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ugg boots womens Acorns of Lancashire clean up at National Awards

uggs westfield Acorns of Lancashire clean up at National Awards

The event was held last November 2016, at the annual Laundry and Dry cleaning awards ceremony at Mercedes Benz World in Surrey. The event was organised by industry body, Laundry and Cleaning Today.

Out of more than 3,500 Dry Cleaners in the UK, Acorns of Lancashire were voted number one in the UK by a judging panel made up from industry leaders.

What makes Acorns so special is that they are entirely focused on Customer Service and quality. Their continuous improvement philosophy has allowed them to achieve the number one spot within three years of opening.

Also, Acorns of Lancashire use an environmentally friendly system for processing Customer orders. The first of its kind in Lancashire, and only the 2nd in the whole country to use Miele Professional 100% of the time.

Whether it’s a Wedding dress or UGG boots, their system is a safe and effective alternative to dry cleaning that guarantees professional results. Clothes will come out softer and last longer due to the absence of harmful chemicals and Miele’s patented Honeycomb drum, which gently cleans and cushions fabrics, ensuring they’re not damaged during the cycle. You can get all of your important pieces professionally cleaned,
ugg boots womens Acorns of Lancashire clean up at National Awards
without them coming in to contact with harsh chemicals or neurotoxins. Also, with an absence of harmful chemicals and solvents, the system is great for those with sensitive skin.

Director, Brendan Duffy states, “The results our Customers receive are fantastic and the responses we have had have been excellent. As an example, we have literally had Brides cry with the wonderful results of our Wedding Dress Preservation. Often Brides comment that the dress is in better condition than when they bought it! “.

Acorns of Lancashire pride themselves on their repeat, ever growing, 5,000 plus Customer base and are entirely focused on quality products and service levels. This is maintained via the knowledge of continuous improvement processes and high standards of presentation. They do not use any harmful solvents and are corporately and socially responsible. They are proud of their standards.
ugg boots womens Acorns of Lancashire clean up at National Awards

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waterproof ugg boots Acquire Affordable Ugg Final Tall Shoes or Boots For Girls

They are very comfortable and hugely luxurious. Furthermore, these products have well identified lines and superior outsoles. These elegant outsoles are suited to walking to the subway and chairlift in addition. Since they come with shear ling lining with a fold along cuff, these boot styles will keep you warm under all conditions. A very wonderful adjustable toggle can also be found in the footwear. As the climate got colder, many women who used boots have found outside that they could no longer use their other boot styles. This is for undeniable that these boot footwear don provide any comfort or comfortable their feet well. Eventually, they will almost certainly try the UGG ultimate tall boot footwear for women. Every one of them were looking for shoes that could endure any type of weather condition, that would almost always warm their paws and that would be comfortable. They are sceptical about the boots until that time when they soon realized which UGG ultimate upright boots for women seemed to be the product people were looking for. The item comes in a wide range of colours and shapes and maybe they are extremely stylish. The attracting points of the boots are its extra warmth plus downy comfort. Unique soles are actually available! For example, you can choose a wider sole if you have to proceed through rocky terrain and that is suited for all these purposes. However, any thin soled start will do excellent if you will stay somewhere not at all rugged. Either of the two, you possibly can choose the type of main depending on ones need. The amazing material of the shoes can be sometimes leather or sued and you can get whichever you like. So long as you given a person order, they will be and your front door straight away. I want to inform you of that this is your opportunity to get your boots because the business is offering free freight on all the Quintessential boots. Furthermore, the boots are very at ease because the inside lining of the start is actually constructed from fur. Generally speaking, the boots are worth shopping for for a fact that they keep your feet warm and they are very comfortable. These are the key factors when buying hot boots. When it comes to style, you can also select from a wide range of kick out types. Although the expense of the product is expensive, you under no circumstances regret buying shoes like these. Costly is not an issue in any respect. What is far better consider is the good quality and function which are worth spending. Relax knowing that you will be gracious once you got such boots in your lifetime. So, purchase ones boots now in addition to walk down the streets confidently.
rocket dog ugg boots Acquire Affordable Ugg Final Tall Shoes or Boots For Girls

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ugg australlia Adam Sandler cannot help but get affectionate with wife Jackie

ugg sale clearance uk Adam Sandler cannot help but get affectionate with wife Jackie

Still got it:Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie looked like newlyweds as they made a quick trip to shops into a romantic exercise in Brentwood, California, on Tuesday

Clearly the pair are still head over heels in love, as just walking along with his arm round his wife’s shoulders was not enough for the comedian.

