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ugg careers uk Diverse group of pilgrims make the Holy Week trek to El Santuario de Chimay

cleaning uggs Diverse group of pilgrims make the Holy Week trek to El Santuario de Chimay

CHIMAY Even before the dusty glow of morning sun lit up the nearby hills on Good Friday, people were already filing into El Santuario de Chimay.

The distinctly New Mexican building, with two simple cross topped towers and an old wooden attic, beckons like an adobe grail just off County Road 98. Every year, as many as 30,000 journey to the Roman Catholic shrine on traditional Holy Week pilgrimages.

Some come in from the parking lot wearing Ugg boots or sandals. Others walk up in the dust stained tennis shoes and hiking boots they wore to trek a few miles to this northern Santa Fe County village, or perhaps from as far away as Albuquerque.

“This is a diversity here that I don’t know you can get anywhere else,” said Jim Lumpee, who was sitting beside a walking path near the santuario. He and his wife have been coming here on Good Friday since 1983.

Around him walk teenagers in rock band T shirts, monks fully robed, people with rosaries around their necks, families in athletic gear.

Lumpee remembers a time when you didn’t have to wait in lines for hours or come a day early just to say a prayer or collect holy dirt from inside the shrine. When the pair first started visiting, he recalls, a single tourist shop sold nothing that cost more than $5, and the public restroom building didn’t exist. Today, there are gift shops and tourist stands up and down the road, and the line for the bathroom is almost as long as the line for the santuario itself.

Despite the crowds, Lumpee is happy to share.

“This is one of the things that makes New Mexico what it is,” Lumpee said. “I think this is great because we are sharing that culture.”

Marcus Withrow hiked from Pojoaque Pueblo’s Buffalo Thunder Resort Casino with his mother and younger sisters early Friday morning. The teen wasn’t quite sure how to describe the reason they have made the walk for the last five years. The pilgrimage, he said, is just a “calling.”

The shrine is old, he said, “and even though it’s beautiful,
ugg careers uk Diverse group of pilgrims make the Holy Week trek to El Santuario de Chimay
it’s not too elaborate. That reminds me that even though we are like that, God still searches for us. It represents something all of us can relate to: a brokenness, in a sense.”

Sandra Skipworth, a Texan, sat by herself in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary, tucked in a peaceful corner away from the crowds. She wiped away tears from under the brim of a hat. It belonged to her late husband.

Skipworth came here for the first time in late January, on the third anniversary of his death. A traveling nurse, Skipworth wanted to come back for Good Friday while still working in New Mexico.

Just last week, Skipworth wasn’t sure she was going to make it. Bone spurs made it hard to walk, and she had left her walking aid her husband’s cane at a hotel in Utah. But the spurs cleared, the cane came in the mail, and Skipworth walked five miles to the santuario. “A miracle,” she said.

“I believe there is healing here,” she said. “This is a special and meaningful place.”

Around every corner is a reminder of how significant this humble 19th century structure has become in the lives and lore of believers.

Alcoves with statues of saints are wallpapered with hundreds of photos of loved ones. A sign petitions visitors to “please pray for those whose pictures you see here.” Thousands of crosses are woven into a fence, or stuck in the crevices of stone sculptures.

Five of those crosses were placed by the family of Melissa Jacobsen, one for each family member who has died in the 41 years her family has been making the pilgrimage.

They started when Jacobsen was an infant. Her brother had terminal cancer, and Jacobsen’s parents made the walk to pray for his health. He is still alive, and the family is still walking.

On Friday, she came with 30 relatives, including her 2 year old granddaughter, the fifth generation to make the Good Friday trip.

“We look forward to this all year,” Jacobsen said. “It symbolizes hope and the future. Where we’ve been, and where we’re going.”

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ugg careers uk Diverse group of pilgrims make the Holy Week trek to El Santuario de Chimay
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ugg careers uk Group says report shows racial disparity in NYPD fare evasion arrests

man ugg boots Group says report shows racial disparity in NYPD fare evasion arrests

There can be a steep price to pay for those caught trying to slip past a subway turnstile for free, with a new report casting fare evasion arrests in Brooklyn as examples of racial inequality. Transit Reporter Jose Martinez has more.

A skip of the swipe at a Bushwick subway station cost Corey Bates a lot more than a trip through the turnstile would have.

“Young black men between the the ages of 16 and 36 represent half of all fare evasion arrests in Brooklyn but only 13 percent of poor adults in Brooklyn,”said Harold Stolper of the Community Service Society.

The report used Legal Aid Society and Brooklyn Defenders Service data to contend there’s a racial disparity in fare evasion arrests.

The NYPD says otherwise and in a statement adds, “The NYPD assigns its resources within the transit system based on a number of factors, including level of customer activity; crime/quality of life conditions and citizen complaints. When offenses are observed, police officers are expected to address them. We take enforcement action against those individuals who commit the offenses.”

But compared to 2016, fare evasion arrests citywide are down by nearly 25 percent with 4,000 fewer arrests through the first eight months of this year.

The most in Brooklyn came at the Sutter Avenue, Junius Street, Livonia Avenue and Atlantic Avenue stops in East New York and Brownsville.

“It’s not the only area of concentrated poverty in Brooklyn. It just has higher fare evasion arrests than other areas with similar numbers of poor adults,” Stolper said.

The report comes after a campaign to get the city to pay for reduced fares for low income New Yorkers stalled. City Hall could still fund it if the Mayor’s so called “Millionaires Tax” for transit improvements becomes reality.

“We think the city needs to redirect resources away from policing the turnstile to helping people get through the turnstile. Get to work, get to school,” Stolper said.
ugg careers uk Group says report shows racial disparity in NYPD fare evasion arrests

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