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cheapest place to buy ugg boots Unethical businesses try to profit from popular ugg boots

ugg calf boots Unethical businesses try to profit from popular ugg boots

The commission received more than 3000 complaints and inquiries this year about small businesses or franchises, with shonky advertising making up one third of them.

These include “credence claims”, which includes products being mislabelled to hide their quality or where they are made.

In one example, a group named Koala Jack owned by Happiness Road Investment Group were labelling their sheepskin boots as made in Australia and must now offer refunds.

The ACCC publishes the Small Business in Focus report every six months.

Related Items ACCC puts fast food and fitness industries under scope

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cheapest place to buy ugg boots Unethical businesses try to profit from popular ugg boots

newborn ugg boots Apartment fire proves time is of the essence

ugg shop westfield Apartment fire proves time is of the essence

State College, Centre County Multiple Centre County residents are safe after their apartment building caught fire Wednesday morning and they said timing was their saving grace.

Martina Drew, a tenant in the complex said around 9 o Wednesday morning she came home to flashing lights and emergency vehicles.

Officials said it unclear what sparked the flames but they were able to contain it within 20 minutes, preventing it from spreading and sparing Drew home.

“I don Honestly I at loss for words for what would happen if I did lose everything,” Drew said.

Fire crews said when responding to any fire, time is of the essence and for this case they made it to the scene in 3 minutes.

And it important for the public to know their role in that, especially for drivers who hear sirens or see flashing lights on the road; because you never know when yielding could save a home or save a life.

“Every time you see someone rushing by, an emergency response personnel, you kinda think thankful for what I have now and I hope that who they are responding to is okay,” Drew said.

The person living in the unit where the fire started was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

But fire officials said things could been much worse had they not had timing on their side and three crews on deck.

“I mean it just comes down to minutes, seconds with how fast they can respond and if you have the staff to be able to do that and to respond quickly it definitely assuring to have that. So I thankful for that for sure,” Drew said.
newborn ugg boots Apartment fire proves time is of the essence

ugg for toddlers Ugg Boots Set New Trends For 2010 Winter Footwear

denim ugg boots Ugg Boots Set New Trends For 2010 Winter Footwear

When did Australian sheepskin boots make their first appearance? What s about the final result? Do just a little research on Internet; you will find the answer. Yes, the worldwide famous brand UGG underwent a formidable experience before making their presence to be felt in the fashion industry. The first businessman brought several pairs and sold them to surfers around US seaside. That time, these shoes are only essentials to warm people s feet after leaving the water. After once or twice usage, they may be put aside or thrown away.

Is this a disastrous failure? Surely, it is. But great appreciation is sent to those athletes and the first merchant. They are exactly persons who bring the precious heritage from ancient Aussie men out from the large prairie. Without them, today s people will never get approach to luxurious comfort and warmth in freezing winter days.

The time when Australian wool boots made their appearance on the fashion industry arrived years later. Even though designers failed to win hurrah for their elaborate ideas and work, they did begin to realize real expectations from customers. That directly contributes to the final achievement gained by simply elegant UGG boots.

What does Australian sheepskin boots refer to at present? Yes, they are symbols of classy style or fashion statements. They reflect the newest signals in the fashion industry. Luxurious material and stylish looks are brought out by an understated theme. Designers do not seek for ornate decorations. But they do never compromise on quality and trend. Their express sumptuous tastes with smooth, but gorgeous appearances. They meet people s expectations with perfect coziness. Or more precisely speaking, they delight people with chances to live their life to be more interesting. Thus, let them set new trends once again in 2010.
ugg for toddlers Ugg Boots Set New Trends For 2010 Winter Footwear

mens ugg boots clearance US cricket pioneer Clifford Severn passes away at 88

black uggs size 5 US cricket pioneer Clifford Severn passes away at 88

Cliff Severn, a former USA national team player and pioneer in Southern California cricket, died on Wednesday at the age of 88. Severn was a longtime member of the Los Angeles cricket community and many players and supporters have taken to social media to mourn his passing.

“A US Cricket legend, true lover and devotee of cricket,” wrote Madhukar “Mark” Sood, a member of the Southern California Cricket Association board of directors. “God bless and RIP. There will be cricket in heaven now.”

