugg bots Dillard’s provides discount for those who serve

Dillard’s Inc., based in Little Rock, Ark., will be extending a 20 percent discount to members of the armed forces, reservists, National Guard personnel, police officers, firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, federal agents of law enforcement agencies such as the ATF and DEA and their immediate families,
ugg boots usa prices Dillard's provides discount for those who serve
said Julie Bull director of investor relations at Dillard’s Inc.

“Particularly, these people put themselves in harm’s way for our customers and our associates many times during the year, and we choose to honor that,” Bull said.

To receive the discount, qualifying personnel must save receipts from purchases made Wednesday and Thursday. Those receipts must be presented to an employee in customer service with a military, police or firefighter’s identification in order for the company to refund the discounted portion of the purchase using whatever payment form was used to complete the purchase, the company said.

Family members making purchases on behalf of military or police must present a form of identification that verifies a family connection, the company said.

Dillard’s has two locations in Amarillo at Westgate Mall at Interstate 40 between South Coulter Street and South Soncy Road.

Dillard’s plans to hold two additional projects. One will be a Coat Day and Coat Drive in conjunction with Fire Slice Pizzeria, Kwik Kar Amarillo and Village Cleaners to benefit the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project and Family Support Services, the company said.
ugg boots usa prices Dillard's provides discount for those who serve

ugg boots on ebay Dillard’s offers special discounts to police

ugg shop online Dillard’s offers special discounts to police

The Little Rock, Ark., retailer will extend a 20 percent discount to police, fire and active duty military personnel, including National Guard troops and reservists, on nearly all purchases made on those days at its stores, including the chain’s two stores in Westgate Mall, a news release said.

The Military Appreciation Days discount applies to all merchandise except for UGG merchandise, due to an agreement between Dillard’s and the brand, said Craig Seiter, who manages both Amarillo stores.

“We get a really,
ugg boots on ebay Dillard's offers special discounts to police
really big response to (the event),” Seiter said. “This is something that our policemen and firefighters and our military look forward to every year. Some of them save their money for this event because they get their Christmas shopping done.”

The discount can be used by the troops, police or firefighters and their immediate families. It works this way:

Shopping can take place either or both days.

Customers must make their purchases and save their sales receipts.

Customers then should take the receipts to the Dillard’s customer service area, where they will be required to show active military, police or fire department identification. Discounts will be deducted from the totals and refunded in the form of payment used to make the purchases: cash, debit cards and Dillard’s or other credit cards.

Immediate family members shopping on behalf of members of the military or fire and police personnel, who are not present during the event, will be asked to present their own IDs noting they are the family of the personnel member.

“It’s just a way that Dillard’s as a company can give back and say, “Thank you,” for the civil service duties that they provide for us in serving and protecting us,” Seiter said.
ugg boots on ebay Dillard's offers special discounts to police

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cheap ugg boots womens Digging up the right boots

It early December. Matt and Cindy are walking downtown on a date. Snow is sprinkling down, and soon enough, white hills will be lining the roads. Matt feet begin to sting, then go numb. He antsy to escape the 20 degree weather and yank off his soggy sneakers. Cindy looks down and thinks about how much her shoes resemble astronaut footwear. Blisters develop, and her feet sweat as they swim in the oversize, overinsulated boots.

They should be walking to a shoe store, not a cafe.

“I think for heavy duty usage, something with a felt liner is a wonderful thing if you going to go out snowmobiling or outside actively playing,” said Jim Wellehan, owner of Lamey Wellehan Shoes, which has stores in six locations throughout Maine.

Wellehan recently purchased Kamik felt lined boots for his two young grandchildren.

“They very warm, and in the event that the snow tumbles into the boot, you can take the felt liner out and let it dry out by the wood stove,” Wellehan said.

With snow, ice and sometimes slush dominating the winter landscape, waterproof is key. Many footwear companies place the waterproof material Gore Tex inside their boots. Other companies develop their own waterproofing technology. Either way, make sure to look for the words “Gore Tex” or “waterproof” on the outside of the boot.

Water resistant means that the material deflects small amounts of water, but it does not mean waterproof.

Whether you buy your boots at a big box store or choose to shop locally at a specialty footwear retailer, fit and usage are two important factors to consider when picking out winter boots.