For their quick coffee stop, Adam dressed very casually wearing a pair of big baggy shorts with a grey T shirt tucked in and, for extra comfort, the star also wore a pair of brown ugg boots.

No dress code here:For their quick coffee stop, Adam dressed very casually wearing a pair of big baggy shorts with a grey T shirt tucked in

Jackie also dressed comfortably but with far more style, wearing a pair of skin tight blue jeans and a navy slim fit sweater.

The actress who stars in almost all of Adam’s films then accessorised her look with a pair of high top sneakers and a large tote handbag.

Adam and Jackie met after she starred in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, with the comedian’s palRob Schneider who introduced them.

Married in 2003, the couple share two daughters Sadie, 9, and Sunny, 7.

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ugg australlia Adam Sandler cannot help but get affectionate with wife Jackie

ugg footwear adding to the world’s woes

ugg boots short black adding to the world’s woes

You’re certainly not the only one who thinks of these issues. One of the reasons I’m not planning on having children is the environmental impact (although that is just one reason). I do think that environmental issues ought to be considered whenever government policies towards families are considered. In particular, I find state sponsored fertility treatment disturbing, but I’m also bothered by policies of paying people to have children. Whenever the government is involved and the children aren’t happening naturally, it isn’t ‘a police state’ to ask these kinds of questions. Governments should be weighing up all sides of the issue before making policies, but as far as I can see, the environmental impact of children is never brought up.

I am a child of parents whose sole directive in life was to get married, make babies, go to church, and do exactly as society tells them. Only when the money ran out did they stop the baby train and realize that this approach would not bring them happiness. The result was, unsirprisingly, an overstressed and dysfuntional household. Granted, this is an extreme case, but the spirit of it is present all over: only by raising a family are you leading a fulfilling life; babies are the natural course of action for a happy couple; biological clocks are ticking, etc, etc. Concrete evidence of this is the knee jerk defensive reactions appearing on this and other forums from people who see any suggestion of scaling back our reproductive “instincts” as, at best, an unwarranted guilt trip, and at worst, an affront against nature. Weighing our drive to have children against the impact it has on the world is an exercise in civilized living, nothing more. I think adoption is a beautiful thing, and it is far too often written off as less “authentic” than having one’s own children.

I agree. But the problem is not that simple. The birth rates in most industrialized countries are dropping, which I think is very much desirable. The current increase in the world population is more due to developing countries where people don’t have access to/information of birth control or where children are needed for labor. Before we ask the whole world not to have so many kids, we have to tackle those problems. Industrialized countries with decreasing birth rates are not without problems either; the shrinking young generation can pose a problem if they are to support life of huge old generation. It is true that humans have too big a ecological footprint, but everything needs to be considered when we deal with this sort of problems. It is neither simple nor easy.

My husband and I are in our late 30’s and are not having children. In our youth, we each admit to having wanted a family. Now we cannot really explain why we’ve changed our minds. It just happened. “Biologically speaking” we’ve failed in our purpose in life by not passing on our DNA. I like to tease my husband and say I had no choice in choosing him as my husband; I joke it was his pheremones that made me choose. Yet perhaps there really is some biological control mechanism (like pheremones) within the human population that turns off the desire to breed (and pass on our DNA) once the population reaches extreme numbers. Certainly, there are too many of us.

Such lofty philosophical questions don’t concern the teeming masses in third world countries. If European civilization is too pre occupied with it’s own morals and sense of self importance to have enough children to sustain itself it will be displaced by those for whom such questions are not a distraction to the basic biological imperative. That said, overpopulation is a greater threat to our world than climate change but since politicians haven’t figured out to gain from limiting it don’t expect much to be done about it.

I understand and angree with most of your comments. I cannot deny I feel a bit like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I enjoy being a woman in this time of history, where I can be independent, study, live on my own and feel free to shape my life. However, for years I never considered having a child. Then, I changed, and I thought it would be cool to have a child but it wasn’t neccesary to have a partner. Now, things re different. I met someone, and I am in love. And for the first time in my life I have a genuine desire to share my life with him and yes, have a child. Funny, as life is, he does want us to be a long life couple BUT having a child doesn’t thrill him. We’ll see.