Clifford EB Severn was born in London on September 21, 1925, and was the second oldest of eight children to Dr Clifford B Severn, of South Africa, and mother Rachel, an Afrikaner. Dr Severn moved the family back to South Africa and then Los Angeles in 1933, where all eight of the children went on to have varying degrees of success in the Hollywood film industry. Clifford EB Severn is listed on IMDB for having roles in 18 movies including 1938’s A Christmas Carol, a starring role in 1940’s Gaucho Serenade alongside famous American cowboy movie star Gene Autry, and a small part in legendary director John Ford’s 1941 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, How Green Was My Valley.

Severn played cricket for Hollywood CC in his youth alongside former England Test cricketer and actor Sir Aubrey Smith. At age 18, he quit his acting career to join the British Army in South Africa during World War II. Upon his return to Los Angeles, he became increasingly active in the local cricket community. His father left Hollywood CC and, together with Cliff, created Britamer Cricket Club in 1947, one of the oldest clubs in the SCCA. Severn remained loyal to Britamer CC as a player and administrator for 50 years. Along with Cliff, two other brothers also wound up playing for the USA Winston and Raymond.

“He was colourblind in the sense that he really wanted to bring anyone and all people to this game of cricket,” Severn’s son Cliff told ESPNcricinfo. “When he went on a trip, he would always bring a cricket bat and would always try to take one on a plane with him. If he ran into someone from a cricket country, whether it was India, Australia, Bangladesh, he would approach them and start talking cricket. If they lived in California, he would try to get them to join because a lot of people come to this country not realising cricket is played here. He brought a lot of people into Southern California cricket.”

Severn made his USA debut as a 39 year old alongside 22 year old brother Winston in 1965, against Canada, at Calgary’s Riley Park as part of the longest running international rivalry in international cricket now known as the Auty Cup. He batted at six making 26 and 4 in the drawn two day match. A year later in the return contest at The Sir C Aubrey Smith Field in Los Angeles, Severn opened the batting for USA while making 24 and 8 in USA’s 54 run win.

The Sir C Aubrey Smith Field had opened in 1933 and was part of Griffith Park in Los Angeles where cricket was played from 1898 until 1978 when the property was seized and turned into an equestrian facility for the 1984 Summer Olympics. The SCCA acquired three grounds at Woodley Park in the nearby suburb of Van Nuys as a substitute for the space lost at Griffith Park. The fourth and final ground at Woodley’s Leo Magnus Cricket Complex was acquired in the mid 1990s and is named the Severn Ground after the patriarch of the family, “Doc” Severn.

Aside from his involvement with Britamer CC and Hollywood CC, Severn also helped establish University Cricket Club initially as a vehicle for students at UCLA, where he went to college, before membership opened up to the broader cricket community. Outside of Los Angeles, he also co founded Stanford Cricket Club in the Northern California Cricket Association and remained an active player in social cricket matches around the Los Angeles area until he suffered a stroke at the age of 85 in October 2010. Severn also battled through a series of smaller strokes to keep playing for another year into 2011. Despite the complications, he continued to turn out at Woodley to watch and stay involved in the camaraderie of the game.

“One of the nicest gentlemen I have ever met my entire life,” wrote USA offspinner Abhimanyu Rajp. “He did more for cricket in USA, SCCA, than one could ever know. ‘I wish I had your spin,’ he claimed to me once. That was an honour in itself. There is a field named after his family here at the Leo Magnus Cricket Complex. But I bet a lot of people don’t know why. It’s a great loss to the cricket community. His legacy will live on long after him.”
mens ugg boots clearance US cricket pioneer Clifford Severn passes away at 88

black uggs sale are investors only after their pound of flesh

bailey triplet button ugg boots are investors only after their pound of flesh

LONDON, Jan 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) What do Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Leonardo DiCaprio all have in common?

Aside from vast wealth and fame, all three are backing “alt meat” a fake meat they say has all the taste but none of the climate problems that come with traditional cattle farming.

“If you’re able to create a product that tastes, smells, feels, looks and costs the same as ground beef, yet is made from plant based materials, it’s a very large market,” said venture capitalist Samir Kaul.

Kaul is a partner at Khosla Ventures, which along with Microsoft founder Gates, has invested millions of dollars in Impossible Foods, which produces the Impossible Burger.

Impossible because it is not meat, but part of a growing market in products that unlike bean or Quorn burgers simulate meat rather than just replace it with a veggie option.

The meat substitutes market will be worth nearly $6 billion by 2022, according to research firm Markets and Markets.

But industry analysts are cautious about the potential.

The United States is a nation of meat eaters 98 per cent eat it at least once a week, according to Darren Seifer, a food consumption analyst for market research group NPD.