“Try them both on and make sure you have plenty of wiggle room,” said Brian Horne, owner of Colburn Shoe Store in Belfast. “You can beat buying them in the store versus buying them online.”

At Winterport Boot in Brewer, employees work individually with customers to fit them into proper boots. They measure the customers feet, ask them about foot problems and ask them what they will be doing in the footwear.

“On top of asking all these questions, we carry all of the variety and the widths. The proper width and proper fit is important for keeping warm,” said Winterport Boot owner Mike Allen, who keeps a detailed, computerized record of each customer.

The store carries widths from AA to H, causing its inventory to consist of more than 20,000 pairs of shoes.

“A lot of people come through the door and want a boot for everything,” said Winterport Boot employee Halis Sirimoglu. “That not the case when you in Maine.”

For active people, Sirimoglu suggests medium to light insulation: 200 600 grams. For someone who is idle sitting in a tree stand hunting or working as a crossing guard he suggests heavy insulation, 1,
ugg handbags uk Digging up the right boots
600 2,000 grams.

Boot insulation isn always measured in grams, but the measurement usually includes temperature ratings in degrees. Temperature ratings always are based on an active person. Therefore, if you aren going to be active, you should consider buying boots with a temperature rating lower than the temperature you intend to use it in.

For people who spend a lot of time in the winter woodland, Sirimoglu suggests the neoprene boots made by Muck Boot Company. He describes them as the “space age version of rubber boots” that fit to the feet like memory foam.

“It a silly saying, but happy feet make a happy person,” said Sirimoglu. “You not supposed to be begging to get out of the boots at the end of the day.”

This year, everything from ankle booties to thigh high boots are in style, but in Maine, the taller the fashion boots, the less likely you are to get your feet wet. You never know when a snowdrift is going to settle beside your car, even in a downtown parking lot.

“There a real fashion movement for boots of all sorts, all different heights,” said Wellehan. “It a great variety. They can be really pretty and look great.”

Leather boots often are waterproof or can be waterproofed with a variety of waxes and sprays that can be purchased at shoe stores. But suede a soft, velvety type of leather develops water stains that need to be brushed or buffed out.

Shoes made of faux leather are less expensive, so you can buy several pairs. Just don expect the material to stand up to winter trailblazing or frolicking through slush. Keep them on the sidewalk.

“Everyone who from 11 to 27 loves UGGs [boots] and some older people as well,” said Wellehan.

Classic UGGs flat soled, shin high boots with sheep skin insulation are not waterproof. However, UGG does make some styles that are waterproof.

Over the knee boots, or thigh high boots, are great for keeping your legs warm while wearing a skirt or dress. These tall boots also can be worn with tight fitting pants or leggings, but that style might look a little too extreme for school or the office.

If you can decide what leg height suits you, try a boot with a leg that zips or buttons down from the top, allowing you to fold the boot down to shorten it. This style is versatile and practical for Maine. If the snow gets deep, fold the leg back up.

For women who dislike heels, buy boots without them. It simple. Flat soles might look more casual, but there are other ways to dress up your boots. Pointed toes and buckles often dress up a boot, while rounded toes and laces dress it down.

Although fashion boots seem to be a woman domain, men need stylish winter footwear, too.

Ice Boaters for men are fashionable enough to wear to the office, but functional enough for shoveling snow. The leather boots are waterproof and have an aggressive tread and supportive insole.
ugg handbags uk Digging up the right boots

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Limit one coupon per customer. Minimum purchase of $100 before sales tax. Total amount of coupon must be redeemed at one time. Cannot be combined with any other offers, coupons, team discounts or Guaranteed In Stock markdown, or used for licenses or previously purchased merchandise. Coupon valid in store or online. Online code excludes tax and shipping. Not redeemable for cash, gift cards or store credit. No reproductions or rain checks accepted. Returns or exchanges where a ScoreCard Reward or other discount was applied may result in an adjusted refund amount. Excludes firearms, ammunition, Shimano, St. Croix, G. Loomis, Eureka!, Gregory, Hurley, O Diamondback, Under Armour (except footwear), The North Face, Patagonia, select Nike tennis apparel, Nike Pro Combat, Nike Legend tee, Jordan, Nike Air Pegasus +30, select Asics footwear, Brooks and Mizuno footwear, Ugg Australia, Burton, Marmot, Spyder, Columbia, Quiksilver, Roxy, Billabong, NFL jerseys, Volcom, Babolat, PING, Titleist, Mizuno Golf, and select FootJoy, Callaway, Cleveland, Odyssey, Cobra, Nike Golf, TaylorMade, select golf footwear, championship merchandise, all bats 194.99 or more, all ball gloves 169.99 or more, Bauer Hockey, Easton Sports D370 Hockey, FoxPro, Reebok CCM / Reebok Hockey, Mission Roller Hockey, Simms, Thule,
ugg boo Dick's Sporting Goods
Van Staal and Yakima. Some additional exclusions may apply. Excludes Clearance items. Clearance items have a .97 or .93 ending. Valid 3/21/14 through 3/24/14.