I think this is a very valid and real article in today’s world. I applaud the fact the media has the guts to raise it, as politians in the west seem to ignore, if not encourage the issue (for sake). Considering that China has a one child policy already in place to inhibit it’s population explosion, I don’t see why the west is able to start something similar, like limiting children to two, in order to only ‘replace’ their parents. The article did not state that we should not have children at all, only to consider our future in general, so why do people have to get so hot under the collar about ‘their rights as human beings’?

Rampant population growth threatens our economy and quality of life. I’m not talking just about the obvious problems that we see in the news growing dependence on foreign oil, carbon emissions, soaring commodity prices, environmental degradation, etc. I’m talking about the effect upon rising unemployment and poverty in America. People who live in crowded conditions simply don’t have enough space to use and store many products. This declining per capita consumption, in the face of rising productivity (per capita output, which always rises), inevitably yields rising unemployment and poverty. policy toward population management. Our policies that encourage high rates of population growth are rooted in the belief of economists that population growth is a good thing, fueling economic growth. Through most of human history, the interests of the common good and business (corporations) were both well served by continuing population growth. For the common good, we needed more workers to man our factories, producing the goods needed for a high standard of living. This population growth translated into sales volume growth for corporations. Both were happy. But, once an optimum population density is breached, their interests diverge. It is in the best interest of the common good to stabilize the population, avoiding an erosion of our quality of life through high unemployment and poverty. However, it is still in the interest of corporations to fuel population growth because, even though per capita consumption goes into decline, total consumption still increases. We now find ourselves in the position of having corporations and economists influencing public policy in a direction that is not in the best interest of the common good.

This has always been a taboo topic for environmentalists. Personally, the thought of having a child scares me more than almost anything, but I am also 23, so that might be part of it. Regardless, I think it would probably be a bad idea to bring a child into a world that is at the best trying to reach a new climate equilibrium, and at worst, dying. I may have a child, or adopt one, or foster some who need it, but until I really know more clearly what the next 80 years will look like, I don’t think I’ll have children. ALSO: while the ideal of a more even birthrate across the world is a wonderful idea, we shouldn’t hail China’s solution as the end all be all. Forced abortions are a violation of personal health and privacy that should never be allowed. Education is the best way to a good future for everyone.

I have one against my better judgement for a large part because of the reasons stated. I’m not having another for the same reasons. People are a virus (Agent Smith may have said it in the matrix but I said it first!) and eventually we’ll kill our host. The biggest threat to the environment which sustains us is not CO2, its not GM food, and its not war, not directly. Its the sheer number of us crowding onto the planet’s surface. If we all had 1 or no kids for a couple of generations, we could shrink the population size quite a lot it would be very hard, economically for us during that period but it would be worth it for future generations. I love my son, and I love my wife. I also love my life and for the moment my job. But the world would still be better off without us.

Well done for bringing this topic to the fore. It’s nice to see many people showing support for limiting population. We need to limit population, as we are, we are practically at 7 billion people. If/when that hits 9 billion pretty much everyone will have to become vegan if we are to have enough food. A liit of two kids or less is a reasonable suggestion. Those who want more should be encouraged to adopt. This could be done easily in the UK fairly easily by alterin the child benefit system. As it stands I think you get a week for your first child then for succesive children. How about limiting these benefits only to the first two biological children? Thus incentivising smaller families.

It doesn’t much matter what anyone here thinks it is just math. Either we eventually learn to manage our population size as a species be it through economic or socialist means or we don’t. In the latter case we will suffer what biologists refer to as a ‘die off’. I personally would rather not be around if such a die off occurs, because it is going to be several decades or even centuries of the most abject misery our species has ever experienced. I guarantee we’ll all be a whole lot happier if we figure out how to stabilize our population at a sustainable level before we get to that point.

I have thought so many times about the same issue but not bothered to discuss this with other people. my DNA and my values) and a well reasoned opinion that there are enough homo sapiens sapiens on earth. I do not believe that we are already overpopulated but we soon could be just that. The irony here is that we find it absolutely easy to cull elephants in overcrowded African reserves and yet even the mere thought of burdening the earth with more cute babies is taboo. Well I suppose we should allow other beautiful things than human infants to exist on this planet especially those that do not grow uncute in about 5 years.