“For success in the food industry you have to be patient. What we eat and drink is culturally based and very habitual. It might take as long as a decade to see if there is any moving the needle,” Seifer told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Actor DiCaprio has previously invested in tea that provides an income to indigenous Amazonian families and in a farmed fish company, citing overfishing and collapsing marine ecosystems.

Gates also has previously invested with the environment in mind; he put money into Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a $1 billion plus fund to finance emerging energy research to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to near zero.

There are a handful of international companies like Impossible producing meat that does not involve animals being killed, deforestation or significant production of greenhouse gases. Impossible says its burger creates 87 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than a meat equivalent.

About 80 percent of all agricultural land is dedicated to grazing or growing feed for animals, the United Nations says. The livestock industry consumes 10 percent of the world’s fresh water, while generating methane and other planet warming emissions,
black uggs sale are investors only after their pound of flesh
and causing large scale deforestation.

In December, Beyond Meat, whose products look like meat but are made of plants, announced they had received investment of $55m from two investors with decidedly meaty credentials.

Tyson Foods, which produces a fifth of all animals eaten in the United States, was one; the other was Cleveland Avenue, a venture capital firm run by the former McDonalds Corp. CEO Don Thompson.

“There are many issues that impact upon climate change, but few as negatively as livestock,” Richard Branson wrote in a blog post explaining why he had put his money into Memphis Meats, which is growing meat from animal cells in laboratories.

In the same blog, the Virgin boss revealed he had given up beef because of rainforest degradation.

Gates too has expressed concern for the environment in a blog post entitled: ‘Is there enough meat for everyone?’

“How can we make enough meat without destroying the planet? solution would be to ask the biggest carnivores (Americans and others) to cut back, by as much as half,” he wrote.

The two biggest players that have gone to market in the United States Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have now seen investment of more than $300 million. However, some people are not convinced the environment is their motivation.

“Venture capitalists have pinpointed a growth area and the only thing they are looking for is a return,” Simeon Van der Molen of Moving Mountains, a plant based burger company based in Britain, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

A vegan who has sold eco friendly cleaning products for 17 years, he will launch his own plant based burger next month, effectively going into competition with the venture capitalists.

“For me venture capitalists are only after their pound of flesh,” he said. He is aiming to keep the company independent.

While motives might be questioned, there is no disagreement over the growing interest.

Market research company Mintel saw a 257 percent rise in new products labelled as vegan friendly between 2011 and 2016.

In less than a year, the Impossible Burger (made of wheat, coconut and potato) has gone from being available in 11 restaurants to 500 in the United States.

Van der Molen says his target consumers will be flexitarians people who eat meatless meals once a week or more.
black uggs sale are investors only after their pound of flesh

kurt geiger ugg Ugg Shoes

tall bailey button uggs Ugg Shoes

Ugg shoes went from the beach to the mainstream in what seems like no time. Of course, such a transition takes many years to fully gestate. Ugg shoes were first brought from Australia to the United States in 1978, but only recently have they been fully accepted into the culture.

The moment of acceptance probably came when actress Kate Hudson wore Ugg boots on a poster for a new movie. The poster and the Uggs were seen everywhere. Such recognition was a worthy tribute to the perseverance of Brian Smith, the surfer who first carried Ugg boots to the United States. Though interest was thin at first, Smith eventually latched on to a group of people who were very interested in his shoes, namely other surfers.

All Ugg shoes are made of Australian sheepskin, which provides warmth, flexibility and protection from the elements. The line of Ugg products has moved well beyond the beach to encompass every sort of venue where people might like to walk, run or hike. The brand is very popular with outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

If you’re wondering how to find Uggs in your area, try doing a search on the Internet. Many shoe stores put their inventory listings online for easy access to people all over the country. These stores also give people time to try on shoes for a period of time before deciding whether to keep or return them.
kurt geiger ugg Ugg Shoes

ugg kids uk Anne Prom 2011

womens classic short uggs Anne Prom 2011

Alison’s secret: Mental illness “needs to be talked about,” says her dadIt has been a painful five year journey for prominent Windsor lawyer Bruck Easton and his family since.

Musician turned Wi Fi advocate: Kim Kelly on mission to get free wireless in Ontario long term care homesKim Kelly and Jack Simkins are looking for Ozzy Osbourne at Banwell Gardens Care Centre.

“You can.