classic tall chestnut ugg boots DICK DALE WITH JIMMY DALE at Birchmere in Alexandria

deckers ugg boots DICK DALE WITH JIMMY DALE at Birchmere in Alexandria

Real EstateFind a New HomeHomes for SaleFind an AgentApartments for RentInsuranceMortgagesThings to DoFarmers MarketsMovie Times, TV, DVDsEvents this WeekendAll Events

The Dick Dale Phenomenon. His style is something different and unique. Since his first appearances Balboa, Ca. at the famed Rendezvous Ballroom, he has set and broken attendance records everywhere he’s performed. His appearances at the Rendezvous Ballroom broke every existing record for the Ballroom by drawing capacity crowds of over four thousand screaming dancing fans every weekend each night down on the Balboa peninsula.

Dick Dale invented surf music in the 1950’s. Not the ’60’s as is commonly believed. He was given the title “King of the Surf Guitar” by his fellow surfers with whom he surfed with from sun up to sun down. He met Leo Fender the guitar and amplifier Guru and Leo asked Dale to play his newly creation, the Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar. The minute Dale picked up the guitar, Leo Fender broke into uncontrolled laughter and disbelief, he was watching Dale play a right handed guitar upside down and backwards, Dale was playing a right handed guitar left handed and changing the chords in his head then transposing the chords to his hands to create a sound never heard before.

Leo Fender gave the Fender Stratocaster along with a Fender Amp to Dale and told him to beat it to death and tell him what he thought of it. Dale took the guitar and started to beat it to death, and he blew up Leo Fender’s amp and blew out the speaker. Dale proceeded to blow up forty nine amps and speakers; they would actually catch on fire. Leo would say, ‘Dick, why do you have to play so loud?’ Dale would explain that he wanted to create the sound of Gene Krupa the famous jazz drummer that created the sounds of the native dancers in the jungles along with the roar of mother nature’s creature’s and the roar of the ocean.

Leo Fender kept giving Dale amps and Dale kept blowing them up! Till one night Leo and his right hand man Freddy T. went down to the Rendezvous Ballroom on the Balboa Peninsula in Balboa, California and stood in the middle of Four Thousand screaming dancing Dick Dale fans and said to Freddy, I now know what Dick Dale is trying to tell me. Back to the drawing board. A special 85 watt output transformer was made that peaked 100 watts when dale would pump up the volume of his amp, this transformer would create the sounds along with Dale’s style of playing, the kind of sounds that Dale dreamed of. BUT! they now needed a speaker that would handle the power and not burn up from the volume that would come from Dale’s guitar.

Leo, Freddy and Dale went to the James B. Lansing speaker company, and they explained that they wanted a fifteen inch speaker built to their specifications. That speaker would soon be known as the 15” JBL D130 speaker. It made the complete package for Dale to play through and was named the Single Showman Amp. When Dale plugged his Fender Stratocaster guitar into the new Showman Amp and speaker cabinet, Dale became the first creature on earth to jump from the volume scale of a modest quiet guitar player on a scale of 4 to blasting up through the volume scale to TEN! That is when Dale became the “Father of Heavy Metal” as quoted from Guitar Player Magazine. Dale broke through the electronic barrier limitations of that era!

Dale still wanted to go further, and as the crowds increased, Dale’s volume increased, but he still wanted a bigger punch with thickness in the sound so that it would pulsate into the audience and leave them breathless. The JBL D130 was doing its job until Dale froze it in the frame that held the speaker, the speaker cone would twist from the heavy playing from Dale and it would soon twist and stop to fluctuate back n forth.