I don think anybody should have more than two children because the taday world population is already way too big. Porblem is that those who realize this are people from the countries whose populations are already stagnant(causing inevitable pension problems) while people from the areas of the world where the real population explosion takes place don care about this too much and are only ready (under the pressure of unbearable living conditions, I admit) to come and increase our population anyway. So no easy and cheap solution under the current order of things is available. Bleak times await us!

Hearing Ms Benn wonder aloud “how green it is” to have a child is chilling. My parents lived in a time when certain people asked each other, in deadly earnest, how “Aryan” some personal choices might be. One might turn and ask Ms Benn “how green it is” for HER to continue to walk the earth. After all, Ms Benn, with a residence of her own, undoubtedly consumes more valuable resources than an infant who simply lives with its parents. But that is what we come to when we start running life by the numbers.

We already have many, many children on this planet, and they continue to multiply. The real “ethical dilemma” is not whether to have children, but whether all the “children” receive equal treatment and access to resources. Starvation, wars, disease, serfdom, and other factors have all contributed to ensuring that the majority of “children” on this planet have a minimal impact. The real danger is when large segments of the world population gain access to more resources without the traditional “culling” effects as cynical as that sounds. So I’m not so worried about the children that trickle into already developed societies, but rather people and their children that will join it as their nations develop.

An academic said something similar a couple of years ago, I wish I had made a note of his name. It’s about time somebody brought this issue back in the limelight. Population growth is and will continue to be behind many of the worlds problems. We’re entering an age where wars will be fought over water rights, these only become an issue when you’ve got unsustainably large populations. It’s all very well this article being read by the people who visit this site but that isn’t going to affect the third world nations that are behind the rapid growth of the worlds population.

As we are allowing the populas of Africa die, (hopefully not before they have tested all new medication on them to ensure that it is safe for the white western man to take) and they inhabit the largest land mass on the plant. Room for new white westerners should not be an issue. With the USA now running the world, with their love of the death penality, and no money = no services etc the population should decrease over a period of time. It was stated that by the year 2030 we would need another planet, with africa and other third worlds populas being left to die, space should not be an issue in a few years. The USA will soon enlighten us to the WRONGS of allowing certain people to live,etc so no problem

As any Darwinist knows, the whole point of life is to reproduce to pass on your DNA. Organisms that don’t do this are, in evoltionary terms, failures. To shirk it is to fail the incredible chance evolution has given us.

If we don’t sort out our ever growing population humanly then mother nature will and it wont be nice. I’m only 23 and I would love to have a child of my own but im not going to because that would be very selfish of me because when my child grows up the planet that they will be living in is not going to be a nice place to be. People are so impatient, selfish and short sighted they forget to look at the bigger picture. You cant just take, take, take and expect everything to be ok and sort its self out, Guess what it wont. What’s fair about handing down an abused a dying earth to the next generations who wont be able to do anything because it will be to late. Was their any point in us evolving when all we have accomplished is the slow destruction of our own Earth and most of us just sat back and let it happen when we still have the power to make a difference. The Earth was doomed the minute we evolved.

we should just introduce an iq and a means test before people are allowed to have children a baby should be a privelidge that you are able to take care of if you dont have the means your self to look after then you shouldnt be aloud it. women should not be allowed more than two children in there life time. The only problem is controlling the people who fail the iq test and still try to have a baby sounds a bit harsh but forced terminations or taking away the baby at birth may act as a detterant. it sounds harsh but saving the world normally is.

You people are very depressing. having babies). Wanting to stop people doing things you don’t like a very totalitarian attitude. Also, it is amazing hypocrisy to claim that other people should be prevented from having children or more than one or two when you are also part of the problem. If you really wanted to make a difference start with your own use of resources. Try not consuming anything for a few months. It would help the environment.

I have to agree with the majority of what Joanna says. As a 22 year old with a good job I find it totally astounding that before buying my Golden Retriever I was vetted, quizzed and inspected to within an inch of my life quite rightly so I believe. But yet if I were to pop out two or three children and expect to support them with benefits, society wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Perhaps the answer to our population problems would not be to judge every parent that desires a large family but to simply ask people to live within their means. I find it hard to stomache some of the comments stating that to have have three children is plain selfish when on the same website there is an article about a three generation family living under one roof none of whom have worked a day in their life. I think these are the cases that should be branded as ”selfish”.