The path of healing: Comber woman finds healing in her artMelissa Bergeron’s painting of a pathway in the woods called Happy Trails belies the seven years of .

Henderson: Caboto Club’s response to ‘bullying’ is understandableWhen you push too hard, when you single folks out in a way that embarrasses them and exposes your own.

Jarvis: Councillors said ‘no’ to more than banners on WyandotteCouncil doesn’t know enough about it, they said. So why did council approve it in principle last year.

Lessenberry: Michigan needs to boost mental health careWhile not treating the severely mentally ill may save money in the short run, it eventually may be devastating.

Jarvis: That’s how you do itIf the Caboto Club doesn’t allow women to vote or be on its board of directors, “I won’t be able to .

Afraid of freedom: Leaving jail a perilous time for addictsNothing scares Ryan Langlois more than being released from jail, because he says there is no immediate.

Conference Board of Canada projects drop in Windsor’s economic growthThe Conference Board of Canada Tuesday morning issued its economic forecast for Windsor, predicting .

Judge urges Essex politicians to end ‘childish’ feud, shake hands, move onA Superior Court judge admonished Essex Mayor Ron McDermott and Coun. Randy Voakes on Monday for their.

Images worth saving: autoworker activist finds new calling photographing nature’s beauty”I used to be that environmental activist.” Windsor autoworker Gerry Kaiser has gone from loudly protesting.
ugg kids uk Anne Prom 2011

ugg caspia armor officers to 3 more bases

www.ugg armor officers to 3 more bases

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WASHINGTON (AP) As more female soldiers move into frontline combat jobs, the Army top leaders have decided to integrate female officers into infantry and armor brigades at three more military bases around the country.

The decision comes a year after the first women began enlisting in the ground combat units, and it will send female officers to Fort Carson in Colorado, Fort Campbell in Kentucky, and Fort Bliss in Texas. The increase from two bases now to five means that there will be women in infantry and armor units at 45 percent of the Army installations that have combat brigades. Until now, the integrated units were only at Fort Hood in Texas and Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

The expansion has been in the works for months, as Army commanders tracked how many female enlisted soldiers and officers chose the newly opened infantry and armor jobs. The numbers so far have revealed an unexpected trend: more entry level female recruits are choosing the infantry, while female officers coming out of ROTC, West Point and the Army Officer Candidate School are choosing armor units.

Army Col. Army Forces Command, told The Associated Press that under the new plan,
ugg caspia armor officers to 3 more bases
female soldiers would be included in one or two brigades at each base. But the uneven numbers of women choosing the combat jobs could result in female armor officers commanding units that have no women in them.

Over the next year, as more women enlist and graduate as officers, brigades at more bases will be integrated, according to an Army plan described to the AP. Those would include infantry and armor units at Fort Riley in Kansas, Fort Stewart in Georgia, Fort Drum in New York, Fort Polk in Louisiana and Joint Base Lewis McCord in Washington. According to the Army plan, women infantry and armor soldiers will be assigned to brigades at all bases in the continental United States by fall 2019.

Lawhorn said the expansion decision was based on feedback from commanders and officers in the units that have already been integrated.

“The goal of the deliberate phased integration is to set conditions for the successful integration of the junior women soldiers arriving from initial entry training,” Lawhorn said, adding that the officers will begin arriving at the three bases this spring and summer.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter in December 2015 ordered the military services to open all combat jobs to women. Since then the Army has been cautiously moving forward to integrate the previously male only infantry and armor units,
ugg caspia armor officers to 3 more bases
developing officers first so that younger enlisted women would have mentors when they moved into the combat jobs.

ugg chestnut boots UGG Boots at Low Prices

ugg adirondack boot ii UGG Boots at Low Prices

How to understand in case your UGG boots are original? actually considering that Australian boots grew to become fashionable, lots of started to imitate them and market them in a very much lessen price. The downside of investing in imitations is the fact that they do not hold the shoe sole help your foot wants and within the log run, they are able to have an effect on your legs, hips and spine. The unique Australian UGG boots hold the special UGG company logo about the back again with the boot close to the ankle; too as possessing it produced about the bottom with the shoe sole. that is the most effective method of understanding that the boots are genuinely unique UGG.

You could possibly consider that UGG boots had been lately established, nevertheless the reality is the fact that there is usually a background at the rear of them. it can be stated how the United says started its internet marketing within the late 70’s, when an Australian guy was carrying a tote total of sheepskin boots as perfectly as the people today all around him grew to become eager about these new and comfy boots.