Leo, Freddy and Dale went back to the JBL speaker company and told them to rubberize the front ridge of the speaker allowing it to push forward and backward from the signal of Dale’s guitar without cocking and twisting. The new updated version was called the JBL D 130F; the F stood for Fender.

Leo, Freddy and Dale designed a speaker cabinet and in which they installed 2 15” JBL D130F’s. This caused Leo Fender to have to create a new and more powerful output transformer, they would call it the Dick Dale Transformer and it was made by the Triad Company.

This became the 100 watt output transformer that would actually peak 180 watts. Nothing like this had ever been done before in the world of guitars and amplifiers. This became known as the Dual Showman Piggy Back Amp. This is why Dick Dale is called the Father of all the power Players in the world!

It is a Phenomena, that Dale is still playing with not only the same vengeance as he did in the 50’s, but his playing is unleashed and shredding into the 90’s with a focus and power as if from mother nature. He shares the stage with fellow players of all generations up into the alternative’s of the 90’s. Being completely self taught, Dick Dale plays left handed upside down which was a result of holding the guitar left handed. The strings became upside down, chords are designed for right handed players making it very difficult for a left handed player unless he were to change the strings for a left handed guitar, something that Dale never did.

Dale is also a master at the Acoustic, Electronic, Bass and Spanish Guitars’. As well as the Ukulele, Banjo, Drums, Piano, Organ, Electronic Keyboard, Harpsichord, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Harmonica, Xylophone and, believe it or not. the Accordion!

Dale was also responsible for another creation to the world of guitar players, “The Fender Tank Reverb”. As Dale sang in his shows, he found that he did not have a vibrato in his voice, and he did not like the straight flat dry sound. to sustain his vocal notes, he turned to an old Hammond organ and found a reverb unit and showed it to Leo Fender and together they came up with the “Fender Tank Reverb”. Dale then plugged a Shure Dynamic Bird cage Microphone into it and as Dale sang, his voice took on a very rich, sexy and full sound. Later, Dale then plugged his Fender Stratocaster guitar into the Reverb Tank to sustain his guitar notes which became Dale’s trademark sound.) (NOTE) Dale had already been titled “King of the Surf Guitar” by his surfer friends before his creation of the Fender Reverb, Dale’s first album called “Surfer’s Choice” was the first Surfing album to be commercially sold with a picture of Dale surfing by the pier in San Clemente, Ca. with a surfing title on it. This album alone sold over eighty eight thousand albums in the late 50’s and today in the 90’s it would be like 4 million. There was not one song on that album that had a Reverb for effects, everything was played with nothing but Dale’s sheer force and power. A bit of trivia, Dale’s recording of “Miserlou” became the title song for Quentin Tarantino’s Blockbuster movie “Pulp Fiction”.

Dick Dale has been called one of the hardest working men in show business. In the past five years he has maintained a heavy concert tour and public appearance schedule throughout the world.

He makes time to endorse some of his favorite products, including Dean Markley strings, Dale’s string sizes are 16p, 18p, 20p. Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Graphtech String Saddles, Billabong clothing and Australia’s Ugg Boot Company. Perhaps his most prominent endorsement would have to be for Fender Musical Instruments. Because of the popularity of Dale’s signature playing, Fender added to their inventory of guitars, the making of the Dick Dale Signature Stratocaster which seems to be a favorite amongst the Dick Dale guitar players. John English, Fender’s custom guitar maker set out to the task of building Dale’s Signature Stratocaster guitar with Dale being the overseer. To be included with his favorites was the honor distinction to be the first musician ever to be endorsed by Telex Corp. Using the Telex FMR450 Digital Wireless which has made it possible for Dale to play his guitar walking into the audience.

Along with his Dual Showman Fender Amps, Dale is particular in what tubes that he uses to help create his sound, he has chosen Ruby Tubes from a company called Magic Parts located in Point Reyes Station, California (800) 451 1992

Dale has also recorded original material for Disneyland’s Space Mountain roller coaster ride, and the soundtrack for the History of NASA video shown in Space Mountain. Dale’s music is being used in all the Disneyland’s throughout the world along with being featured in a Disneyland Music album which is being sold by Disneyland. May 21, 1998 a historical day for Disneyland, Dick Dale was chosen to be the person to highlight the grand opening of Tomorrowland by standing on top of Space Mountain (without the use of a safety harness) with his Gold Fender Stratocaster guitar (the beast) and play for all to hear throughout Disneyland “Ghost Riders” “Miserlou” Dale’s music has gone down in the annals of Disneyland history.

