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ugg boots on ebay Dillard’s offers special discounts to police

ugg shop online Dillard’s offers special discounts to police

The Little Rock, Ark., retailer will extend a 20 percent discount to police, fire and active duty military personnel, including National Guard troops and reservists, on nearly all purchases made on those days at its stores, including the chain’s two stores in Westgate Mall, a news release said.

The Military Appreciation Days discount applies to all merchandise except for UGG merchandise, due to an agreement between Dillard’s and the brand, said Craig Seiter, who manages both Amarillo stores.

“We get a really,
ugg boots on ebay Dillard's offers special discounts to police
really big response to (the event),” Seiter said. “This is something that our policemen and firefighters and our military look forward to every year. Some of them save their money for this event because they get their Christmas shopping done.”

The discount can be used by the troops, police or firefighters and their immediate families. It works this way:

Shopping can take place either or both days.

Customers must make their purchases and save their sales receipts.

Customers then should take the receipts to the Dillard’s customer service area, where they will be required to show active military, police or fire department identification. Discounts will be deducted from the totals and refunded in the form of payment used to make the purchases: cash, debit cards and Dillard’s or other credit cards.

Immediate family members shopping on behalf of members of the military or fire and police personnel, who are not present during the event, will be asked to present their own IDs noting they are the family of the personnel member.

“It’s just a way that Dillard’s as a company can give back and say, “Thank you,” for the civil service duties that they provide for us in serving and protecting us,” Seiter said.
ugg boots on ebay Dillard's offers special discounts to police

ugg boots on ebay Undergraduate Laboratories

childrens ugg boots sale Undergraduate Laboratories

SAFETY GOGGLES/GLASSES must be worn at all times in the lab. Prescription glasses can be worn under the safety goggles.

FIRE: Use drench showers or blankets (Drop and Roll) for clothing fires. Immediately report it to the supervisor or lab demonstrator or other responsible individual, and then exit the laboratory and building quickly via proper exit route (Make sure you know where the exits are). Use fire extinguishers for bench top fires or other fires only if very small fire.

CHEMICAL SPILLS: must be cleaned up immediately. Use plenty of water to rinse chemicals from eyes or skin. Remove chemical soaked clothing if caustic. Know where showers and eye wash fountains are and how to use them.

FOOD AND DRINK are not allowed in any laboratory.

ACCIDENTS AND INJURIES must be reported to the demonstrator or other responsible person. There are emergency first aid supplies available and most technicians and others are trained in basic first aid, but any injury of consequence will be handled by the medical services.
ugg boots on ebay Undergraduate Laboratories

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