I do absolutely agree. And to comment the funny question posed to us readers there is no such a thing as an “instinct” to have babies. Society requires it, and we are brainwashed into not seeing the personal and social disadvantages. That is, the crazy functioning of our current socioeconomic system requires growth, that’s why “environmentalist” associations, who are taking advantage of the same system, do not spend words on this very important issue. And religions are thinking with Middle age concepts, they simply do not imagine that they must evolve, too the “Truth” they believe is ever lasting. Thanks for expressing these heretical and wise opinions.

The fertility rate for the UK is dropping, not increasing. The increase in population is not because people are generally having more children in this country, it’s because of immigration and global population shift. The population is also gradually growing older, by which i mean older people make up higher and higher percentages of the population. You might want some of these apparently unnecessary children to become part of the workforce and make sure you can retire before you’re say, ninety. People are living longer and longer because of great advances in medicine. If some of you are really serious about ‘population control’, why don’t you go around encouraging some of the retirees to off themselves? Probably because that’s the kind of thing a sociopath would do. So! You ‘population controllers’ out there, you can’t touch our senior citizens because they are our heritage, our family. You can’t touch the youth, they are the future, and ones who will have to clean up this mess. So i guess that leaves a nice big chunk in the middle? Go nuts. Also, I’m not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but population density is directly correlated to environmental impact. The Uk has one of the highest population densities on the planet, but you wouldnt ask people in London or Manchester to ‘spread themselves out a bit’, would you?

It is appalling to read some of the comments here. Such a typical Westerners’ attitude: let’s eliminate anybody who threatens MY comfortable and completely wasteful lifestyle, and force others to do the same. Those population control “imposers” should remember that their own “child free” culture is dying out. And by the way, it is the degree of their own waste of resources that is causing most world problems, and not the size of the world’s population. So maybe it’s time to stop being hypocrites and changes themselves, instead of trying to change others.

I don’t know what the acceptable (to the majority) solution to population control is, but I do know that if the wider population made a concerted effort towards sustainable living, there may be a time buffer in which the population problem might be able to reach a happy equilibrium. Governments need to stop pussyfooting around and start make the tough decisions, putting serious money into sustainable practices such as renewable energies this has such longer reaching benefits than simply reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Most people with a smallish patch of land could easily grow a reasonable amount of their own vegetable needs, reducing the cost and energy required to transport a piece of brocolli that finally makes it to your table! Recyling, better infrastructure for bicycles, government incentives to help people adopt new, sustainable ways of living . sounds like a greenie’s rant, but it’s the way of t
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There’s been some keen back and forth in our newspaper over the past few weeks about the prospect of opening up our North Shore beaches to pooches, particularly in West Vancouver where all the richest dogs and sandiest beaches reside.

The barking first started with a letter to West Vancouver council from a witty unnamed citizen questioning why dogs were banned from beaches, particularly in the rainy winter season when all the West Vancouver humans were sheltered away indoors counting their swimming pools and keeping an eye out for riff raff. The zinger gets even better once you explain to anyone under the age of 30 what “speed dial” is. This request for more canine beach time led to a discussion in a council meeting that included the suggestion from one council member that the district investigate the possibility of using DNA analysis to catch dog owners who don’t bag the brown.

Reporter Brent Richter sniffed out a great little story, noting that dog DNA detectives are not a made up thing, with firms marketing themselves to condo and townhouse complexes who want to track down dirty deeds with hard evidence rather than engaging in any unfounded smear campaigns.

CBS is even working on a new hit show, CSI Dog Park:

Hotshot detective: The DNA came back from the lab, Rex. It puts you at the scene of the crime.

Dog: I wasn’t anywhere near that beach. I was sleeping.

Hotshot detective: You know what they say about sleeping dogs, Rex. (Tears off sunglasses). They lie.

(Rock music wails: “Who are you? Poo poo, poo poo. Who are you? Poo poo, poo poo.)

Somehow the DNA detective idea didn’t gain much traction in West Vancouver council, but the dog doo drama continued when we received a letter in support of the unnamed citizen, arguing that dogs should be allowed on our beaches not just in winter, but perhaps all the time.

“Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with glorious sand stretching for miles thrive with the coexistence of people and their dogs; off leash even!”

I posted this to our newspaper’s Facebook page and was surprised to see most of the commenters come out in support of the give the dogs their day position. I was looking for someone, anyone, to add two little words to the discussion, but no one did.

I’m no Judge Judy, but she seems to be a respected figure in this matter so I’ll channel her in handing down that two word verdict: Hell no.

If my family is on a sunny West Vancouver beach, the second last thing I want to see is a dog squatting over our bamboo mat. (The last thing I want to see is a bottle of Bud Light Lime. That’s just gross.)

Now please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not pointing fingers at any of you brilliant North Shore News readers who are responsible dog owners. Your dogs are stupendous. Your dogs pee rainbows and bark Mozart. They can smell my crotch whenever they like.

I’m talking about the dogs owned by the people who don’t care about the welfare of other people or animals. You know this dog owner. He may or may not have an MMA shirt on. She may or may not be wearing Ugg boots with black tights in the summertime. This dog owner doesn’t notice or doesn’t care that his schnauzer, Hairy Squatter, has just taken a triumphant poop in the middle of the Seawalk.

If all the good dog owners could guarantee that all of these dog owners would suddenly have their poop bags ready at all times and their pups trained to come to a heel at the gentlest of calls, then we’d be all good.

But you can’t guarantee that, can you? You know you can’t guarantee that because you’re around dogs all day, and you know that a lot of their owners are as bright as chew toys. They own the dogs that are running rampant on the mountain trails, bothering you and your dogs while you’re trying to take a pleasant on leash hike. They own the dogs that left the present that you stepped in on your last trip to the dog park.

I know some of you are going to tell me to open my heart and let all the little pooches dance right in and lay a big sloppy kiss on my left ventricle. But I can’t. My heart is already filled up, mostly with bacon grease, but also love for my dog shy children with all of their limbs fully intact and their toes unsmeared by hidden sand poo.
ugg for men DNA doo detectives ripe for prime

ugg like boots Delhi Dynamos vs Kerala Blasters

cheap uggs for kids Delhi Dynamos vs Kerala Blasters

On Wednesday evening, Delhi Dynamos shall return to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium where they shall play host to Kerala Blasters. The Pride haven’t won a single match on home soil this season and will look tochange their fortunes against David James’ side.

The good news for the Dynamos is that they have finally managed to end their losing streak of six matches by winning a point against Chennaiyin FC. It wasn’t just about the point as they also managed to score twice, a feat which has happened only once earlier this season.

On the other hand, Kerala Blasters too have issues of their own to contend with. They have already sacked coach Rene Meulensteen and James has guided them to win a point in their last game.

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Just like Dynamos, Blasters too have only scored a paltry seven goals from eight matches. For Delhi, Kalu Uche and Guyon Fernandez are the only two recognized strikers in their squad and the former has spent some time on the sidelines due to an injury. Fernandez hasn’t been prolific in the ISL and has missed several scoring opportunities. Delhi is the only ISL team which has no Indian striker per say.

For the Blasters, Iain Hume wasn’t afforded much of a chance by Meulensteen and the Canadian striker who was to lead the line is yet to break his duck. Dimitar Berbatov, the former Manchester United striker, has been deployed in midfield from where he has struggled to contribute towards the scoreboard. Mark Sifneos is the youngest forward in the squad and the Dutchman has had to shoulder the responsibility of scoring goals. Sifneos has scored three in eight matches.

Both teamshavewon just a single game!

Blasters (8) have double the number of points than Delhi (4) and have leaked in almost half the goals (11) conceded by Miguel Angel Portugal’s outfit (21).

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Interestingly, Kerala Blasters have spent close to six crores more than their opponents on Wednesday yet they too lie in the bottom half of the ISL table.
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ugg australia classic short leather boots Dress code collides with culture as Native American student with mohawk sent to principal

uggs handbags Dress code collides with culture as Native American student with mohawk sent to principal

ST. GEORGE, Utah A 2nd grade boy’s new haircut landed him in the principal’s office this week. The school said his mohawk violates dress code standards; his parents argued it’s part of their family’s Native American culture.