Being a unique and versatile artist, Dick Dale is not limited to his musical skills. He has proved to be a respected Home designer and builder, personally designing and hand drawing the elevations and building his parents 7,000 square foot single story dream home in the California high desert so that he can be within easy reach to them. As of January 24, Dale’s parent’s celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary, his dad is 86 and his mother is 81 years young. Dale is an accomplished Horseman, Exotic Animal Trainer, Surfer, Martial Arts Expert, Archer, and Pilot. His favorite plane is a Cessna 337B Super Skymaster, a twin tailed, front and rear engine aircraft which was also flown in the military and also sold to the general aviation pilots. Dale has a twin engine pilot rating.

Featured in various articles including the Los Angeles Times Calendar Section, Guitar World Magazine, Guitar and Guitar Player Mag and just recently the back cover of Fender Frontline Magazine with his 5 year old son Jimmy Stix holding their Fender Strats.
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ugg classic tall black DiaryLand members area

When you say suede do you like the UGG boot. I started with just one pair, now I have a few more. I like the crocheted ones they make also. Just a passing thought. =^.^=The “Girl With the Tattoo Dragon,” was an excellent read. You know the kind of read where, you just need to get back to the book because you need to know what is happening to the characters. Now I jumped into book two because her story continues. As for the movie, we will see, I heard mixed reviews and I don like a movie to ruin my idea of the visuals in my mind about the characters. So thanks for the note, have a relaxing Easter. =^.^=howdy, just read your entry and put you on my buddy list. I read alot and I have read, “The Orchard Keeper,” and most of his books. I read, “The Road,” a number of years back, and I hope to see the movie sometime. So anyhoo, happy reading, I am currently reading, “The Girl With the Tattoo Dragon.” =^.^=imatwin :

Hello! I just popped by and read a few entries in your diary, and one thing that caught my eye was. spring is approaching!! I must say, I am completely jealous. I live in the lovely Canada, and winter doesn look like it will be finished for about, two more months.

I realize this is more than a bit random, but Steve McCrea is retiring at the end of this year.

I thought it would be nice to collect letters (or drawings, photographs, collages, favorite drink recipe you get the idea) from former ALPHA students.

My goal is to have this ready by May 21st.

If you could please take the time to write (or color, or draw, or paste, etc) something that would be great. It doesn t have to be long, or intense, or all encompassing but I know he really appreciated this when I did it for my graduating class in 2000. It would mean a lot to him, and I know that he and the program meant a lot for me.

I will probably make a book (or if I get none book shaped objects a decorated box) for everything. If you go the letter writing route,
sparkly ugg boots DiaryLand members area
please send a sealed letter to Steve inside of an envelop addressed to me:

ugg boots online Designed to delight

ugg womens shoes Designed to delight

Zaftig sex siren once said, “Supermodels, like we once were, don’t exist any more.” True. Once models were stars; now stars have become models. Entertainers rule magazine covers while faceless figures walk the ramp and shrink into darkness. There are exceptions like Brazil

Zaftig sex siren once said, “Supermodels, like we once were, don’t exist any more.” True. Once models were stars; now stars have become models. Entertainers rule magazine covers while faceless figures walk the ramp and shrink into darkness.

There are exceptions like Brazilian hottie , the face and body of 20 global brands and the world’s richest model.

But in an age where money does the talking and beauty lies in the hands of the air brusher, the marquee is largely what matters. Because Gen Next hasn’t learnt to sizzle quite like them. Because it’s still Schiffer, , Kate Moss and who take a dress from drab to dram, with just a toss of the hair and a swirl of the derriere. No surprise then that Moss bagged 18 modelling contracts for the Autumn/Winter 2006 season just months after her cocaine scandal.

That Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson continues to sell more pin up posters than any actress in Hollywood. And fashion suffers the tantrums of Campbell and the razor tongue of Evangelista. These are women who have redefined style, given gravitas to fashion and created images for brands. They’ve lent fashion the voice that clothes can only yearn to. But there’s hope. In the shape of young Gemma Ward, Adrian Lima and . As fashion comes full circle yet again as of course it will the new crop will create its own niche and conquer couture. Meanwhile, here’s saluting the cats of the catwalk.