Today, Australian womens black uggs boots undoubtedly are a boom within the style globe considering that lots of celebs have obtained them for his or her ground breaking designs and range of colours and styles. These boots are thought to be to become the softest and most comfy boots available and celebs had been the very first to discover them.

Sharing a tiny of my experience, I can say that it can be extremely hard for me to obtain boots or shoes which are comfy. regardless of whether they’re sandals, sneakers, boots or heels, just about all of the boots or shoes I’ve attempted have harm my ft in 1 way or another; however, i’m extremely delighted with my Australian UGG boots considering it is virtually as though I had been putting on slippers. they’re so gentle and comfy which i can wander on the cobblestone road and never really feel the stones. I also like Australian UGG boots considering it is achievable to use them with different kinds of clothing; one illustration is it is achievable to put on them within or outdoors your jeans, having a attire or even a skirt, and it is achievable to also fold them to provide your outfit a completely different style, in other words, it is achievable to fairly very much put on them with whatever you want! Personally it continues to be extremely valuable for me to possess my unique ugg jimmy choo boots.

The utilization of these boots has lots of advantages, 1 of them is the fact that they maintain your ft at an effective temperatures in both winter weather or summer time considering they’re produced of sheepskin and have a very wool lining, these components independently preserve a healthy insulator that assists your ft be awesome all of the time. one more benefit of course, is the fact that they’re extremely comfy they usually have a very vast range of types and colours that it is achievable to use with very nearly any sort of clothes in any season. On best of all of those advantages, UGG boots are for equally women of all ages and guys of any age, even children and babies.
ugg chestnut boots UGG Boots at Low Prices

purple ugg slippers University of Alberta Semester 2

ugg bailey boots University of Alberta Semester 2

I have just wrapped up eleven intensely awesome months in Edmonton studying at the University of Alberta. Before I left everybody told me to take every opportunity, and to take the chance to (almost!) never say no. This year has been the most amazing and unexpected adventure, from climbing the peaks in the Rockies, down to even the simplest sounding task of grocery shopping! The amount of things I ticked off my bucket list is huge. I have skied all over British Columbia (Whistler/Blackcombe/Revelstoke/Cyprus Mountain/Kicking Horse) and Alberta (Marmot Basin/ Sunshine Village/Lake Louise); I camped under the stars, both exhilarated and terrified of the bears that might be closing in on me; I lived out of home for eleven months; I been to Seattle, New York, Providence, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Niagara Falls and Toronto; I made friends from Norway, Sweden, England, Scotland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Brazil, and of course, Canada! And I had my first WHITE CHRISTMAS (I got really excited OK), my first Thanksgiving and my first taste of 43

But the most fun I had was in and around the Uni of Alberta campus and its city of Edmonton. Student life is so different and personally I think better than at home. Everyone lives in residence, and Lister Centre on campus has been phenomenal I lived in Schaffer tower, with a single room, private bathroom and shared kitchen facilities. My floor is like my second family and those last few days of goodbyes were so incredibly bittersweet, I just know I be back. In my opinion, there really is no other way to experience the Uni of Alberta. There is always someone around to hang out with, someone to grab a bite with, someone to drink with, someone to go to drop in with oh yeh! And then there dodgeball the most intense and addictive sport you will ever try, played every week in the terms in the Lister gym (At the U of A all students also get free access to the gigantic gyms, pools, ice skating rinks etc in the big yellow Butterdome which is awesome). In Lister the motto is is everything to everyone and they not wrong. You will become addicted and you will (probably) cry when it over. There are so many social activities including ski trips organised for the residents here, I truly never had a dull moment. I can recommend it highly enough. At the uni itself, I also managed to be a part of their student union first ever student musical,
purple ugg slippers University of Alberta Semester 2
Frankenstein which was amazing we totally take our UQ student theatre for granted! I also played volleyball on a rec team and took ice skating lessons for a semester they have free skating hours on their uni rink too. I couldn think of anything more different to Brisbane than heading down to ice skate on a Sunday afternoon with my floormates free!

Tips; You should go to the Clubs and Associations Fair at the beginning of the year you score free t shirts and memberships to some awesome clubs; my two were the Outdoors Club and the Ski and Snowboard Club. I went on a trip with both of them they were soo cheap and soo much fun! Plus there are post trip meet ups at the clubs and pubs a week afterward with discounted drinks and nibblies do it.

You HAVE to go to a Golden Bears Hockey game, and a Pandas Volleyball game. Cheering for your uni team helps you blend in and you will meet sooo many people!