Teyawwna Sanden says she was shocked to get a phone call from Arrowhead Elementary School saying her son Kobe’s mohawk wasn’t allowed.

The Washington County School District’s dress code policy states: “Students have the responsibility to avoid grooming that causes a distraction or disruption, interrupting school decorum and adversely affecting the educational process.”

Harrah said that’s what happened when Kobe showed up to class.

“We had the students that weren’t used to it,” Harrah said. “They had called that out. So the teacher brought the student to my attention.”

Sanden and her husband decided to challenge the decision. They appealed to the superintendent of primary education, saying the mohawk represented a significant part of their heritage, the superintendent, in turn, asked for letters from tribal leaders supporting the claim. Harrah said it wasn’t meant to question their heritage, but a way to follow through with policy.

“It’s just a procedure that we use,” Harrah said.”As there could be several different cultures that have different beliefs, so we just need to have some documentation.”

But Sanden says it was a confusing request.

“I’m sure they didn’t intend it to be, but if felt like a form of discrimination,” Sanden said. “We didn’t want to take it there. We provided the papers, but we didn’t feel like it was right to let it go.”

With the documentation, Kobe was allowed to return to class. But Sanden said her frustration goes deeper. She said the policy as it stands is too vague, leaving it open to interpretation. Harrah said the way the policy stands allows administrators to make exceptions.

“It was a positive experience I think for all of us, I felt like, and the student went back to class,
ugg australia classic short leather boots Dress code collides with culture as Native American student with mohawk sent to principal
and it was over,” said Harrah.

Still, Sanden says she intends to take her concerns to the school board and seek a policy change.

Hey, when the Republcans ran Oregon, they reduced marijuana to a $100 ticket. Then the Democrats, led by the crazy house speaker from Portland made it a felony again.

Puritanism has nothing to do with religion or side of the political spectrum. Democrats for years have joined in or even led movements to suppress alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and whatever else comes to their attention. Hell, in California the Democrats want to tax soda pop for health reasons but have no intention of raising the taxes on alcohol to the same high level. Poor people drink soda pop; rich people drink Grey Goose and high end wines. It pretty clear that the real motive is the bizarre idea that poor people aren intelligent enough to make their own decisions. This becomes really clear when one notes that any drink that contains 10% or more juice would not be taxed even though blends are essentially soda pop, and in fact, grape juice and apple juice aren any better than soda.

of all the things a school can do to a young person and worse Is isolation of any kind. it may seem inane to adults but that young child will remember this day his whole life. Now why is a school that has a Indian based name even question a native American heritage and hairstyle for one/ secondly who in their right mind would ask tribal leaders to write letter to say that hairstyle is part of their culture./ isn this discrimination? haven the native American suffered enough? it saddens me that a country whos whole history is stood upon a genocide of the Indians who were here before any Anglo Saxon. why does our American culture now worry about everyone else feeling except for the individual who is being accused of disrupting others lives? last but not least why did the reporter not ask these questions to the administration of this school board and their regents?

had the students that weren’t used to it. They had called that out. So the teacher brought the student to my attention.”

What if there is a student with a deformity like missing an arm? What if there is a student with Down Syndrome? Students may not be used to that. Seriously, educators think before you act. You the ones that are supposed to set an example. While most educators are doing just that, there are some (as in the case here), who are totally clueless and are a detriment to the education of our students.

This is ridiculous. How a person does their hair does not distract from the educational process. Children tend to quickly accept things they might not understand. I believe this policy is based on discrimination against cultural groups. People that are EMO might dye their hair purple. Does not mean it is a distraction to the education process.

Maybe the leaders of this school need to understand that children come in every shape, size, color, and hair style. I find this action to be discriminatory against students rights to being individuals.
ugg australia classic short leather boots Dress code collides with culture as Native American student with mohawk sent to principal

ugg handbags uk Digging up the right boots

cheap ugg boots womens Digging up the right boots

It early December. Matt and Cindy are walking downtown on a date. Snow is sprinkling down, and soon enough, white hills will be lining the roads. Matt feet begin to sting, then go numb. He antsy to escape the 20 degree weather and yank off his soggy sneakers. Cindy looks down and thinks about how much her shoes resemble astronaut footwear. Blisters develop, and her feet sweat as they swim in the oversize, overinsulated boots.

They should be walking to a shoe store, not a cafe.