Drugged on Glam: Kate Moss

Date of birth: January 16, 1974

Place of birth: Addiscombe, Croydon, England

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches

Hair colour: Naturally brown, currently blond

Eye colour: HazelWeight: 48 kg

In an era when the curvy silhouette was the call of the day, she wooed the ramp with her waif like figure and became fashion’s first lady setting trends and breaking rules.

Kate Moss

She is Kate Moss, UK’s biggest fashion export. Discovered at the age of 14 at JJFK airport by Storm Model Management while returning from a vacation in the Bahamas, she went on to star on the cover of over 300 magazines. Unusually short for a ramp model, she’s modelled nude for an ad campaign for Calvin Klein’s Obsession perfume. She may have a five year old daughter, but Moss won the Sexiest Woman NME Award and made a first appearance in the Sunday Times Rich List in 2007, when she was estimated to be worth 45 million.

In mid 2007, Forbes put her at second position on the list of the world’s top earning supermodels, for earning an estimated $9 million in the past 12 months. The loot comes courtesy campaigns with designer brands such as Gucci, Dolce Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Missoni, Longchamp, David Yurman,
ugg boots online Designed to delight
Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, Rimmel, and Bvlgari. Last year saw her signing a multi million pound deal with UK’s Topshop to design her own clothing range exclusively for the chain. Incidentally, Moss is as famous for her personal dressing style and headline making lifestyle as her work. She’s won the coveted Council of Fashion Designers of America’s fashion influence award and a place on Vanity Fair’s international best dressed list.

She is often credited with popularising items as diverse as the Ugg boot, ballet flats, denim cutoff shorts, Pirate Boots, Marc Jacobs ankle boots, YSL’s Muse bag, Vivienne Westwood skinny jeans, Alexander McQueen’s skull scarf, Louis Vuitton’s Sprouse Leopard Cashmere Scarf, and the Balenciaga handbag. Her relationship with singer Pete Doherty is not her only link with the sound of music. Moss has made a foray into that world by appearing in numerous music videos, providing vocals for songs and DJing. Her career may have been plagued by controversy, including the highly published cocaine scandal that lost her modelling contracts with several international companies overnight, but her friends in the industry supported her with Galliano even stomping the ramp with a ‘We love you, Kate’ tee.

Baby doll: Gemina Ward

Date of birth: February 28, 1984

Place of birth: Den, Czech Republic

Height: 5 feet, 11 inches

Hair colour: Blond

Eye colour: GreenGemina Ward

She is the model of the moment. Meet Australian supermodel and actor Gemma Ward who sauntered into the world of glamour and conquered the ramp with a baby doll look that has inspired a new craze in fashion among fashion insiders and fans alike. Accompanying her friends to a modelling competition paid off when she ended up being scouted herself. She endorsed the Prada handbag worldwide this year. Her replacement of Kate Moss as the face of Calvin Klein’s perfume, Obsession Night for Men is a good indication of her influence in the world of fashion. Balenciaga, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Dolce Gabbana, Hermes, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jil Sander, Karl Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Rochas, Swarovski, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent make up the list of the supermodel’s clients. Inspiring a new generation of models like Vlada Roslyakova, Heather Marks and Jessica Stam with her looks, Ward has quickly become an icon in the fashion industry.
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UGG Australia is letting customers mix and match color and trim combinations on two of its classic styles the UGG Classic Short sheepskin boot and the Fluff Flip Flop.

UGG by You is an online and easy to use customization tool. More than 11,000 color, outsole and trim combinations are possible through the footwear personalization tool.

“UGG lovers have a unique, emotional connection with our brand, and with each pair they buy,” said UGG Australia president Constance X. Rishwain. “With the holidays nearing, we were really committed to rolling out a way to allow our best customers to take to a new level their engagement with us, and customizing your UGG boots or flip flops is a great holiday gift, too.”

UGG by You allows customers to customize UGG Classic Short sheepskin boots by boot color, binding, heel counter and outsole, with a possible 6,000 combinations made from those elements. Prices are $220 (or $225 for a metallic heel counter).
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