The only Lister downside was the meal plan it deceptive. You think $2100 a semester is a lot, but the residence food outlets are seriously inflated and you are better off getting the cheapest meal plan, using it to buy milk/bread/cheese/coffee/snacks etc in Lister and around campus, and then coughing up a few dollars at Safeway for a load of groceries cooking a couple breakfasts and dinners a week will seriously cut your spending I just bought the biggest meal plan, and it didn last me the whole year. I ended up four weeks short and had to scrounge for food that I hadn budgeted for. But, if I known I would have been much better off (and probably would have eaten a lot healthier too).

The other incredible upsides to Lister are across the road Champs and Dukes, the local student bars/pubs. Honestly, you understand. Just go, even if you don feel like it.

Learn the Cadillac Ranch line dance as soon as you can. Otherwise you will stand out. Line dancing and country music are a thing in Alberta.

Don take heals. You will NOT wear them. Like ever. Most nights out you hike through knee deep snow anyway. If you absolutely must have some then make them heeled boots so you feet are still warm. I ended up chucking mine to save room in my packing. A pair of flats will get you through but you most likely be wearing boots, uggs, or converse type shoes, even when you head out.

Fall in love with Tim Hortons it seriously the best cheap coffee and iced coffee and hot chocolate and snacks ever. Sacrificing a few $5 starbucks cups will save you heaps of dough for travel plus, during March and April they have their Canada wide up the Rim Competition, where one in six cups has prizes ranging from free coffees to free cars the locals love it and you will too.

DON freak out about the cold. I am the last person who enjoys not being able to feel my hands but I was absolutely fine. Indoor heating means you will never be cold in any class/room. Buy yourself a couple of pairs of fleece leggings if you worried, but honestly, you can survive the winter in jeans. You will definitely need ugg boots but buy them when you arrive, they $10 30 depending on your taste, and you will ruin them in the winter and then chuck them out before you go easy. I bought a ski jacket when I was here that was nice enough to double as a coat during the day worked out really well. You should check out Sportchek sale sections if you going to buy and it honestly doesn matter what colour your jacket is everyone wears their ski jackets all through winter and you will learn to recognise people by their relative colours etc when they have a scarf bundled around their neck and a hood up. Also, buy mits, not gloves it not a myth, mits keep your hands warmer. layer, layer is your mantra and you breeze through 43.

Before you book any ski trips, check out those offered by the Ski and Snowboard club, and if there aren any for when you want to go, they buy bulk lift passes and sell them discounted to member students drop by their office and see what you can get your hands on for cheaps and then start planning. If you plan to ski or skate a lot like I did, it also cheaper to buy your own second hand gear and then sell it at the end of your exchange there are heaps of places around that facilitate.

Definitely try and get on either the Outdoors club or Ski Club New Year trips both are absolutely awesome and great value and don require any organisation on your part. In my year the Outdoors club went down to California for some surfing, rock climbing and hiking a friend came back from it with a tan while I had not seen a day above 0 the entire time I was a little jealous.

Also, go to class. The profs are allowed to fail kids for not going. I found the smaller class sizes and Lister proximity to campus made me a much more regular attendee than at home anyway. As far as classes went, I got to take both film and music classes I was that really annoying girl constantly emailing my advisors and faculties to get a really long list of courses approved before I left, and I am soo glad I did. I ended up changing some of my second semester courses after my first semester there because there were a couple of profs I really liked and some of the other students recommended or turned me against certain subjects, but I was soo happy I had the flexibility to do that. So definitely scour the course catalogue for anything and everything you might be interested in taking and getting credit for while you are putting together a study plan.

Lastly, if you can, absolutely 100% go for the entire academic year. My two semesters were so different. My first was predominantly spent with the internationals (most of whom were only there for a semester) travelling and the like. My second semester was soo much more authentically Canadian, as there were very few internationals left. My friendships with all the Canadians were cemented, real winter hit and I honestly really settled into their way of life in the second half.

I can force anyone to go abroad, but if I could, I would. You will honestly learn so much about yourself like how much $1 Kraft Dinner you can deal with in order to preserve funds for the European trip you decided to tack on the end of a year exchange. But you also learn about a new culture, you meet a bunch of people who will change your life and you won be the same ever again. Seriously, don think,
purple ugg slippers University of Alberta Semester 2
just go. It honestly doesn get more different or more authentically Canadian than the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

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