“I think for heavy duty usage, something with a felt liner is a wonderful thing if you going to go out snowmobiling or outside actively playing,” said Jim Wellehan, owner of Lamey Wellehan Shoes, which has stores in six locations throughout Maine.

Wellehan recently purchased Kamik felt lined boots for his two young grandchildren.

“They very warm, and in the event that the snow tumbles into the boot, you can take the felt liner out and let it dry out by the wood stove,” Wellehan said.

With snow, ice and sometimes slush dominating the winter landscape, waterproof is key. Many footwear companies place the waterproof material Gore Tex inside their boots. Other companies develop their own waterproofing technology. Either way, make sure to look for the words “Gore Tex” or “waterproof” on the outside of the boot.

Water resistant means that the material deflects small amounts of water, but it does not mean waterproof.

Whether you buy your boots at a big box store or choose to shop locally at a specialty footwear retailer, fit and usage are two important factors to consider when picking out winter boots.

“Try them both on and make sure you have plenty of wiggle room,” said Brian Horne, owner of Colburn Shoe Store in Belfast. “You can beat buying them in the store versus buying them online.”

At Winterport Boot in Brewer, employees work individually with customers to fit them into proper boots. They measure the customers feet, ask them about foot problems and ask them what they will be doing in the footwear.

“On top of asking all these questions, we carry all of the variety and the widths. The proper width and proper fit is important for keeping warm,” said Winterport Boot owner Mike Allen, who keeps a detailed, computerized record of each customer.

The store carries widths from AA to H, causing its inventory to consist of more than 20,000 pairs of shoes.

“A lot of people come through the door and want a boot for everything,” said Winterport Boot employee Halis Sirimoglu. “That not the case when you in Maine.”

For active people, Sirimoglu suggests medium to light insulation: 200 600 grams. For someone who is idle sitting in a tree stand hunting or working as a crossing guard he suggests heavy insulation, 1,
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600 2,000 grams.

Boot insulation isn always measured in grams, but the measurement usually includes temperature ratings in degrees. Temperature ratings always are based on an active person. Therefore, if you aren going to be active, you should consider buying boots with a temperature rating lower than the temperature you intend to use it in.

For people who spend a lot of time in the winter woodland, Sirimoglu suggests the neoprene boots made by Muck Boot Company. He describes them as the “space age version of rubber boots” that fit to the feet like memory foam.

“It a silly saying, but happy feet make a happy person,” said Sirimoglu. “You not supposed to be begging to get out of the boots at the end of the day.”

This year, everything from ankle booties to thigh high boots are in style, but in Maine, the taller the fashion boots, the less likely you are to get your feet wet. You never know when a snowdrift is going to settle beside your car, even in a downtown parking lot.

“There a real fashion movement for boots of all sorts, all different heights,” said Wellehan. “It a great variety. They can be really pretty and look great.”

Leather boots often are waterproof or can be waterproofed with a variety of waxes and sprays that can be purchased at shoe stores. But suede a soft, velvety type of leather develops water stains that need to be brushed or buffed out.

Shoes made of faux leather are less expensive, so you can buy several pairs. Just don expect the material to stand up to winter trailblazing or frolicking through slush. Keep them on the sidewalk.

“Everyone who from 11 to 27 loves UGGs [boots] and some older people as well,” said Wellehan.

Classic UGGs flat soled, shin high boots with sheep skin insulation are not waterproof. However, UGG does make some styles that are waterproof.

Over the knee boots, or thigh high boots, are great for keeping your legs warm while wearing a skirt or dress. These tall boots also can be worn with tight fitting pants or leggings, but that style might look a little too extreme for school or the office.

If you can decide what leg height suits you, try a boot with a leg that zips or buttons down from the top, allowing you to fold the boot down to shorten it. This style is versatile and practical for Maine. If the snow gets deep, fold the leg back up.

For women who dislike heels, buy boots without them. It simple. Flat soles might look more casual, but there are other ways to dress up your boots. Pointed toes and buckles often dress up a boot, while rounded toes and laces dress it down.

Although fashion boots seem to be a woman domain, men need stylish winter footwear, too.

Ice Boaters for men are fashionable enough to wear to the office, but functional enough for shoveling snow. The leather boots are waterproof and have an aggressive tread and supportive insole.
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